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A True True Friend ("different" kind of RP, sign-up interest check)


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Greetings ponies! This is an interest check in starting a WoE role play titled "A True True Friend".

Rules last updated on September 18 2013 20:57 EDT. Please comment if you feel changes should be made. These are not official.

Synopsis: The role play will focus on being there for other ponies, especially in great times of need. At least one "tragedy" (SFW) will occur, and as friends we will come together to overcome this/these tragedy/tragedies.

Big key: This role play will have a little twist to it. The twist is this: At the end of each of your posts, tag a random word in OOC parenthesis. Example:

Yadda yadda yadda and the pony did this.


The next person to post has to use the word given from the previous post in his/her own post.

Rules of choosing a word:

*Must be a real English word found in the dictionary (Urban dictionary does not count!)

*Must be SFW

*Must not be too uncommon or difficult to use (such as Multiplicand for example)


Rules for role play:

*Only a max of 8 ponies may sign up.

*There is no posting order, but make no more than 2 posts per day.

*No double posting.

*Do not bump the thread unless the previous post is more than 15 days old. You may only bump one time.

*Please only bump the thread if you were the one with the most recent post. If you were not, then make a reply instead of bumping.

*If the thread ends up becoming inactive for 30 days (bumping not counted), then the role play will terminate.

*Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences long (aka. count the periods).

*Proper grammar and spelling is expected.

*You must use the word given in the previous post in your post (you can use it in any tense. Example, if the word is spare, you may also use spared), and you must tag another word for the next person to use.

Please comment below either:

1. Suggestions to improve these rules or synopsis.

2. That you wish to sign up (if there are any positions available).

3. Questions


Sign-ups (blank means available):

1. Starsprite (http://www.canterlot.com/user/7951-starsprite/)








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