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Aria Elixir (Ready)


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Name: Aria "Aurelia" Elixir

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Changeling

Eye color: Lavender

Character color:Dark grey

Mane and tail: Light shade of Violet and long. Always appears wet even when dry and has relatively few holes.

Physique: On the thin side but not gangly. Has a less weathered look compared to other changelings, such as having less holes in the legs and her wings looking shiny and pristine. has slightly longer than average horn.

Residence: None in particular but was raised in Dodge Junction.

Occupation: Traveling Singer

Unique traits:

*Typical changeling shape-shifting and illusion magic but can be dropped if she is sufficiently stressed or scared

  • default disguise: "Aria" the daughter of two doctors in Dodge Junction. Has a long flowing and neatly kept red mane and white coat ,Bright and lively green eyes with freckles under them.

*Has a lovely almost hypnotic singing voice to the point she made her cutie mark in her pony form a stylized treble clef with a heart in the lower loop.

*Due to being raised by doctors she has some knowledge of healing and medical magic taught to her by her mother who was a unicorn. also knows about simple curative and herbal remedies taught to her by her father.


Aurelia was born in the changeling hive years before the invasion of Equestria. Her caretaker, not approving of the current queens rule escaped the hive and ran to Equestria in the hopes of finding a better life for the both of them. Agents of the hive eventually tracked the caretaker down but not before he hid Aurelia in a cocoon in the Painted Pinto desert, bordering Roughrider Ridge.

Eventually she was found by a pair of Traveling doctor Ponies named Elixir Cross and Golden Remedy and their foal named Mythic Salve. Their curiosity piqued they opened up the cocoon whereupon a filly sized changeling popped out, although seeing as these Equestrians hadn't seen a changeling before they were perplexed as to what she was. The couple were doctors, so they couldn't just leave a helpless creature like this on her own in the wilderness so they took her back to their home in Dodge Junction hidden in the various supplies in their chuck-wagon. Upon getting home the pair decided to name her after what they found her in, a chrysalis... although for some reason that sounded unoriginal to them so they settled on the name Aurelia which was a synonym for chrysalis.

The little grey changeling was crying at first for a long time until it opened it's eyes and saw the ponies who found her. The young changeling spent a most of her time around the foal which was a bit worrying to the Foal's parents but the pair seemed to get along very nicely. It was Downright terrifying when one day the parents left them alone for a moment and suddenly they had twins! This was rather quickly resolved as they found their original daughter responded to her real name and the other one responded to the name they gave their discovery and daughter. While they couldn't go around telling everypony the origin of their other daughters name so the named her after hearing her sing along to one of their records, the name Aria seemed perfect.

As a filly Aria was often very confused, when she was positive nopony was looking she would drop her spell and look at what she truly was. She'd discovered her true form during a haunted house event at her school on Nightmare Night winding up terrified and dropping the spell out of fear... luckily for her her schoolmates just thought it was some sort of magically applied costume that she cooked up for the event as a jump-scare,, this trait has stayed with her until marehood. A lot of her private time was spent in front of her mirror in wondering why she was like this, she was growing fangs, a horn, and even insect style wings with protective chitinous shell that shielded them when hidden, however she was able to hide them easily with her Illusion. She found it very fortunate she was a good singer and it turned out so was her sister to the point she gained a clef as a cutie mark which Aria wound up mimicking as well.

During the events of the Canterlot wedding her family was there on vacation, Aria declined thinking it was best she stayed home and took the opportunity with her parents absence to go on a hunt for clues on her history. Looking in the local library didn't help much and any information she gathered was vague at best and even though she was angry at herself for doing so she went through her parents stuff. Not long after the event she welcomed her family back but they seemed somewhat distant for awhile. Eventually they opened up and told her about the events of the changeling invasion in great detail. She was at first hopeful when they told her they saw... creatures like her but her hopefulness faded when they described the rest. After a long sulk the changeling mare formed a theory that she was living proof of her theory, her kind didn't need to forcefully drain love from other creatures to survive she had to have been doing it passively her entire life. The mare told her family her theory and said she had to share it with any changelings she could find!


Character Summary:

Aurelia or "Aria Elixir" in her pony form is usually cheerful and eager to meet ponies while she will admit she may have be subconsciously hunting for affections she does indeed try and befriend ponies for the sake of friendship. When she does establish a bond with another pony she is willing to with tooth and hoof to keep and protect this bond. While she is a strong as any normal changeling she prefers to try and negotiate her way out of a situation. Having grown up around her parent's medical books she knows a few good ways to incapacitate a creature her own size in self-defense if it comes down to it however as she is not exceptionally strong it isn't recommended. Her major faults would include some impatience as well as being a bit too nosy in things that don't concern her.

Personality wise Aria is calm and cool headed with a bit of a mischievous streak, usually using illusion magic to mess with the heads of some ponies, particularly the ones who get on her nerves. While she has indeed been mimicking her sister's appearance all her life she has never really had to completely pretend to be her seeing as ponies throughout her life have referred to her as her own identity. While she does often try to think calmly and not overreact to a situation she does have a short temper when annoyed. The most sure fire way to get her upset would be to say she's a "Fake". Ever since leaving home however she has noticed she does feel a strange hard to define hunger rising up inside her when she isn't traveling with somepony who takes even the smallest liking to her. Oddly enough while she loves music and can sing beautifully she has is terrifyingly inept when attempting to play any instrument to the point that in music class in dodge junction classmates and teachers would beg her to stop playing. When not singing or searching for fellow changelings she is often seen looking for ingredients for curatives and attempting to befriend animals she either meets on the road or comes across... which usually ends very badly for her, typically getting bitten or scratched and even then it is extremely rare for even tame pets to openly like her.

Despite being a changeling Aria is at heart an equestrian who loves her perceived homeland as much any pegasus,unicorn, or earth pony. Having passively absorbed love she has found has formed a theory that all changelings are capable of doing so and wishes to reform as many of them as she can. However since the invasion attempt made by the changelings and their queen she has been very careful in her search for other changelings so as to not reveal herself as one. If possible she hopes to show the changelings a peaceful co-existence with Equestria is possible and even better than all out conquest. While she understands her kind will not likely be forgiven anytime soon she encourages them to make friends and find ponies they believe that they can trust and only to reveal themselves if they are completely sure that this pony will not turn them into the guard.

Seeing as she has a truly beautiful singing voice she originally made a career as a duo act with her sister, Myth. Her tastes in music cut a wide swath through many genres but she has seems to have a preference for some country oriented music due to her upbringing in dodge junction but loves many different types. While she sees herself as a happy mare she seems to have an affinity to sad almost mournful sounding love songs and ballads and always seems to get swept up in the feelings of her song as well as those of her audience and winds up crying. Seeing as she doesn't like appearing sad or making other ponies sad she typically sticks to energetic upbeat music and singing so she can spread happiness and love she can absorb. Back in Dodge Junction she was usually an energetic lounge singer who gained a fair bit of admiration from those who attended her and her sisters shows. Aria and myth would usually write their music together and were inseparable even as mares until Aria went off on her journey. While her future is uncertain Aria one day hopes to become a famous singer and a role model for other changelings, for her failure or being found out is not an option as Equestria is the only home she has ever known and is worried she wouldn't be able to survive anywhere else if anypony learned her secret.

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Howdy there! Always wonderful to see another changeling in CC, but this app's gonna need some fine-tuning first before we can stamp it:

  • We've seen nothing in either the show or spin-off material to indicate that changelings can change the look of individual body parts on a whim. Since CC still sticks with the mechanics used by FiM, your OC's going to have to change her entire disguise like all over changelings every time she needs to modify an illusion.
  • WoE and CC does not consider any location canon unless it's either mentioned on the show itself or has lore written for it in the Roleplay World Locations list. Unless we make changes to the lore at a later date, the desert should remain known as "Painted Pinto" instead of "San Palomino". Likewise, go through the RP location page to look for a substitute name for Macintosh Hills.
  • Remove the reference to ponies not knowing anything about changelings, for we don't want to rule out somepony knowing a few things about them before the events of "A Canterlot Wedding".
  • It seems somewhat odd that a changeling can go through the first few years of her life without actually realizing she is one of them. Even with a constant illusion, it seems very doubtful your OC couldn't have noticed the growth of fangs, a horn, or wings underneath her earth pony disguise. You'll have to elaborate more in your app on how that is possible before we can approve of this aspect of the backstory.
  • Technically, it shouldn't have been possible for your OC to enter Canterlot to attend the Royal Wedding thanks to that magic shield keeping the changelings out. You're going to have to address this matter or else not bother with having Aurelia show up in the city.
  • Your OC would never have been to Canterlot before the Invasion, so there's no way she would be capable of leading ponies to safe passages to outside since she logically wouldn't know her way around the city period.
  • Combine your Character Personality and Character Summary into one field; it makes things easier keeping them together. Furthermore, the Personality/Summary should be at least 3-4 paragraphs long, each paragraph focused around a particular subject as if it is a mini-essay. Remember, this part of the app is by far the most important thing we look at in apps; CC characters should be built mostly around personality/unique traits whenever possible.
  • Double-check your grammar; make sure that every word that needs to be capitalized is so.

I'm going to be honest: I do actually like the concept of an "Equestrianized" changeling who managed to acquire love without using deceptive means to do so, and so hopes to pass on her knowledge to the other members of her species. Unfortunately though, it's my personal belief that Aurelia Elixir comes off as rather Mary Sueish thanks to certain elements of her backstory. You don't have to consider the following suggestions to be official mandates at this time, but I do sincerely advise that you change the following:

  • Let your OC be aware from a very early age that she's of a different species, although she doesn't figure what exactly she is until the Invasion.
  • There's no need to have your changeling run off in despair to the Everfree Forest if you follow my suggestion above.
  • Perhaps your changeling doesn't actually have to be in Canterlot and play hero to figure out exactly who the changelings are? Reports about the changelings would have surely made it as far as Dodge Junction.

While the above three suggestions are optional, implementing them will remove the Mary Sueish aspects of Aurelia's backstory, and will allow I believe for more focus on her personality and unique traits. :)

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Ah, this is very much an improvement! I'm really starting to like what I see now. I only have a few more things to suggest before I send this app further up the ladder:

  • If "Aria" is an alias, it really should be mentioned in the Name field on top right away, since most characters are bound to know her by that identity.
  • You could use a paragraph in the Character Summary to describe Aria's job as a traveling singer. What types of venues does she sing at? What genre do her songs fall under? Does she write her own music or not? Those are just a few things to think about, since this is how your OC earns a living in Equestria and all.
  • The above is not the only thing you should do to expand the Summary. What sort of pastimes does your OC enjoy outside of singing? What sort of people does she like to hang out with, and who does she not like? What things are Aria especially (and hilariously) unskilled at? What long-term goals for her personal future does she have? Answering these questions will ensure the Summary contains all the info it really needs.
  • I still notice many proper nouns that are not capitalized and other words that are capitalized when they shouldn't be. If you are able to, please go though your app to fix these issues.

We're close now to getting this app stamped. ^_^

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