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The Sound of Thunder [Epic Collaboration]


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One thousand years after her banishment, Princess Luna returns to a flooded world - with her sister nowhere to be found. Yet with the help of the Equestrian Remnant's valiant airship, the Nocturnal Thunder, and an alternate Mane Six, she may soon find answers at the edge of this strange, oceanic realm...

The SOT Collab Group Presents...



Entry 26-A - Chief Navigator Twilight Sparkle's Command Log

October 12th, 1001 A.G.F.

Once upon a time, they said this world was home to a million secrets. Secrets hidden in the woods, the caves, and within ourselves. Secrets that could shatter the world, or simply shatter the sense of one's self.

Yet it isn't always for the best for such secrets to be found…

My mother once said that the island I live on is just the tip of a massive mountain, one of the highest in the land formerly known as Equestria. To the old ones, this mountain must have been a sight to see, casting a shadow over half the nation… a nation of soil, not water.

That was, until Princess Luna became corrupted, having grown envious of another’s sway over the heavens and the ponies below it. A being known simply as Princess Celestia. Her own sister.

I've read about this being... studied her: I've been fascinated with her since I was a filly, though I can't put my hoof on why. It's like deja-vu in a way - I feel like I should know her... but I don't.

And for some reason, it makes me sad.

Everything I know about what happened all those years ago is from my books - some of them centuries old.

The two fought…



The former was defeated – exiled to the moon for a thousand years.

Yet solving one… ‘problem’, awoke another.

Sensing weakness, one who had long since dwelled in places nopony was meant to see, beneath a stormy maelstrom in the Central Ocean, awoke: the dreaded old god, Nathusha.


Once again, Princess Celestia fought selflessly - however, this time, not for the sake of those who dwelt in the light, but those who dwelt above the seas...

Yet, despite all her efforts, he cast down the solar goddess...


... And claimed the greater whole of all land as his own.

The solar princess was not killed, however, or so say the legends. Celestia, a being of beauty, was captured by Nathusha and brought back to his home of R’Lach, deep beneath the waves, to be his queen. Neither have been heard of since. Nopony even has a clue where R’Lach is.

I never knew this world, so I sometimes wonder why I long for it. Equestria, or the Equestrian Remnant as it is now called, has moved on – the world has moved on. We’re used to the sea – we respect the sea, yet… the sea was meant for visiting, not living upon. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had Nathusha never came. What would the world be like? Would Princess Celestia still be around? Who would I be?

Would I even ‘be’ at all?


Again - I feel... cold at the thought.

However, the past is the past and there's no use worrying about what could have been. Now all that’s left is to look towards the future. A future set under the moonlight. For, one year ago, Princess Luna returned. Or ‘Nightmare Moon’, I should say. I was ready. Two days before it, I was given a scroll containing an ancient prophecy by a mysterious stallion named Captain Black Harness, whose family I suppose once served the ancient solar goddess.


Five others were given identical scrolls, five others who are now my greatest friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie (Or Captain Piepan, as she is called), and Applejack. Together, after journeying to find the sunken Elements of Harmony, we freed Princess Luna from her ancient burden.

And she was grateful – to her sister and to the Elements.

Our nation took to her like a daughter to a long-lost mother. Over the past year, she has guided us. Loved us...


Protected us when need-be. With her help, she has made the Equestrian Remnant strong in the eyes of the world. I even became her faithful student in the art of magic - an honor I never thought I'd be bestowed.


Yet she did not forget who she was – and her wrath over her sister’s absence could be felt for many moons. Yet Captain Black was not done delivering messages. One stormy night, he knocked on her palace’s doors, holding a message that held a simple set of far-away coordinates, ones near the edge of the map, and a single message written in her sister’s hoof-writing: ‘Fly here for answers.’


With a new-found determination, the Princess of the Night sought to travel this long journey. However, because of her weakened state brought upon by her battle with the Nightmare, as well as a loss of connection with her sister, she could not hope to travel the journey…

At least – not alone…







Chapter By - Silent Bob

Edits By - Cor200, Doccular42, and Salacar

Artwork By- Various Deviantart Sources - Some Edited by Silent Bob

Map By - Silent Bob

Edited by SilentBob
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