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The Chronicles of the Children of the Night


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The Princess' are gone and not many ponies stray out at night due to the increase in wild animal attacks. There is a secret group that is whispered as a myth, rumor, or legend amount those of Equestria. It is the Children of the Night. They were and still are loyal to the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna. Now that the night is dangerous, the group now goes and helps those who wander in the night. This, is the chronicles of the Children of the Night.

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Race:(meaning Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn)

Role:(I won't accept many members yet but you may also be made a member later on)


(Optional, not required)Picture:


Name: NightFlight

Age: 19

Gender: Mare

Race: Pegasus

Role: Member of the Children of the Night

Description: She is tall, with a normally black hoodie in. She has a lighter black coat and her mane/tail is a light red. Her wings are unique, light red by night, light blue by day. She has dark blue eyes and her cutie mark is that of a pale heart that is meant to represent her love of the night.

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Name: Joe Dimtec

Age: 35

Race: Unicorn

Role: A pony that is trying to settle every ponies mind about the night

Description: Joe Dimtec is an average sized pony that is brown. He always has a watch and a black over coat along with his M1911 at night he carries a katana to fight the monsters in the night. He has dark green eyes and his cutie mark is two pistols crossing to represent his love for adventure.

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(Both accepted :3)

NightFlight walked down the street silently, thinking of her precious Princess Luna like many lonely nights. She kept walking and froze at the sound of the Timber Wolves. She let them get near then she was a blur of glowing red tips. She was shrugging her hoodie on with the Timber Wolves lay slain. She sighed and looked up at the full moon, devoid of the image of her beloved princess.

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NightFlight finally snapped out of her dream and saw the two ponies. She galloped to this and glared through the shade of her hoodie, only the glowing red of her eyes and on the tip of her wing feathers and tail showed against her black body. When she spoke it was older sounding then she appeared. "Why are you out this night? Our Princess cannot protect you anymore so why do you stay out so late?" She chastised, her slight Canterlot accent barely there.

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"Well" Joe says "it is a lovely night and to me it looks like you shouldn't be out at night ether because you look so young but then I did just see what you just did and I believe that me and you can look after ourselfs my dear pony. Now I don't know a thing about this guy" pointing at Stormchaser "I am out here to prove to other ponies that the night is still nothing to fear, also I am looking for a way home."

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