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Nightmare Night!


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Nightmare Night descends upon Ponyville again! Each year under the pale light of the Moon, ponies dress up in fun disguises to collect sugary sweets and appease the hunger of the wrathful Nightmare Moon. As every foal is told, if she catches someone out in the open with no treats to spare, Nightmare Moon will gobble them right up!!!

For those who have outgrown the old pony tales but still crave fun or fright on Nightmare Night, they are in luck! This celebration is the one time of year where ponies can engage in all sorts of nocturnal delights: moonlight dancing, apple bobbing, and even Luna-approved spider tossing. Don’t forget the costume contests too; the rewards for those with the best outfits can be quite… delicious. And for those who dare to get scared, there’s sure to be a “haunted” attraction or two lying about.

But never fear; the terrors inflicted on Nightmare Night are but harmless dangers only to excite. Everypony who revels in the glow of the night sky has nothing to fear of what lurks in the shadows.

.....For now.


Nightmare Night is open! This is a joint World of Equestria and Canterlot Chronicles event, meaning that any characters that have been accepted to play in those two Roleplay sections are allowed to participate! Users are free to create their own RP threads during Nightmare Night, but note the threads marked as Sponsored by the Event Staff. A lovely surprise is in store for those participating in Sponsored Threads, but we ask for this special occasion that a character can be inserted into one Sponsored Thread only, and that you only use one character within a Sponsored Thread.

Otherwise, please limit yourself to two characters per user-created thread. Characters can appear in more than one user-created thread.

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