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Starswirl Academy, a visual novel by ZapApple Productions


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Honestly not sure if there was already a topic for this or not, but hey, just in case here we go.

Basically, this:

A new visual novel based off of MLP, with inspiration from Katawa Shoujo (I think)

you can watch the video up there of course, and you can look here, http://www.zap-apple.com, for their FaQ and other such updates and things on the production of Starswirl Academy.

Personally, this is the first, and probably only, visual novel I've ever anticipated, much less had any sort of interest in playing to be honest. What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this coming out, and seeing what kinds of shenanigans and stories ensue? I for one, am.

Oh, and in case you didn't watch the whole video, or read this first, guess who the Protagonist is...

I'll tell you anyway, just because: the Protagonist whom you control, is none other than...

Tom the Rock.

Only, he's a human now, not a rock. But yeah, so... you control Tom. Again though, I am actually looking forward to this coming out. Should be pretty fun.

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Wow! First time seeing this and I'm already excited! It does have this Katawa Shouji feeling after watching the video. This is going to be added to my waiting list along with Welcome to Ponyville Act2.

Haha, I watched the video first before scrolling down and when I heard Twilight said the name Tom, I had an immediate image of Tom the Rock XD

Overall this looks promising! :D:idea:<3

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