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Maverick [Ready]


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Roleplay Area: World of Equestria

Name: Maverick

Sex: Male

Age: Young Adult

Species: Griffon

Eye color: Blue

Coat color: Regular half lion and eagle half. Feathers are mostly white except for the feathers on his head which are pushed to one side and have red tips.

Mane/Tail: Tail is a regular brown. His feathers on his head start off white and have red tips. He always wears a pink seashell necklace around his neck.

Physique: He is a slender griffon. He is lean but not muscular.

Residence: Born and raised in Rockwington. Once he was of age he moved out and currently lives in a small beach cottage on the sea of Baltimare.

Occupation: He teaches all types of species the art of surfing. He also participates in the local surfing contests and sometimes sells the shells he finds on the beach.

Cutie Mark: N/A

History: Born in Rockwington the little Griffon was just like all the other griffons. He acted and behaved just like them. That was until he and his parents decided to take a trip to..none other than Baltimare! The beach city was seen as a perfect place for the family to go.

Once they got there the young Maverick seemed to never want to get out of the water. He seemed to love the taste of saltwater, no matter how bad it was for him. His parents were just happy to see him so happy.

When the griffon was splashing around in the shallow part of the beach he noticed the number of seashells on the sandy floor. He picked up a few and gave them to his parents as a gift.

And pretty much right after that moment the little Maverick noticed something going on out there on the other end of the beach. It seemed like some kind of festival or something. All he really realized was he saw a few ponies ,and even a zebra and griffon or two, out on the ocean on these..long boards racing along the waves.

Maverick thought what they were doing looked like so much fun! He wanted to try! But he didn't have on of those boards. So he pleaded to his parents, who eventually caved and went a bought him a beginner board that wasn't the same as the board he wanted. But he didn't care.

After that the griffon spent hours, upon hours out there. Constantly falling and getting mouthful after mouthful of salt water and sand in his beak. But he didn't care how long it would take him, he was determined to be as good as the surfers he saw earlier.

And good he got. In the three days he had the board he had learned the basics from trying to mimic the moves of those he remembered or even saw. He actually got a few pointers from the stallions on the beach that had participated in the contest.

But the dreaded time came. The time for the trio to return to their home. The young Maverick was sad he had to leave yes, but he was happy knowing that he would be back.

The years passed and Maverick finally came of age to where his parents thought he would be fine to live on his own. So they proposed he move out and in an instant he shouted he wanted to move to Baltimare and live on the beach.

So with his parents help they got some money and before he knew it he was living in his own house on the beach. It was great.

Even though he lives by himself he still sees his parents. They come down and visit him a few times when they want to. The griffon is still new to living alone but he will get used to it.

Besides, now that he is alone he has started giving lessons to those who want to learn the art of surfing. He makes a few bits off of doing that but usually he doesn't charge teaching what he loves. He likes to sell the shells he finds. He still wears the new shell necklace he made for himself. He will never sell that shell.

The griffon is trying to get into the business of learning how to make surfboards. He has the one he bought from the local surf shop..but he feels like he would be more of a true surfer if he made his own board.

Maverick still has a lot to look forward to in life. He is ready to face what comes at him head on with confidence. Because life for Maverick...is TOTALLY GNARLY DUDE.

Personality: Maverick quite possibly is the most fun loving and easy going griffon a pony or zebra will ever meet. He never seems to get angry and always seems to cope well. He is a different griffon being that he doesn't reside in the Griffon Kingdom. He was born there and all, he just chose to move to out on his own.

When one speaks to Maverick he always seems to speak in a calm and slow voice. His vocabulary consists of many different terms one would not usually hear on a daily basis. Such as "Gnarly" or "Bodacious" any many many more. The griffon adopted these new words living on the beach of Baltimare.

Since Maverick is easy going he is quite easy to get along with. His sense of humor is just a normal one so jokes in conversation will make him laugh. His semi slow speaking makes for his conversations to take a while. But since he has been talking like that his whole life he can't tell he takes a while to get a story out.

He has a large amount of zest for life. Everyday for him is different on account of how the ocean will behave. When a day a comes with bad waves Maverick will often either sit inside his wooden home and do nothing or just find something to occupy his time.

Maverick has his faults as well. Due to really only knowing surfing, when he can't surf he will often become bored very quickly. He is easily distracted as well and can often forget what he was talking about mid sentence. Now the biggest fault of Maverick is the fact that he just bottles up his emotions. All of them except for happiness. Whenever something makes him angry or sad he will literally do his best to just forget about it and move on. He doesn't like to let himself get angry or sad. But bottling up your emotions is never good.

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Overall, Maverick looks like a very well thought-out character. However there is a small nitpick I have to bring up; Aquellia is a republic in WoE's lore, and not a kingdom. Remove the reference to "Griffon Kingdom" and you'll be good to go. :)

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Overall, Maverick looks like a very well thought-out character. However there is a small nitpick I have to bring up; Aquellia is a republic in WoE's lore, and not a kingdom. Remove the reference to "Griffon Kingdom" and you'll be good to go. :)

Alrighty! Griffon kingdom tid bit is no more! :D

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