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XCOM: Equestria Unknown (Interest check)


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Premise and setting


What you are now reading is classified.

To discuss or disseminate any information within this letter is considered to be violating the law.

As is the failure to report for active duty, and failure to understand the contents of this letter.

Punishments can range from the freezing of all assets to banishment to the moon.

You have been selected to be an agent of the XCOM project.

In your line of work, you will face many difficulties and challenges that others will never have to face.

You have been chosen, because of the traits and skills you bring to the table, things that define you from the rest of potential recruits.

And, unofficially, to say that you are "unique".

By now you are thinking, who are we?

Following the wake of the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, the Royal Family questioned Equestria's state.

The presence of a Changeling Queen having successfully infiltrated and bringing Canterlot down to it's knees was troubling.

Upon further inspection of the current Equestrian society, it had been discovered that a majority of ponies in multiple positions had been compromised.

The Security, and Integrity, had been compromised.

As a result, the Royal Family had decided to fund a discrete project.

"Project: XCOM"

In order to continue our fight,

XCOM must adapt, survive, and expand.

And you, are part of that fight now. To defend your homes, your family, your friends.

To defend Equestria.

Welcome to XCOM, recruit.

Instructions to reach our facility are attached. We request your memorise and dispose of the map. Dissemination and revealing of this information is subject to that same punishments listed above.

A small concept I thought up of. over the past few days of playing. Imagining what might happen if Equestria treated the Changelings as complete aliens, and how they would combat the threat.

I would like to take a moment to say that there will be tons of headcannon, and tons of explanations that may not follow your thoughts, but my ruling is final on this matter.

The Technology level, is quite sporadic. The most advanced weapon a pony has with them, is a pre-WW1 to WW1 Rifle (Ie, Springfield, . No shotguns, no semi-auto pistols at this point (revolvers up to the rifle era-range are permitted). Other than that, crossbows, bows and their associated variants, swords, assorted melee arms, and matchlocks, and flintlocks are available for use. Note that I don't like anyone having anything bigger than a personal weapon, so no big cannons, not "suddenly portable Gatling guns". Magic-based weapons must be cleared through me. Use of a pre-WW1 to WW1 rifle must be cleared through me. Aside from that, armour is still primitive, metal platings, or leather gear. And at this point there is nothing else.

To to TLDR Tech level: Pre-WW1 to WW1 rifle is highest permitted. No Semi-Auto pistols, no MGs, No Gatling guns, no cannons of any size. Revolvers, flint/match lock firearms are fair game. As well as swords, and assorted stringed bow weapons. Armour is still Leather and metal. Magic-based arms are usable at my discretion.

Advancement of the roleplay depends on how the players perform. Changelings that are brought back from the field are usually autopsied (if dead), or interrogated (if alive), just like in the game. It takes time to research and develop the new improvements, and that time will progress as while the agents are in field. The end result of the team influences what the Changelings do next, so care must be taken to not make things too much to handle.

So recap: Moving the RP onwards is solely dependant on how the Players act. You can mess up, and cause the Changelings to be bold and deadly, or you can annihilate the attacking force. You can bring back tons of the dead for autopsies, or you can capture the living to interrogate. (Nb, Interrogation not available from the start, you need the tech to bring them back without an Changeling army assaulting XCOM HQ)

Speaking of which, an "agent" is the character you use to join. When it comes time to make that application for him, he must seem "unique", special, and somepony that might be considered for a black-project that involves the fate of Equestria. That means, no one-liners, no short stops ("He shot the Changeling" is much much different compared to "He took aim at the Changeling's body, and fired a single shot at it"), and I will say it now, An stat system will be implemented to make it easier to compare and determine capabilities of the Changelings and the Agents (eg. Autopsy on Changeling can reveal certain stats about it).

On a scale of one to 7, 3 being the average for all ponies, 1 meaning the pony is subpar in that stat, and 7 meaning it's exceptional in the stat.

Strength: Self Explanatory. Applies to doing anything with physical force required.

Endurance: Also Self Explanatory. A gauge for how many hits you can last. Thought you cannot die (unless you want to), the worst you will get is into a critical condition.

Agility: Gauges two things, How far and fast you can run, and how well you are able to respond to enemy attacks.

Dexterity: How good you are with making your weapon "dance" (in other words, how fast that sword can move, or how accurate that gun is). A gauge of accuracy if you will. (How hard you hit and if you hit at all are different)

Will: For non-unicorns, it shows how much you can take before pressure sets in and you break. Also shows susceptibility to mind-magic. For Unicorns, it also determines how strong their magic is.

Every Agent has 15 points to assign (4 on all for a "jack of trades, master of none" ). Everypony comes with a free point in all stats (because of your trained backgrounds). Your stat should reflect your backstory, character's physique, and Cutie Mark ability.

Changelings will perform many actions that irk the ponies in XCOM, and the Royal Family. Ever since they beefed up their own screening, it has become easier to detect and identify whenever Changelings are on the move. Now that they are bolder, they tend to abduct ponies from towns, conduct terror campaigns, etc. Not to mention they have adapted multiple forms that are appropriate for their function and purpose while on the field (yes, expect big, hulking Changelings with giant claws). Changelings also have their purpose-built awesome magic that's dangerous. I will randomly decide whichever one of these is happening.

The course of one activity shouldn't take many posts... if everyone does it with much detail. Otherwise things will go on for longer. I will give brief rest times inside XCOM HQ to RP you character's outside of battle, as they will also serve as a counter for developing/creating equipment and items.

Test Character Sheet




Species: Nb only pony races with the exclusion of Alicorns can be played


Colours and design: Pretty much mane/tail/eye/fur coat colour and any other misc appearances.

Stats -







Character Summary:

I welcome any comments, suggestions, and interest in this roleplay. Do keep in mind that this is basic framework, I will expand it more as I think of more.

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Right. Cool. I want to have a full squad before we get things rolling. Because big numbers tend to work well against raids and invasions. And it gives me time to polish up the "how-things-work" in the OP thread.

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I would probably be the offensive support.

My skill tree would look something like this:

  • Smoke Grenade
  • Covering Fire
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Rifle Supression
  • Combat Drugs
  • Deep Pockets
  • Sentinel

Of course, I don't imagine rifles being standard issue, but if this were the actual XCOM itself, this would be my skill tree.

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No, we go post by post, and when everyone has posted, I execute my post and play out the changelings. And we're not using the class system. Quite impossible because the fastest firing gun is a revolver that's fanned or a bolt action rifle fired rapidly. Just pure char description, such as skills and what not. Don't actually part a character yet though, I'm still working the kinks out

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Then go for it. When you design your char, think about why XCOM, or any other realistic military branch would've accepted or assigned the roll you choose.

Also note I prefer to have the ponies have a party in where they are at least familiar with combat, but not so much it clouds their character. With 'pew pew pew, fighting more, mary sue, etc'

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