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Rusty Contraption [Ready]


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Type: World of Equestria

Name: Rusty Contraption

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye colour: Darkish orange

Coat: Light brownish-orange

Mane: Short and messy, with the messy bits pointing outwards.

Tail: Short and messy, barely qualifies as a tail.

Mane/tail color: medium brown

Physique: Average, a bit on the thinner side, wears a worn out top-hat

Residence: Dodge Junction

Occupation: Young inventor/repair pony

Cutie Mark: A rusty screw overlayed on a light bulb

Cutie Mark Story: When Rusty was a young pony, he looked up to this one inventor named Steamer. He had read about the many ingenious inventions he had made, such as the automatically opening door, and read about his ideas for future inventions. One day, Steamer was asked to give a presentation to the kids in Rusty's school,

hoping maybe to inspire some young minds to also become inventors. Rusty was so excited, and was the first one to school that day, he was finally going to meet his idol. After the rest of the kids got there, Steamer showed up rolling in a strange contraption. It was an axe attached on top of a wooden stick, which was connected to a powerful looking motor.

He called it the 'Auto Chop' and it allowed for ponies to chop trees without... well having to actually chop them down. He explained to the class how it worked (only Rusty seemed interested) and soon after demonstrated how it worked. However, when he tried to turn it on, it simple made a few sputtering sounds, and quit. He tried several more times, and the same thing happened. He looked it over hard, and seemed to not be able to find what the problem was. Rusty, after wait anxiously in his seat, resisting his urge to help, finally bolted out of it and ran up to the machine then looked over it slowly and carefully. After a moment, he found something off. And as if a lightbulb went off in his head, he grabbed a small screwdriver he kept in his satchel with his mouth, and screwed in a seemingly insignificant rusty screw that was loose on the machine, then turned it on. It began to work. Steamer congratulated him, and gave Rusty his tophat, and right after that Rusty got his cutie mark.

History: Rusty Contraption was a strange pony when he was young. He often kept to himself, sketching new ideas for inventions in his sketch book, reading books on how gears/cogs work, or on how simple machinery work, etc. His obsession for all things machine-like came from his Grandfather, who would come over to the farm Rusty lived on with his parents to show him a new thing he had made. He would explain to Rusty how it worked, what it did,how long it took him to make it, etc. When his Grandfather noticed his love for machines, he began to bring Rusty books on the topic, books which Rusty still has to this day.

Anyway, as a young colt, he hardly socialized, didn't have many friends, and mostly stayed in the house on the farm to work on his sketches and to build simple contraptions. When it came to school work, he would put all of his effort into it so he could finish it quickly while still getting an A, so he could get back to his inventions. His teenage years were especially awkward, mostly because he hardly participated in any normal activity his age group might do, still only obsessed with his contraptions and gizmos.

However, he did make a few friends while in these years who shared a common interest; contraptions. He would often go to their houses after school and talk about/argue about new concepts for machines, or even pair up and work on a few of them. He grew very close to these friends, they felt like family to him. They helped each other get through their teenage years, supported each other when support was needed, they seemed to be insepretable. But, when they got old enough, one by one moved away from Dodge Junction, going their separate ways. His parents, whom Rusty called Ma and Pa (actually named Plower (father) and Planter(mother)) found their sons obsession strange, but fully supported it, seeing that it was the thing that made him happy in life.

Soon after he became an adult, he moved away from his parents' farm, using the money his parents saved up for him all his life, and using the money he earned from doing small odd-jobs around town, and bought a humbly sized house with a not-so humbly sized basement. His parents gave him spare furniture they had, and he used some furniture from a near-by scrap-yard. All in all, he didn't have to buy a single piece of furniture. Some years later, he lives/works on his projects in the same place, using money he gets from doing odd-jobs to support himself.

Character Summary: Rusty Contraption is a very eccentric pony who is full of nervous energy. He has a bad habit of not finishing his sentences, going off topic, and is generally a very spacey pony. He does not like holding long conversations with ponies, and usually only talks with a pony if it is in interest of one of his many projects. He tends to get annoyed rather easily, especially if he has to explain how to do something. He has very few friends, but he is often very happy when they come to visit, mostly because he would be excited to show them one of his new projects/concepts, and wants to hear their feedback on it. He is also very kind, and patient with these friends... in his unique eccentric way. Essentially, he is only kind to friends, and doesn't like dealing with strangers unless it is absolutely necessary.

His likes are obviously machines, any book that has to do with machines, and old prototype machines. However, few ponies know his other likes, like how he likes Country and Classical music, or how he loves Blueberry Ice-cream (ONLY BLUEBERRY), or his secondary love in Physics. Some dislikes he has are; strangers (obviously), critics, ponies who take their time, ponies who break his things (obviously), liars, cats (more on that later), rain, Pears, heat, long lines, and when his projects don't work out.

A fault he has is his impatience. He can't seem to wait for more then five seconds before getting fussy with some pony, which often frustrates situations and makes them take longer, which aggrivates him further. Because of his impatient, and rude nature when he is impatient, he doesn't have many friends in Dodge Junction. He also has a hard time socializing, something he has had issues with his whole life. However, instead of trying to work on them and socialize more, he is too busy working on new projects in his house, which causes his Anti-social behavior to slowly escalate.

Rusty's motivation in life is quite simple: his machines. He lives to invent, he gets out of bed every morning just to work on a new project, he even goes out to do minimal socializing if it would mean getting more parts for his inventions. However, a bigger motivation he has is to change the world, build something that will change how Ponies live their lives, have something that he thought up in Equestria even after he is gone, even if someone else was to build it, and not him. Does he think this will happen? No, he doesn't, but he can always hope/dream.

Finally, the cat thing? Well, it turns out that Rusty is deathly afraid of cats. He can't stand to be around them (like pears), and often will simply leaves the area without explanation to other ponies if one is present. Sometimes, he may actually go into a complete frozen shock, 'goat fainting' as some would say. He developed this fear when he wa a young colt, after he got attacked by two of his Auntie Moondrop's cats. The fear is so strong that he may even decline to go to someponies house if they have a cat, or if they previously owned a cat.

Extra stuff: RP mods, you don't have to worry about this being OP. I'll keep everything in the limits of the show canon, or what it would realistically allow, and ask you guys if I'm not sure on something.

(sorry if this post seems a bit empty in some areas, I typed this all on a tablet. I read this and know I can do much better, but I don't feel like putting in another hour to fix up somethings and to add more detail. All I might do is add some more history, and clean up some things. But nothing major.)

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Howdy partner! I see you've put quite a bit of effort into this application. With some fine polishing, we can get this app ready for stamping:

  • Please remove the reference to Rainbow Dash in your OC description; users should be able to describe characters without using other characters as a reference.
  • You have a good cutie mark story, but for the sake of keeping things concise for other RPers that want to read this app, I recommend cutting out the dialogue and trimming the story by about 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Your OC cannot have been raised in Appleloosa because it wasn't founded until around the times depicted in FiM Season 1. If you want Rusty to have been raised in a frontier setting, I recommend Dodge Junction as his birthplace instead.
  • As you've already sensed, the Character Summary can use plenty of further expansion. Ideally it should be around 3-4 paragraphs, each paragraph revolving around a specific subject matter as if you were writing a mini-essay. Refer to Rarity's App Form for some suggestions on what to further incorporate. As a reminder, we consider the Summary to be more important than the History.
  • This isn't something you have to do, but if you'd rather not have to constantly worry whether if your contraptions are suitable for WoE, Canterlot Chronicles is always an available option. Technically you wouldn't even need to change your OC's RP Type; you can merely save any detailed ideas concerning inventions to CC threads while you have your OC do other things in WoE. Just some food for thought. :)

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I edited some things, thanks for the help! Man I wish I was on a computer right now, I hate how my application reads, but I don't really want to deal with the fuss this tablet gives me when I try to edit posts (it makes it take 5x longer then it should) so this'll have to do. Also, CC? I might consider it, I dunno. But I would rather see what I can create with this OC given the limits of the show Canon ((Which is surprisingly leanent.

Flim and Flam's buggy? The floats for the parade in the Babs Seed episode?)). But again, I wont be creating anything crazy, like a duplicator, or a machine that makes you into a alicorn, or maybe a false horn that allows non-unicorn ponies to tab into there magic reserves. I'm talking maybe a strange form of Buggy, maybe a small airship.

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Admittedly, depicted technology levels in FiM are rather odd and contradictory. As far as WoE is concerned, we'll approve of advanced technology if it's of a whimsical nature, not designed to let RPers powergame, and not painfully modern. If a contraption is something remotely plausible for a story set in the 1890s-1900s, it should be fine for WoE.

PS: You still need to remove the reference to Rainbow Dash. Once you do, I can move this app along. ;)

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I know what you mean, the episode where Rainbow Dash was in the hospital really threw me off. At first I just thought they had steam-punkish tech, but then in the hospital they had flashlights, ceiling lights, heart monitors, etc. The consistency is absolutely horrid. Anyway, I will make the change, thank you for helping me through this process.

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