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Insula Errata - Part I - Unkown Shore [Closed]


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The first thing he heard before opening his eyes was the noise of the waves meeting with the shore. The first thing he tasted was the sea water in his mouth....as well as the throat and lungs. With this perceptive realization Swift Squall thrown it up.

"Urrrrkhhh..." he groaned before opening his eyelids. The light blinded him at first, was he laying on his back?

Indeed Squall was, half buried in the sand. He should notice it earlier, after all th warmth of the sun rays on his belly and chest should give him a clue clear enough. Without any further delay he freed himself from clutches of the beach. Standing on still wobbling legs Squall looked around. A shore, unfamiliar. A sun above him indicated that it either was noon or they were drifted far to the south. Drifted? Unicorn rubbed his forehead in attempt to remember. Yes, there was a cruiser, a horrible typhoon that snapped this vessel in half and...

"Moto....!" Squall realized, a cold tendrils of fear coiling around his heart. He searched around, in panic but nowhere in sight was the beloved combination of red shades, only broken pieces of the ship. Swift Squall took a few deeper breaths to calm himself. No...she had to be alright.

"Yes...Moto is harder than that. A little wind and the water is not enough to do her. She can do on her own until we are reunited. Ha! Knowing her, she is probably rallying other survivors." sword stallion quietly reassured himself to regain composure. "But before I go to join her...I need to analyze my situation." he deducted and started to examine his condition. Aside from minor small cuts, some bruises and bloody lip he was alright. Now about his possessions. The white duster that Swift wore was unsurprisingly in ideal condition. Taking example from his dear Fire and her magical armor, Squall made this piece of garment enchanted recently. Not single stain was on it's surface, being carried by the waves didn't tore it at any place and it still made him fell comfortable even in this heat. However his head was not protected. He needed some protection for it before he get a sunstroke. What about a self defense? Squall started to regret that he didn't brought his trusted runebalde along on this little trip. Still it was possible it would drag him at the bottom if he had it with him. Luckily dusters flaps still hid a four dozen of throwing knives and a pair of long daggers. Good they would suffice. And what was that bulge on his chest pocket? Noblepony reached out for it and a first smile since awakening on this beach flashed through his face. Of course....a necessary accessory - a pair of emerald colored sunglasses. Squall reached for his magic to put them on his muzzle....or at least attempted to do so. First confused, unicorn tried once more only to met with failure again. His arcane energies were unavailable to him. He quickly rushed too nearby puddle - left on sand by the low tide - to use it as a mirror. No...his horn was fine, no cracks, Squall even touched it a few times just to make sure. So what was the reason for....?

A strange reflection in the water cough his attention. Not the golden light of glory. The other one, a glowing silver.

His eyes shoot to the sky. Obviously he saw sun....but it was not alone. It was accompanied by two moons. The normal one that he saw each night...and the second. straight from his childhood. One with familiar image of alicorn mare on it.

"What in havens...?" he asked in disbelief.

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The red coated Pegasus mare known as Fire Walker, groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. What had started as a rather pleasant little weekend cruise ended up deep into the 'drama zone' when a wayward typhoon decided to interfere with her nighttime fun. She was sitting outside and enjoying a drink while on the deck with her beau, when the cyclone tore into their ship like it was made of papier mâché. With the little time they had left, the mare and her companion did their best to help the other passengers into their respective lifeboats, considering she was a ranking member of the Royal Equestrian Army, it was her responsibility to make sure the others were spirited away to safety. While she begged her other companions to get on the next raft, they outright refused to go without her, and instead aided her along with the remaining crew members. Once everypony was accounted for, she and her small group of friends boarded the last lifeboat. After the raft was lowered into the rough sea, the group tried their best to catch up with the others, but the rampaging sea had other ideas for them as their small craft steered directly into what appeared to be the second largest wave the pony had ever seen. Then everything went all dark.

As she slowly stirred from unconsciousness, Fire Walker noticed she had been laying on what appeared to be the remains of the lifeboat. While it was torn in half and upside down, the former sea vessel was surprisingly still seaworthy. The mare slowly got onto her hooves, noting that she only had on one reaming horseshoe and the beautiful white dress her beloved Swift Squall had purchased for her in Manehattan was now in tatters. She silently cursed to herself as she shook off both the shoe and what little remained of her clothing before she unfurled her wings, which she shook until the remnants of the seawater were removed from her feathers. Knowing she would be better of surveying the surroundings from the sky, the winged pony leaped into the air. A she took to the sky, she noticed what appeared to be land not that far from where she flew and she could almost make out what appeared to be a pony, or was it even two ponies? After a quick scan of the surrounding area, she continued her flight towards the land.

As she got closer to dry land, the pony started to feel rather strange, as if her wings were starting to go numb. Before she could never figure out what was going on, she went from a gentle glide into a quick plummet, down into the waters below. Thankfully, the water was deep enough and after a few seconds of swimming upwards, she was back to breathing air again. "Oh feathers.", she grumbled to herself as decided to swim the rest of the way. As she made her way towards the land, she started to worry what had become of her friends and just why her wings had failed her. As nightmare-like images of her friend's assumed fates started to fill her head, the pony realized she was now within range of land, and she was now finally able to get a good look at the figure she had seen afar. It was Swift Squall!

As she dragged herself out of the water, she let out a yelp, "Swifty!". Fire Walker quickly shook herself off and quickly made her way towards her beloved, who was currently staring at his reflection.



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Everything had seemed like it was going so well. He'd been reveling in all of the merriment and love and whatnot, there was so much to feed on--he was a genius! Honey Smiles seemed to be a big hit with many of the passengers, and he had to admit, ponies knew how to have some fun. This single trip would've sated him far more than he'd been in a long time. Unless the boat sank or something...which was something he'd been thinking about occasionally, it being his first time on one of the things. And, much to his frustration--and terror--that's exactly what happened. The pegasus known as Honey had seemed so distraught at the time that he didn't even bother with a life boat, instead panicking and just choosing to fly for it. His light frame was then promptly blown around like a paper bag, until he was too soaked to even fly, ending up in the water, most likely a goner...

However, through dumb luck and chance, or maybe because he was fairly light and buoyant, he'd managed to at least wash up on the shore still breathing, though he was out cold. Also, he looked...different than when he'd been on the ship. The honey-colored pegasus had a few spots that were extremely incriminating; a charcoal colored, perforated bit on leg here, a bug-like wing there... He'd been a changeling the whole time! And apparently had a few holes in his disguise after all of that mess. Fortunately for him, he received an awakening before anyone was likely to see him, in the form of a piece of plank being bonked against his head by the waves. It took one big wave and bonk in particular to jolt him awake...

He winced at the feeling, and then received an even worse awakening upon trying to take a deeper breath, his eyes snapping open as he hacked and spluttered a bit from the discomfort in his lungs. Even after he'd recovered, it took him a few moments to reorient himself, but when he did, he became fully alert. '...Not one of my better ideas...', he thought angrily at his impulsive choice to try and fly for it. Well...at least he was on land, though he had no clue where. If he made it here, though...some of the ponies might have. Which meant he wouldn't have to starve..! He immediately went to patch up his disguise, and-... Nothing happened. He blinked in confusion. He was probably just tired from nearly drowning... So, concentrating a bit more, he managed to-...do nothing again.

He began to panic at this point, reaching a hoof to his forehead, immensely relived to find his horn hadn't snapped off or something. Of course, the fact that he could cast any magic still baffled him. And flying was out of the question for now; his delicate insect-like wings were all soaked and bent out of shape. He began lightly fluttering them to get them dry as fast as possible so he could just get out of here. However, it was already too late, it seemed. He could see ponies in the distance, sending his mind into an even worse panic. He'd have to worry about his magic situation later. Glancing around, he let out a huge sigh of relief upon spotting some torn up fabric from something that had washed up nearby. He rushed over, grabbing it and wrapping bits of a few of his legs, and one of his wings--every part that looked changeling-y. It worked quite well, though he now looked extremely beaten up...only he wasn't bleeding at all. Maybe they wouldn't notice.

Well, if he was going to recover from that whole bobbing-around-in-the-ocean ordeal faster, he'd need to feed. And what source could be better than ponies he'd just been marooned with? Maybe...this could work for him. If the remainder of his disguise held out, anyways. Clearing his throat and returning to Honey Smiles' cheery and friendly demeanor, he ran over to the ponies, making sure to purposely limp as he did. "Oh wow..! I'm glad to see you two! Are you okay?", he cried out in as concerned a tone as he could manage.

( http://www.canterlot...-figment-ready/ )

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For the longest time, it was so warm. After being stuck in the frigid cold for even longer, the warmth of the sun and the easily molded cool material under him comforted him...When he began to come to, his heart resumed the usual stress, but it was exponential now. Something was wrong, something. It was probably the sun getting warmer, and warmer, the heat burning his coat, warming his skin and eventually starting to burn his body. His eyes shot open, taking a deep breath, and then coughed a few times. The salt water leaving a bad taste and his throat feeling thirstier than ever.

He laid there, recalling the night before... The life raft, the other ponies and then falling off, drifting away...and then a strange feeling of comfort while in the middle of the ocean, away from everything. Were the ponies calling to him? Did they even notice him getting bucked by the ocean off the boat?

He grunted, grimacing and trying to keep the thoughts away, anything but the sad thoughts right now.

Dunder glanced around, the pegasus on a beach, a middleground between the growth and the ocean. He took another deep breath and pulled himself up to a sitting position, and then to a shaky standing position, he flapped his wings, they were sore and caked in wet sand, like the rest of his coat and mane. He looked both ways down the beach..nothing, just pale sand. He sighed, "Sweet Celestia..." The pegasus coughed again, taking another glance. The feeling of lonliness started to sink in even worse, "Ughhhh...." He groaned, throwing his hooves up, "Oh, COME ON!" He yelled at the top of his lungs into the sky. "WHY? WHY? WHY? CELESTIA AND LUNA, I'VE BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH!" He yelled, getting up and starting to pace, "Oh, come onto the boat, Dunder!" He mimicked in a mocking and frustrated tone, "There will be mares! And drinks! And it's all free!" He gritted his teeth, looking to the ground. "I don't want to survive alone! Just give m some other ponies, I'll be nice." He said, pleaded to nopony in particular, the rush of emotions mustering a few tears to stream down his face.

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Pyro awoke slowly to find himself on a beach, the waves almost reaching his sleeping form but stopping just in front of his head. "How did I get on a beach?" Pyro asked himself as he looked around and found he was alone. He had gone on this boat trip to relax, but there's not much relaxing in a storm. Pyro had stayed behind with a group of other ponies and the crew to help with the evacuations. The turbulent ride in that last lifeboat was like a roller coaster. Pyro had tried to hang on, but he had been flung from the boat by the waves. He remembered that the waves had gotten a lot calmer when he was out of sight of the boat. "Must've passed out between there and here." Pyro said as he stood up and looked around again. "Why is everything so much brighter? Oh wait, I don't have my sunglasses on, that's why. But where are they?" Pyro asked as he searched his vacinity for his glasses. He found them a few feet away from where he had been laying. Pyro smiled and tried to levitate the glasses onto his face, but they wouldn't budge. Pyro furrowed his brow and tried again, getting the same result despite the extra force he had put behind it. "Why won't my magic work? Oh well, guess I'm doing it the hard way." Pyro said, picking up his glasses in his hoof and sliding them onto his muzzle. Pyro sunbathed for about a minute before he heard a voice nearby. Pyro went to investigate and found a Pegasus stallion from the boat ranting to himself about being alone on the island. Pyro was about to try to teleport down to the stallion, but he remembered his magic didn't work right now, so he just walked over to the stallion. "Sup dude. So you made to this island too?" Pyro said once he was close enough to be heard by the stallion.

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The cruise had been going splendidly and the ponies in his social group had been riveted by his explanation of historical earth pony silver working. Then out of nowhere a typhoon had sprung up and his initial promise to write a sternly worded letter to the Equestrian weather board had swiftly been replaced by annoyance at the way the ship was pitching then fear as they were herded into the life boats. Even that fear was eclipsed as the lifeboat was dragged beneath the waves and ponies spread out in the darkening waters.

Scrollwork was pleasantly surprised to wake up and as consciousness took a stronger grasp on him, happily reassured that what he had believed were his last thoughts were of his wife and son. The hospital he was lying in had left the window open and the combination of the sun warming him and the breeze playing across him was delightful. The bed certainly left a lot to be desired however...

Coming fully awake he realised he was laying on his side on a sandy beach. He opened his eyes and unsteadily stood upright. He was on an empty shore somewhere with waves crashing on the rocks nearby. His right saddlebag was a torn mess, contents at the bottom of the ocean no doubt and the left was apparently stuck somehow. He tried gently pulling the clasp in different directions then as he attempted to force it he realised he could not apply any pressure to it; in fact he could not force, ease, twist or even move it in any direction. There was no feeling or feedback from his magic at all!

Gingerly reaching upwards with a hoof he was reassured to find that his horn was whole and undamaged and as the thought of a numbed injury came to him he touched the area around his torn saddlebag finding that whatever had done the damage had not harmed him. He sighed and easily undid the left bag with his hoof, pushing down the fear of losing his magic with reassurances that it would be all be fine once he saw a doctor. Inside he found that while his sealed inks were intact, the majority of his paper was waterlogged aside from a number of the thinner, expensive sheets that were rolled inside a sealed tube. His quills were crushed, along with half of the charcoal and his wife's book on the lineage of King Sombra was now worthless.

Sighing, Scrollwork gently began to pull apart some of the soaking pages with his hooves, shredding much of the weak paper by applying to much force. He hung his head and felt a rushing sensation behind his eyes but, as the pyramid of large and small problems was about to crush him he heard, "Oh, COME ON! WHY? WHY? WHY? CELESTIA AND LUNA, I'VE BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH!"

Hope filled him as he stood even though the shouting pony was still invisible to him and as he hobbled toward the sound on three legs, fumbling the clasp of his bag with the fourth he began to call out.

"H-hello? HELLO!"

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Such a pleasant little cruise it was supposed to have been. Dunder and Fire Walker, some of his best friends, had invited Muggo' Ale along to attempt to cheer him up a little, after news that he no longer had a special somepony. And, for the most part, it worked! The cruise was quite a blast. He'd been having fun relaxing on deck with a book and playing a few games of Appleoosian Hoof 'Em in the casino. When the storm hit, he'd been on deck going for a lifeboat, when he was thrown overboard. A strong swimmer, Muggo' managed to almost make landfall before weariness took over.

When he awoke, the world was upside down. Muggo' Ale grunted a little, flailing his hooves until his hindlegs started to tip forward. "Aw, no, no, no!" he chanted as his hindlegs flopped to the sand, folding his body in a bit and sticking his muzzle in the sand, with Muggo' letting out a little "Oof!". The green stallion pulled his snout from the sandy beach and spit out a bit of seaweed. "Agh, me back...." he grumbled, getting up. His short grey mane had bits of sand still stuck to it, and a little piece of seaweed somewhere. He attempted to clean it out, but to no avail: there was sand on his hooves that rapidly replaced the sand in his mane. Instead he looked around the island, trying to orient himself. Either they were really, really far south, or it was mid-day. He'd somewhat lost track of where the ship was, but then again, they may have drifted quite a bit in the sinking.

He heard a familiar shouting and snorted in laughter, trotting toward Dunder Blust, who was accompanied by a pair of unicorn stallions, both of which looked confused. "Stop yer blearin', b'y. It's an adventure! S'what we do, yeah?" he asked with a grin, walking over and giving the stallion a friendly hug. Though Muggo' Ale wouldn't be able to notice, Dunder would: Muggo' felt a lot less strong.

"Chin up, b'y. Many a raft come off the boat. We can't be too far from land, they'll send a rescue right quick."

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Beautiful mares... A beautiful trip on a beautiful vessel. Ponies enjoying themselves, ponies drinking, ponies laughing. A beautiful time indeed. Yes, It was a beautiful time. A time indeed... Then the heat, then suddenly the sun was hotter. Yes, hotter. Very hot, very hot. Too hot? Yes, yes, too hot. Wind. Waves. So many waves... So much wind. Friends flew, friends ran to boats. Many boats, Quillhart on one boat. Another wave; big wave, enormous wave. Boat fell. Boat fell upside down, Quillhart fell. Quillhart fell upside down. So scared, so frightened. Quillhart dead? Quillhart alive? Quillhart didn't know. Wasn't certain. Can't remember, can't recall. Just darkness, all was black...

(OOC: Did you survive that reading? Goodie! This is a little how Quilly's mind works when it's on its worst, which might happen when he's very exhausted, due to the islands influence. :) it'll get more readable from now on.)

Quillhart's eyes was slowly opened as the sun sent its warm beams at his back. The rough sand below his belly scratched his heavy body and forced him to stay awake, drawn away from his cozy dreams and hallucinations he began to rise. The hoofs were fairly steady regardless from what was expected from being denied by the sea. Though by every step he took he found it harder to focus. Words from another voice whispers in his head made him confused. 'Now, where are you going, Quilly?' It asked of him and he began to be highly concerned about his own mental condition.

"To find my friends." Quillhart answered to the hot air.

'Are they even alive? You could hardly know that, could you? Wouldn't it be for the better if you just made up a camp here? You can search tomorrow when you're a bit comfy with the environment.'

He shook his head before he answered, "That wouldn't be right. We'd also be stronger together when it comes to surviving on this... this thing." Quillhart felt the who the voice made a mental shrug and settled down and began to speak about other things as the weather, the sands current density and other humdidum. Quillhart tried to buck a tree in order to reach some fruits in it but nothing happened. Then he picked up a branch in his mouth and tried to throw it at them but it only came half way up even when he did his utmost.

'Oh geez, you're quite a weak pony, aren't ya.' The voice was soon say.

"Shut up."

'Why? I'm just pointing out obvious facts here. You suck at throwing.'

"Well, you aren't much of a coach either. Why don't you just fly away and find somepony with superior throwing abilities?"

'Meh, how tempting that may sound, I don't find it worth the effort.'

"Then, just keep your invisible mouth shut."


Quillhart suddenly noticed some other ponies on the beach. He smiled widely and tried to run towards them but fell by the first step. With the voice dying of laughter in his head he raised and walked the distance. He was so glad to see that his friends had made it. A joy which the voice was soon to abruptly put to an end.

'Wow, the red one's pretty hot, isn't she?'

"Mmm..- Wait, WHAT?! You can't say that about my friends!"

'And why not? It's a free... ehum... island?'

"Still! She's my friend and you shouldn't speak of her like that!"

Quillhart tried to keep the voice off his head when he approached his buddies, it wouldn't be all to good for them to know that he is hearing voices.

"Hello guys! Look who made it through. Nice to see you all and good to see you around, Fire."

'I stay by my words...' The voice added.

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Squall was a 'no-nonsense' pony to the core so neither dual moons on the sky or lose of his magic could shake him out for more then a minute.

"Two moons...one from the past and other from present. Appearing during the day. Is there some form of connection between my unavailability to use magic and this astronomical impossibility? Those questions have to wait for later - there are other priorities right now and not enough information to answer them anyway." he already sorted out as he stared into the puddle.

However this ice-cold train of though was derailed by one, simple word spoked by most beloved voice. Unicorn head turned at speed of the lightning to the sound direction. Eyes widely open in surprise, body tense. The initial shock was imminently replaced by expression of total relief.

"Moto!" he uttered leaping into her direction. Squall put forelegs around her neck and pulled the red mare towards himself in strong but tender hug, not really caring that his 'Red-feathered Dove' coat was completely soaked.

"You have...no idea how worried I was." he muttered into her wet mane. As he finally pulled out from their embrace he noticed something...unusual.

"Moto...where are you clothes?" asked the stallion in calm voice, but his rising eyebrows revealed his confusion. He knew well enough that Fire Walker was not fan of getting natural unless she was forced too. Seeing how his own white duster was still intact meant that mare had to have at least remains of clothing on her - enchantment on his own clothing notwithstanding. But Moto swam here, arriving in perfect physical condition ("Very perrrrrfect" he added in his mind after glancing at her unclothed and wet form.) And you can't exactly strip off in the water, especially from the horseshoes - more so when you lack a horn. Unicorn face frowned as he processed information. There was only one way she could do it...

"That means you had to have solid hoofing underneath when you woke up. Which also means that you flew, why wouldn't you?....But you didn't made it Moto. Wings failed you without explanation and you were forced to make the remaining distance by water isn't it?" he deducted ,rubbing his chin with his hoof.

"My own magic failed me as well. I can't feel any arcane energy coursing through my horn and \ even in lighting a surroundings with simple 'Light' spell is beyond my capabilities. We can safely assume that this place robbed us from our natural powers. Not surprising since this place isn't exactly....natural." he waved at the golden disc accompanied by two silver globes like some VIP with bodyguards.

"Earth Ponies are probably lacking their famed strength and endurance as well but we better confirm this. Two of us made it so there is good chance that Muggo and Dunder could...." he didn't finish. A sickeningly sweet cry of concern was heard. "Three of us..." noblestallion corrected himself.

Limping towards them was a...pegasus? Yes, definitely pegasus. He was just wrapped in many places around his body by pieces of clothing like some kind of unfinished mummy. Some wounds, reopened scars or deformities that he was trying to hide? Whatever was the case it was clear that this stallion didn't had too much practice with first aid. Somehow was odd with him through.

"We both standing and breathing. I believe that count as 'Yes'." Swift replied bluntly. He glanced at Honey Smiles form and sighed.

"That would have to do for now. When we do find something more fitting for a bandage through, either ask for aid or how do it properly." swordstallion said and squinted his eyes. Yes, something wasn't right...Off course!

"And cut out with that false limp. We have many things to do and pretending to be hurt more then you are, just to gain pity is selfish. We won't throw you into ocean and you pretty bruised up anyway. Just pull out as much weigh as you can." Squall gave the newcomer scolding, reassurance and reminder of their situation without any delay. He wasn't aggressive or expostulating with his words either, just down to earth.

"Be sure to look closely. Not just for other survivors but for useful items as well. Like...this." he lowered his head and pulled out the item that was in the ground.

The item in question turned out was rapier, still in it's sheath. Squall shook his head a few times to clean the weapon from the remaining sand. There was no mistakes...

"It's Dunders. If waves can wash ashore something as heavy as this blade then we ca find other pieces of armament as well. If I remember correctly cruise happened to have quite large armory in case of pirate raid. And if metal items can make it so can ponies. After all body floats in water much better. Come, we better find the owner." he encouraged his companions. But unexpectedly (well, not really as Swift said a moment ago) they were joined by another good friend. Corners of unicorn mouth curled in slight smile.

"If you say that we should by surprised Quill I must confess that I am not. After all you always was Fortunes' favorite. Who else can be repeatedly put in worst kind stuff we so often call 'adventure', often without preparation and sometimes against his will, survive and then write book about experience?" Squall jokingly lampshaded.

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"I woke up on what was left of our lifeboat.", Fire Walker plainly stated, "And don't be so shocked over this.", she unfurled her wings and spun around, "It's not like you haven't seen me in my birthday suit before.", making sure to aim them away from her beloved, she shook her wings in her best attempt to quickly dry them off, "I hated to do it, but I had to lose the dress after I woke up. It was wet and torn, and would have made things difficult for me when I took to the sky.", she stopped her spinning, returned her wings to its side and quickly made her way over to the unicorn, "Oddly enough, when I tried to fly, I simply glided a bit before returning to the sea rather unceremoniously.", she turned away as she blushed in embarrassment, "Not my finest hours. Wings felt so numb. Almost like they weren't even there. Guess I slept on them funny.", she glanced down at her wing with a frown, "Still, we shouldn't be here too long. I'm sure the others are back at Canterlot by now and getting a rescue team ready."

She couldn't help but smile as she noticed her friends were not that far from her, "I'm almost disappointed that Docket didn't get on our boat. I so wanted to get her involved with Muggo'. They'd make an funny, but cute couple, and a night on an island like this would be just the thing to push their romance buttons.", she waggled her eyelashes at the stallion before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek, "Mind you, I'm only assuming this is an island. It has to be. I remember when we were all going through the brochures and I don't recall us getting near any major land masses, and I don't think these are the Gallopocus Islands. Not like I'm an expert.", she waved at Quillhart as she got near and called out for the others, "Hey Dunders! Muggo! Get over here!", she wasn't sure what to make of the others, but gave them a friendly smile before something Swift Squall said returned to her.

"Wait? You said your magic failed you?", she also gave his horn a quick lookover, "You don't have any migraines? Headaches? I know more than a few unicorns who usually can't do their magic after partying the previous day, and you and I were doing some serious parting! I guess once your head is cleared everything should be fine with you. Now please help me.", she started work on drawing the first letter of a very large HELP in the sand. "I want to make sure our rescuers can find us. We can go off looking for things after."

As she wrote in the sand, something started to bother her. When she was spinning around like a silly little filly, she noticed something odd in the sky, but she had assumed her mind was playing tricks on her, so she checked once again, "Er, Guys? Why is there more than one moon up there?"

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He couldn't help but gaze a bit oddly at all the extremely appetizing lovey-dovey hugging and whatnot he was witnessing. It certainly didn't help him forget about his growing hunger... After receiving an obvious answer, his thoughts snapped back to normal, though. "Well, that's good! I'm okay too. Mostly...", he answered, suddenly perking up at the offer for better bandaging. "Nono..! It's okay. I'll be fine. Don't worry any about me!" This was not ideal. And neither was the extremely scrutinizing look he was receiving. And upon hearing 'false limp', he froze completely, his eyes darting around slightly in panic, despite he was still smiling. He was immensely relived when the next words weren't accusations of him being a changeling. However...

'...What?! That was a very convincing limp!', he thought indignantly, just barely restraining himself from leering at the unicorn. This one might be trouble... Hopefully some of the other ponies would be a bit more gullible and sympathetic. So, he made the most confused and somewhat hurt expression he could muster, his ears drooping. "...Wha..? False..? But..." , he began, before returning to his usual smiley state. "Uh...okay then! I'll just...ignore it!" He set down his front wrapped leg tenderly, wincing as it touched the gro und as if it was in 'enough' pain. "Either way...like I said...don't worry about me..!"

Well. Hopefully that stressful moment was over, he thought. Though, now that he had a chance to think again, he realized that this unicorn mentioned his magic wasn't working either... Which was kind of a relief, though these ponies could still pummel him easily with their superior numbers. It wouldn't even be a problem in the first place if he had his own magic. As for the flying half, he simply assumed it was the fault of her crude, feathery wings. At least, he hoped so. And then...the red pegasus mentioned something odd. He'd recalled her unicorn friend motioning towards the sky, but hadn't bothered to look. Now that he did, though... "...What is that!?", he asked in a very genuine voice, mouth gaping. He glanced at their surrounding anxiously. "Where are we..?"

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Pyro waited for a response that would never seem to come. As he waited, another unicorn and an earth pony came up to them. "Hi!" Pyro called out to the unicorn as he came down the hill. "Seems we're all stranded here. Does your magic still work? My doesn't for some reason." Pyro said to the unicorn. Then came a call from somewhere down the beach. Looking towards the sound, Pyro saw a red pegasus with two other ponies, one of which seemed to be injured. Pyro walked over to the group and said, "Hello, I'm Pyro Blaze. Who're you three?" Pyro then looked up as the red mare and the injured pony said something about what was in the sky. "Two moons and the sun? What's going on here?" Pyro asked to nopony in particular.

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Dunder was just about to fall back on the beach, ready to just give up, but he heard something behind him, seeing a white unicorn with big sunglasses on. He wiped his eyes quickly, "Wha, who are y--" He almost asked, but then he heard Muggo'. Promotly afterward hearing another cry of 'hello.' But for now shrugging it off as he greeted the green earth stallion.

The peasus stallion quickly turned around to see the big green earth stallion. "Muggo!" He said happily, taking the hug happily, the quick change in emotions almost making Dunder full on cry, but he noticed the lack of intensity of the hug. He squeezed Muggo', curiously at first. He blamed it on the cold and probably tireed old dirt-licker and just nosed the pony. "Uggghhhh... I'm so glad to see you, I was just about ready to collapse from despair. Anywho..." He glanced around again. The white pony was gone, "Huh... Was that him who did the call? He called out for Hello, right? No, he said something else." He couldn't think straight, he scratched his head, looking down, concerned.

The Pegasus released Muggo from the hug, "There might be a pony who needs us." He said, looking over Muggo's shoulder, raising an eyebrow. He saw a unicorn hobbling over on three legs. "Oh...seems like he found us..." Dunder said, taking a few steps towards the pony, "Hey! Stop running if you're injured, we'll come to you!" Dunder called out, trying to extend his wings, barely able to flap from the cramping after being in the cold water so long. He looked back, conerned, but knew it'd wear off. He started to gallop towards Scrollwork

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As he continued in the direction of the shout, Scrollwork saw a group of three ponies seemingly talking to one another. A white unicorn wearing sunglasses called out to him, asking if his magic was still working and Scrollwork tried to call back that he was suffering from a lack of magic himself. However, the hobbling run had stolen his breath and instead he was only able to pant a quiet reply. It seems he was unheard as the white unicorn headed over to a small group a little further away and a brown pegasus began to run toward him asking if he was injured.

It seemed to Scrollwork that he should have taken his wife's gentle chiding about his fitness more seriously. Mentally cursing he stopped moving and drew breath, attempting to call out a second time.

'I am...', a panting breath, 'I AM FINE!'

He walked toward the brown pegasus more normally, until he reached a distance better suited to sociable talking. It also gave him a few more moments to catch his breath.

'I am fine, thank you. I am just having trouble with my magic, it has been, well years now I think of it, since I have had to close my bags with my hooves.'

Glancing over the pegasus' shoulder to the green earth pony he continued walking, closing the distance until the three or four of them were close enough that all could hear.

'I am Scrollwork, it is a pleasure to meet you all even under these circumstances and I am guessing you are all from the cruise ship as well?'

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Muggo' Ale grinned at Dunder. "Despair? B'y, ya wouldn't on me, would ya?" he teased with a smile. Dunder was one of the stronger ponies he knew, and besides, in a catastrophe like this everypony had to keep their wits about them. If anypony went crazy, things would just go from bad to worse. Considering he knew for a fact that he, Dunder, and two others aboard the ship (Fire Walker and her new coltfriend Swift Squall) were experienced with adventures and craziness. He adjusted his hat, which thankfully had managed to wash up ashore not far away.

"S'ides, we're all okay, eh?" he asked, waving at Fire Walker when she called out to them. The older earth pony stallion made his way over at a brisk trot to help the mare finish writing the words in the sand. It was a clever idea, and he hoped it'd be enough to get them seen.

"Two what?" he looked up and blinked at the sight. Two moons in the sky? He looked around, then tilted his head. "...well that's goin' to mess me right up. No more navigatin' with the moon for me. I'm assumin' that the North star ain't facin' north either," he added, looking over at the others assembled.

"Sound off! Who's all here?" he shouted into the night. Hopefully, anypony that got scattered would be able to find the rest of the group. He hoped that the rest had floated back toward civilization, in any case.

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Quillhart laughed at Squalls remark which wasn't all that untrue. It was true that he tended to jump into adventures without much equipment to get him out of any possible jam he might stumble into and the adventures was sometimes more of a jam falling down upon him without him doing anything to actually get into it. Quillhart had often wondered how he could still be walking this earth with all his limps remaining attached to each other. A certain lucky-star somewhere out there must like to keep him alive.

"Haven't you ever read a good book before, Squall? The main character never dies, I wouldn't let my books lower themselves to a level where I die. I might not be as buff, tough or valiant as any of you guys but I certainly know when it's time to take a quick retreat." Quillhart answered and followed Squall's notes.

'You mean that you know when it's time to go all coward?'

"That was not what I said." He mumbled to not let the rest of the group notice that he was talking with himself.

'But that was what you meant?'


'But we both know that they think so. It's no lie that they think you're a sissy.'

"Shut up!"

Quillhart realized that he had raised his voice and he began to cough in an attempt to cover it. He hoped that nopony had noticed it. Quillhart was very concerned about what this island had done to him, many questions circulated through his head about the island. His thoughts bumped into the voice's thoughts, they mixed with them, they repelled with them and it felt like the voice had poured a big pile of sand in the clear water bowl of his mind. Quillhart sometimes had to pause to let the sand settle so that he could see clearly again. Though if he thought too hard; the sand got mixed up again and it was hard to see through the blurred water. It was very hard to separate the thoughts of the voice from the thoughts of his own once the water was blurred. He decided to ask a little when he saw that they weren't unaffected either,

"Ehum... Yeah, I feel a lot weaker as well." Fire Walker then asked Squall whether he had a headache or something and Quillhart took his chance. "Yeah. Does anypony feel less mentally well or anything of the like? It might be serious if it goes to the mind, I mean, we can see the physical part and all but what if it goes inside our heads? Nopony will be able to tell what's wrong expect yourself."

'Great, now how exactly are you going to break the news now, egghead?'

'I'll figure something out.'

'It better be good.'

'It will.'

Quillhart noticed the two moons as Fire Walker spoke of them.

"Oh? I guess that means that this place won't be anything like back in Equestria. it's probably outside of the princesses' reach as well if Luna hasn't gotten a clone lately."

'Or a second moon?'

"Or a second moon."

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Dunder trotted up to this unicorn, plump and unfit as ponies with cutie marks like his often were. As they stopped, Dunder trotted around the pony, examining him as the pony introduced himself. "Nice to meet you Scrollwork." He said, standing back in front of him as he completed his second circle around the unicorn, "The unicorn was panting hard and Dunder and Muggo' were hardly phased from the galloping. Dunder chuckled, moving up next to the pony and patted him on the back with his wing, "don't worry, while we're here, surviving with us, you'll have plenty of time to drop some of them pounds and build up some cardio. The mares love it." He said, looking back to see Muggo go towards Fire and Swift squall.

"Come on, this way." He said, trotting after Muggo', "By the way, where you hurt?" He asked Scrollwork from over his shoulder.

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The Pegasus pony stopped her sand-writing for a moment when she overheard Scrollwork mention that his magic was not working as well. "Guess everypony took advantage of the cheap drinks.", she muttered to herself before she continued her work. Once he got close enough for physical contact, the mare stopped once again. "I'm Fire Walker and this here is Sir Swift Squall.", she nodded at the orange coated stallion at her side, "I'm pretty sure I saw you on deck last night. Shame about the whole sinking thing. But we need to do a few things first.", she cleared out her throat. "Guys!", she waved at the others to come closer. Once they were in within proper speaking range she continued, "We need to build some sort of signal for our rescuers! I'm trying to write out a great big 'HELP' here, some of you can help, but the rest of you should work on a bonfire of sorts. Once we take care of that, we can worry about other things, like a temporary shelter and food.", she glanced up at the two moons, "This, I'm not sure what to make of, but for now we need to focus on the basics."

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(I'll just assume Fire's talking to Pyro during those introductions. If not, tell me an I'll fix the post.)

Pyro nodded at Fire as she introduced herself and the stallion that was with her. Pyro smiled and nodded when Fire continued talking, claiming to have seen him last night. "Well I would hope so. It's kinda hard to miss me, especially since I was helping load the lifeboats just like you were. But yeah, it's too bad the boat sank, that was a fun little cruise. What needs to be done?" Pyro said to Fire as she called the others over to her. Pyro nodded and looked around as Fire listed off some tasks that needed to be done. "Bonfire, got it." Pyro said, trotting off into the forest to look for firewood. As he reached the tree line, Pyro glanced back at the group before continuing on. "Am I the only one that didn't know anypony here before this whole incident?" Pyro muttered to himself as he searched for wood to use. Pyro picked up dry sticks he found along the way, and he broke a couple of branches off of some trees as he passed them. When he had gathered a good amount of timber, Pyro headed back to the group with his haul. When he arrived back on the beach, Pyro put his wood down near the side of Fire's help sign. Pyro began to place the branches and sticks so it made a good bonfire. When he had finished, he sat down and began trying to light it with his magic. After a couple of tries, Pyro realized what he was doing and facehoofed. "Right, no magic. Of course that would include my fire." Pyro mumbled into his hoof. After removing his hoof from his face, Pyro got up and looked around for something to start the fire with. Finding nothing, Pyro returned to the group and looked at them. "Anypony have something to light that with?" Pyro said, waving a hoof in the direction of the wood.

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Scrollwork watched the brown stallion circling him and blushed slightly at his comments about exercising, leaving no doubt in the unicorns mind that such matters came easily to the smiling pegasus.

"You make it sound as if this is all part of the cruise my good fellow. Dinner at seven, music at nine and terrifying storm and shipwreck at ten!", the unicorn replied, finishing with a nervous laugh as he rubbed the torn bag on his right side.

"I am fine though, thank you, aside from losing my magic at least." Scrollwork continued chatting as he followed the other ponies to the larger group. "I suppose I am simply used to doing two things at once and trying to run with three legs and juggle your bag with the other is both tiring and awkward."

As they approached the group a red pegasus mare stopped muttering to herself and after introductions explained a very good plan for getting attention from passing ships or flying rescuers. Scrollwork relaxed a little after hearing this; between the mare and the knighted individual she introduced he was sure their chances at rescue increased tenfold. It is one thing to read about how these things used to be done and another to be trained in them. He followed Fire Walkers gaze upwards and spotted the two moons hanging in the sky and performed a double take. That was certainly interesting but, as she said, something to think about after they were safer.

While Scrollwork was busy thinking, the sunglasses wearing unicorn that had talked about magic earlier had collected some wood and was piling together a fire. He stared at the wood for a while and Scrollwork realised he was trying to use magic just as he muttered something and clapped his hoof across his face. He stood and returned to the group asking, "Anypony have something to light that with?"

"Oh", exclaimed Scrollwork as he reached for his still intact saddlebag, "I may still have a magnifying glass in here, unless it was lost. If not I know that earth ponies used to rub two sticks together, either by the 'drilling' method or the 'pushing' method and if you have both soft and hard wood it will be easier, mister.....?" He left the request for a name hanging as he continued to look.

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"I hated to do it, but I had to lose the dress after I woke up. It was wet and torn, and would have made things difficult for me when I took to the sky."

"Forget the dress. It's you being alright Moto whats important to me." unicorn said nuzzling her cheek with his hoof.

"Oddly enough, when I tried to fly, I simply glided a bit before returning to the sea rather unceremoniously.", she turned away as she blushed in embarrassment, "Not my finest hours. Wings felt so numb. Almost like they weren't even there. Guess I slept on them funny."

That pretty much confirmed Squall's theory. He had no doubt right now that Earth Ponies felt the effect of this phenomenon as well. After all, every pony had magic - it was just that in each of three tribes it manifested differently.

Squall nuzzled his sweetheart but at the same time couldn't stop thinking. Fire said that she fell as she got closer to the dry land. That means that effect was limited by distance. An anti-magic field? It had to be much, much more powerful then those used in Canterlot dungeons, and that bordered on impossibility. But there was no other logical explanation, not to mention that 'Impossible' seemingly decided to take a leave.

"Still, we shouldn't be here too long. I'm sure the others are back at Canterlot by now and getting a rescue team ready."

Nobelpony on the other hoof wasn't so optimistic. Not only they weren't sure if anypony else was lucky enough to survive. They had to make it to Mainland as well and this took time. And if this things in the sky were any evidence, they were farther from Equestria then anytime before. He kept this though for himself however. Worrying Fire, Quill and this duplicitous pegasus would serve o purpose.

She couldn't help but smile as she noticed her friends were not that far from her, "I'm almost disappointed that Docket didn't get on our boat. I so wanted to get her involved with Muggo'. They'd make an funny, but cute couple, and a night on an island like this would be just the thing to push their romance buttons.", she waggled her eyelashes at the stallion before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek, "Mind you, I'm only assuming this is an island. It has to be. I remember when we were all going through the brochures and I don't recall us getting near any major land masses, and I don't think these are the Gallopocus Islands. Not like I'm an expert."

"Brochures weren't mentioning extra celestial bodies ether Moto." stallion once again didn't missed the opportunity to be deadpan. "And isn't Muggo seeing some mare already? From Apple Clan if I recall?" he also expressed his doubt in Fire's attempts at matchmaking. Wait why is she smiling? Squall turned his head around as he heard her calling for them. Muggo! Dunder!

"By Celestia Solar Rump...They alright." he sighted in relief as he feel two massive boulders falling from his chest. 'Count of the Fillydephia' (as the newspapers not belonging to his father liked calling him) didn't had many friends, and these two were the ones closest to him. They were ponies who he could trust.

He was ready to greet them as Fire did, but of course this snake of the pegasus had to say something. Change of plans, he will make him worry.

Squall turned around and confirming that everypony else are busy with conversation, he leaned to Honey Smiles and locked his eyes with his. If sight could freeze Figment would be ice scupture by now.

So, he made the most confused and somewhat hurt expression he could muster, his ears drooping. "...Wha..? False..? But..." , he began, before returning to his usual smiley state. "Uh...okay then! I'll just...ignore it!" He set down his front wrapped leg tenderly, wincing as it touched the ground as if it was in 'enough' pain. "Either way...like I said...don't worry about me..!"

"Playing the fool? Sure go ahead. But let me explain something to you." he begun quietly enough so only Smiles would hear him "Because it appears that you don't understand the direness of the situation. We are on unknown island. Possibly as only survivors. There is no way of finding out when or if the rescue will come. It could be tomorrow, a week, month, half a year, decade or never. We don't know who or what lives here and if they don't happen to eat ponies. Others may think positively but I like to prepare for the worse. And sadly enough I am right more then not. So you can sit on your hunches, and keep your silly act... Or you can start pulling your weigh. Because if forgot or slept over all Hearths Warming Eves in your life a true strength of Equestria lays in trust, teamwork and kinship without witch everything falls apart." each word was even quieter then the last one, but it was clear that this half-mummified pegasus heard them better then the erupting volcano. Especially the last part, filled with patriotic fervor.

"So I like to thing any misunderstanding between us were resloved. Right." Swift said aloud, in unusually cherry for himself tone. His attention was brought to Fire once again one his dove seemingly EXPLODED with worry from his earlier remark.

"Wait? You said your magic failed you?", she also gave his horn a quick lookover, "You don't have any migraines? Headaches? I know more than a few unicorns who usually can't do their magic after partying the previous day, and you and I were doing some serious parting! I guess once your head is cleared everything should be fine with you. Now please help me.", she started work on drawing the first letter of a very large HELP in the sand. "I want to make sure our rescuers can find us. We can go off looking for things after."

"Yes. No. No! That's true. I didn't...!" noblepony tried to answer each of mare's rapid questions. Then Moto presented a quite plausible attempt in getting attention, before he could finish doing so with last one. Even if Squall had a serious doubt about coming of any rescue team in first place. Muggo apparently liked this idea as well, as he trotted to help her.

"Rocks." Squall mumbled to them. Seeing that they don't quite follow he explained. "When the high tide comes it will wash the word away and waste your work. Use rocks instead. And as far as possible from anticipated water line as well so they don't sink in wet sand as well."

Of course Quillhart had something to say to swordstallion as well.

"Haven't you ever read a good book before, Squall? The main character never dies, I wouldn't let my books lower themselves to a level where I die. I might not be as buff, tough or valiant as any of you guys but I certainly know when it's time to take a quick retreat." Quillhart answered and followed Squall's notes.

".....Unfortunately they do. In tragedies." Squall reminded him, not wanting the Quill to be over confident. But then he realized that it may sound a little too sepulchral. "You shouldn't worry about that. You have a point. Besides, it's not a book yet...and I got your back." noblestallion patted him on the back as he made his way back to Fire. About the time to hear as she mumbled something quietly.

"Guess everypony took advantage of the cheap drinks.", she muttered to herself before she continued her work.

"......." Squall debated with himself for a moment. She was apparently with still denying that each of them lost the gifts belonging to their tribe. Finally he sighted and decided to put another burden on her, as much as he hated it.

"Fire, look at me." Swift turned mare around and looked her into the eyes.

"This is not alcohol fault. If you forgot, I am teetotaler. The only thing I sipped back then was Pussyfoot. And besides if it would still work, you wouldn't be able to take sky in first place." he took a deep breath, placed his front leg on her shoulder and pulled her closer. "It's this island Moto. Something here is blocking our magic, the things that makes three kinds distinctive from each other. Maybe it's like the wards in Canterlot prison dungeons but stronger, maybe not." he felt silent for a moment to allow his words. Then he kissed her just in case.

"I don't care what it is either way. I'll protect you." he reassured her and broke the embrace. After that he pulled one of the long knives out of duster flaps and placed it on the sand before her. He repeated the process with couple of throwing daggers. The meaning of gesture was obvious. Again, just in case.

"I will go with Dunder and look around the beach. Maybe they are other survivors, or ocean trowed ashore something useful. We may stay here for a while so we need as much tools, equipment and supplies as we can. And we better do it before the waves decide to take them again."

Squall waved at Dunder to follow him and pointed at the large rock that apparently cut the beach in half. If tide washed something it could've be behind it.

As two stallions moved away from the group, Swift broke the silence.

"I believe that's yours." swordstallion returned rapier that he found earlier to it's rightful owner. "Ocean was kind to you Blusty. Or maybe some maremare took took a fancy to you and decided to do you a favor?" Squall started with a joke, but immediately after that, orange stallion face frowned.

"Also I wanted to share something with you. In private. Because I trust you."

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Muggo' chuckled at Fire Walker as he approached the group. "Aye, s'cryin' shame that. I liked the boat. Had me a nice conversation with the mare who ran the shuffleboard..." he teased. It was a somewhat running joke: shuffleboard being an older pony's game, and with Muggo's middle age (despite what the grey mane and tail would imply), his younger companions often ribbed him about being old. He didn't mind, whatsoever. He tilted his hat back, very thankful it had survived the sinking. Even his vest was intact, though a little damp still. Things were very, very good!

He heard a request for a fire and trotted over to join Pyro Blaze and Scrollwork, just in time to overhear the latter's suggestion of using a magnifying lens. "B'y, dunno if'n ya noticed, but the moon...s, be out. Can't exactly focus it to a flame as well as ya can with the sun, eh?" he grinned.

"But ya did got a point. An' I gots an idea. Ya there-" he turned to address Pyro Blaze. "I need ya t'find me a rock. 'bout a hoof big. It'll be dark, prob'ly grey or black, an' look glossy or waxy." He paused for a moment. "Flint, b'y. Find me some flint." He looked to Scrollwork. "An' ya. I need ya to find me somethin' t'use as string, a curved stick about a foreleg's length, and a thick stick 'bout the same length but straight." He adjusted his hat, bringing the brim down a little with a determined look. "I'ma find some rocks. 'tween the three of us, somepony's bound t'get this fire a blazin'!" Muggo' Ale started along the beach, stopping when he found his first rock. He looked back at Pryo Blaze and Scrollwork.

"Well? G'wan wich ya!"

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Pyro nodded at the words of the unicorn in front of him. "I'm Pyro Blaze." Pyro told the unicorn before an earth pony stallion came up to them. When he said that you couldn't really focusing moonlight into a flame, Pyro looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "You must have missed the fact that there is also a sun up there with the moons. Good thing there aren't two suns, that could cause problems." Pyro said, smiling at the end. Pyro then listened to the stallion's instructions, trying to decipher what exactly was said. 'I can't understand half of what this guy is saying. Oh well, I get the gist of it at least.' Pyro thought to himself as the stallion walked off and picked up a rock before turning back to them and telling them to get started. Pyro nodded and set off down the beach looking for flint. "If my magic was working I could easily start this fire, but no, of course it doesn't work at all." Pyro muttered to himself as he looked over the rocks, none of which fit the stallion's description. "C'mon flint, where are you? I just want to make a fire." Pyro said to himself. After a bit more searching, Pyro found some flint and picked it up. "There we go, now we just need something to make a spark against." Pyro said, returning to the bonfire and putting the flint in the sand.

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Dunder listened to the troubles with the unicorn's magic. Was it just a coincidence? It had to be. Dunder's wings not working and the unicorn's horn not working was something that just had to be a coincidence. Though, Dunder's wings felt dry and warm now, and he still didn't feel confident, scared to find out whether or not he could fly.

Dunder listened to the unicorn and let out a small hmph of of disagreement, "The storm wasn't that bad, getting the ponies off the boat was the worst part. Trying to herd crazed ponies off a sinking ship: never again. Unless I have to, weird, this is the second transportation vehicle crash I've been in. Now, it witched form airship crash in the cold mountains to a shipwreck in the friggin tropics. Sometimes I feel like fate just wants to stress me out to the maximum levels." Dunder said, mostly just rambling now as the two stallions reached the group of other ponies. He quickly looked back, "What's this about juggling my bag being awkward?" The pegasus inquired, looking confused. As soon as he got the question out, Swift squall said the stallion's name, shifting his attention from the unarmed unicorn to the armed one. Most importantly, armed with Dunder's sword.

In Due time, though, and sure enough, Dunder followed Swift Squall. Surely enough, the pegasus's friend returned the sword to its rightful owner. Dunder took it, the bone hilt was withered away a little and the steel needed some polishing...and good luck finding some sword oil out in the tropics. But the green pony's comment about a maremare made him look up, filled to the brim with furious anger for a split second, but it quickly died down. Dunder's eyes showing no emotion the whole way. After, he simply replied, "What is it you want to share?" He asked softly as he put the sword, in its scabbard, under his wing to hold it temporarily.

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Honey mostly ignored the other ponies, mostly concerned with Squall...who, upon witnessing his act, stared him down. Despite his warm and fluffy persona, he stared straight back, unshaken. He wasn't about to let some pony intimidate him! ...Unless he got his friends in on it. Which was his greatest fear at the moment. He might not have a choice. The leftover magic in his disguise wouldn't last forever... At least, he assumed so. He'd never thought to test how long it would last without upkeep. Pushing his worried thoughts away, he at least listened to what the obviously stone-hearted unicorn had to say--it was practically a lecture.

He scoffed inwardly. No species knew as much about 'trust, teamwork and kinship' better than the Hive! If his disguise fizzled, he'd be sure to give him a piece of his mind before being pummeled by him and his friends. Well...if pouting hadn't worked, maybe boundless determination would endear Squall more effectively. "I'd never lie about something like this, I promise..! But, either way, I'll work just as hard as always. I've been hurt worse than this before!", he responded confidently, with a large smile.

However...when he saw all of Squall's weaponry, his confidence took a nosedive. Inwardly...mostly. He instinctively took a small step back, but managed to otherwise maintained character. So. Now, rather than being pummeled if e was discovered, he'd be stabbed. This was not ideal. The drone's mind went to a dark place, wondering if this would be the mission that finally ended him...but, he had to try, at least. Quitting wasn't an option for any drone--least of all him! He looked on the bright side. At least the unicorn had no magic to wield his knives as easily. And maybe his goo-goo eying at his mare friend would keep him distracted a bit...

For now, rather than risk speaking with Squall much longer, he decided to display that he wouldn't be a burden. "Oh, rocks! Good idea, sir!", he said, like some sort of yes-man, wandering around and collecting a few stones and placing them in a pile to help with the effort. Even here, he couldn't get away from doing menial tasks for ponies... Hopefully, at least one of them would give him some affection in return.

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