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Mistral (ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Mistral

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye color: Violet

Coat: White

Mane/Tail: Black, long and wild looking yet clean and combed often.

Physique: Average build at first glance but has most of her strength in her wings and Is shorter than your average mare

Residence: Born in Manehattan but travels alot

Occupation: Professional con artist of con artists but makes due as a freelance weather pegasus

Cutie mark: a purple rose on top of a masque

One day on a day off from school Mistral and her friend were told about a pegasus who kept challenging other fillies and colts to beat him in a race. the loser having to give them their lunch bits for the entire week. The course was a long series of loops, the largest loop of the course seemed to go through a very large and thick cloud bank. As soon as he said go she was already rocketing past him but he was doing well at keeping up with her even though he was pretty far behind. As they reached the largest loop of the course with the heavy cloud bank they both were both unable to see each other. Just as she came out of the cloud bank she noticed her opponent was already rapidly approaching the finish line! Pushing herself as far as she could go she couldn't make it in time... she had lost. How could she have lost to this colt? she was the fastest flyer at school and she was beaten by somepony she never even met... but then she realized something. The colt looked like he hadn't even broken a sweat, he wasn't even panting!

She knew she was being viewed as a sore loser but something about this seemed really off. One day instead heading home as soon as school let out she went to chat with the colt soon learning his name and a few other things. One day when Mistral had art class she "borrowed" a bit of paint from the classroom for a trick she had planned for the next race. The day of the race soon came and ever since Mistral took Lance on his offer to hang out sometime he had been much more lax around her and she made sure to give him a hug before he went off. Little did lance know she left a noticeable hoof-print of paint on the back of his vest. Lance and his opponent sped as fast as they could through the course and mistral waited on the sidelines waiting for the result, it seemed lance had won again. She asked her fellow pegasi there if they noticed anything different before pointing at "Lance's" vest , which was spotless. She told some of her schoolmates to make sure "Lance" stuck around and flew into the largest loop, leading back the true Lance! Lance had a twin brother. Mistral explained that Windy Lance's brother Gusty hid in the largest loop of the course's thick clouds and emerged a few seconds after his brother's entry. As she heard her classmates applause at her cunning and her exposing of the two frauds, she noticed one colt was staring at her flank. She was going to tease him about it... but then she was stuck staring as she realized she had her mark!


Mistral was born in Manehattan to pair of humble weather pegasi named Autumn Cloud and Winter Breeze. It didn't take long before the little pegasus began to make use of her wings, often seen zooming around the apartment and bumping into things and hurting herself, strangely enough though she always seemed to be the most active on cold days and in winter. One day the peppy little pegasus rocketed past her mother's head, kicking up a strong wind in her wake that reminded her mother of a strong wind back where she was born and thus the couple settled on the name, Mistral. When the constant crashes were getting to be too overwhelming to the couple they wound up taking the foal to the doctor. After a lot of squirming and crying on Mistral's part, the doctor deduced that the foal had absolutely horrible eyesight, a case of nearsightedness to be honest and the speed at which she flew made her practically blind as already fuzzy images in her head turned to indistinct blobs. The parents were very worried about their daughter if she was unable to see less than two hooves in front of her so they resolved to by the foal who was approaching early fillyhood glasses.

As a filly Mistral was a bit mischievous and had a bit of an attitude in her paired with a hint of overt cockiness. Often she would find herself and her friends fleeing from stallions, mares, and classmates who were victim to Mistral's little jokes. At school there were few parts of the day that she genuinely enjoyed, she did enjoy learning about things but usually the stuff in school just bored her to sleep. Gym class was by far her least favorite subject though, since even she had to admit she had the strength and hardiness of a twig and was noticeably shorter than the rest of her class. She had a tendency to get winded easily when galloping and almost anytime she was involved in tug of war and she wasn't allowed to fly she seemed to guarantee a loss for her team. There were two things that she found didn't make her feel like she could pass out from exhaustion, one was flying, the other was her tricks and tendency to outsmart her classmates, neither of which she could be considered a slouch at.

In her years of older fillyhood bordering on marehood the pegasus found herself in a rather difficult position as her father and mother had taken new jobs at the rainbow factory in cloudsdale and that required them to move. It wasn't easy on the filly. All the friends she'd known all her life were in Manehattan and now she just had to up and leave them. After many heartfelt goodbyes and promises to write, her and her parents made their move to Cloudsdale, all the way trying to comfort the depressed filly with the thought of new friends. These promises of potential new friends and memories fell on deaf ears as she was stuck staring at the city of Manehattan as it shrunk past the horizon.

Once the family arrived in Cloudsdale Mistral was left speechless by the fantastic city. It was positively incredible but still it demanded a lot of change to come from her. The first day of school was interesting as she gained a fair bit of attention due to her way of speaking, her attitude, her love for tricks, and when she felt like it she could show she was one of the best flyers in the school. It was during her time in her school in Cloudsdale that she gained her cutie mark and she took to it with a great deal of enthusiasm, she often went around learning card tricks and techniques to help her with her interpretation of what she was best at: Conning Con artists.

As a mare Mistral came to the realization that while she was good at what she did, she wasn't going to get much use out of it in Cloudsdale and even then it wasn't the steadiest source of income. She still was an exceptional flyer and she didn't think she'd do too bad at the Wonderbolt Academy... but then again that seemed to require a bit more discipline than she had. She figured she could make her living as a freelance weather pegasus, it seemed like it ran in the family so she couldn't be half bad at it and while she was a decent weather pony she realized she was still bored easily by the work and had a habit of doing it at the last minute.

Character Summary:

Mistral is a rather cocksure and arrogant mare at first glance although another thing one would notice about her is she is quite the looker despite being shorter than your typical mare. Her eyelashes are long and she keeps herself very clean. When she's using her talent she is often seen wearing a very spiffy looking suit with a cravat, tie, and a matching bowler hat. When in her weather pegasus or casual guise she typically wears her bowler hat and glasses as well as a pair of goggles around her neck in case she needs to do any fast flying. While she may be a Con artist she has made it a point to never con a pony who doesn't deserve it or are friends of hers who remain never cross her. Her favorite part of her job would have to be the look on the con ponies faces when their plans fell apart. As a weather pegasus Mistral could be described as fast and passable, She can be counted on clearing out the skies in a flash, but she needs instructions for how her clients want the sky as without them she would likely leave the skies bare.

Despite (or perhaps because of) her small size Mistral is a more than capable and very fast flyer, having decided to keep her wings in shape specifically in case she needs to bolt and she is one day outsmarted or caught cheating a target. Ever since discovering her talent she has been looking at new ways and ways to be able to con those she deems either too wealthy or if they need to be taken down a few pegs. While her talent may be trickery she is perfectly able to play far in competitions so long as others do the same. Once they step out of line though, in her mind everything is permitted. When not on the clock as a weather pony she can be found playing cards with anypony she can get to play with her and if she fails she'll resort to to solitaire. If she gets bored of playing cards she might be found looking for at clothes fancy dress and clothes magazines because despite her love of her style in the suit she does admit she likes the various gowns and outfits many fashion designers at her hometown of Manehattan would pump out... not that she'd ever admit that, if someone spoke to her while reading the magazine she might suddenly try and eat it so they don't find out.

Socially Mistral could be described as a bit snarky and if in a bad mood sardonic. While she may be an excellent trickster she is constantly loyal to any friends or ponies she trusts. Being in the melting pot of ponies that is Manehattan Mistral is not picky about those she befriends, so long as they don't betray her trust and don't pick on or bully anypony she could befriend even a good hearted Diamond dog but as far seeing as she has never met one this is unlikely to happen. When on one of her Cons she is typically a bit of a showmare and a touch flirty depending on how her target acts.

Her primary areas of difficulty would be her rather frail body and short fuse, She absolutely hates to be called short or be insulted by anypony who isn't her friend. Once she's mad she has a tendency speak fast and get very close and in the face of the pony who got her this way. Another issue she has is her ego that can be pandered to quite easily to the point she could easily be swindled herself if she gets enough compliments. If that does happen it usually won't take long for her to don a disguise of somesort of try and formulate a plan to get back at them. Currently this pegasus has no plan or long term goal besides scamming the scammers of Equestria



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Sorry for the wait. This OC looks pretty interesting indeed, but there are a couple things I recommend that you edit before we can stamp this app:

  • Cut your Cutie Mark Story by about two paragraphs. Specifically, cut down drastically on the material about that Dusky Ace fellow. This app should be about Mistral, and not some other guy. CM stories should be concise enough so that anybody reading through your OC app can easily read through them without digging through fluff first.
  • There are a few vital questions left unanswered by your Character Summary. How well does your OC perform her freelance weather duties? What sort of pastimes and guilty pleasures does she enjoy? What sort of ponies does Mistral enjoy hanging around the most? Please answer these to the best of your abilities.

Overall though, this app is very solid! I'm going to love seeing this OC in action once she's approved. :D

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Could you shrink the two paragraphs in your Cutie Mark story down so that it becomes a more concise summary? It looks like all you did was merge four paragraphs into two giant ones, which to me goes against the spirit of my suggestion. Trust me, CM stories don't need play-by-play descriptions of the exact actions and thoughts of an OC along with those of other mentioned NPCs. Think less like you're writing a story and more like you're writing a synopsis for that story, and you'll get the right idea. ;)

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