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Rarity's Fabulous and Frightful Fashions: Nightmare Night Costume Show and Contest


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Both hearing Flakey call out for someone to untie her and Luxuria trying to hurt Apple Bloom and Cashmere, Calliope acted fast. Untying the young crystal pony so fast she ended up spinning in mid air, she immediately used the same rope to whip the changeling in the horn. A good case of backlash would knock her for a loop, allowing her to do what she needed. Picking her up with her magic, Calliope started flinging Luxuria around, targeting as many battle ready drones as possible. Meanwhile, she took the rope back over to herself, stashing it in the remains of her cocoon. Still throwing the changeling leader around, Calliope called out to the two fillies. "Get inside! This is no place for you two to be right now!"

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"Watch where you're going, fool!" "Keep focusing on the ponies! The traitor will receive the punishment she deserves once the area is properly secure!"

Aria couldn't help but cringe as Luxuria yelled at her, how she wanted to deck the smug changeling in the face... but she had to do whatever she could to help the others as she took flight she said once with her accent slipping slightly,"Ah... I uh underssssssssstand my lady..." and with that she disappeared into the thick clouds. This stench was thick and was bringing tears to her eyes. She had to dodge many of these makeshift stinkbombs made of ... cheese? She looked just like a drone and it was safe to assume the ponies inside the carousel boutique would try and hit her like one regardless.

Aria may not be able to get close but she did have a plan that might make this fight at the very least easier. The Equestria raised changeling shot out form the thick cloud of the stench and flew over to the every armored drone she could find, hoping that they were in command and to each she said.

"Ssssir! Madame Luxuria has ssstated ssssshe will have everything under control sssssssoon enough, but for now you are to lie in wait in the depthssss of the nearby forest."

One of the drones questioned her,"Are you sssure? The armored stallion look li--"

"ARE YOU QUESTIONING LADY LUXURIA?!" she raised her voice at him, managing to scare him into line. Soon she was repeating this process with each gullible looking changeling commanding officer she could. Her effect on the battle was definitely beginning to show, several of the drones and their captains Were retreating, even those with no wounds and who had yet to join in the fray. Aria could help but smirk as she looked down at Luxuria for a moment, wondering how she would react to many troops and mobs in disarray. She couldn't dwell on whatever this cocky Changeling mare thought of the situation... she had to make sure this chaos in command continued. turning to one of the armored changelings she couldn't help but think he had some sort of authority, she led him over to behind the stage and asked him to remove his helmet. It took a bit of convincing but she got him to, whereupon she whacked him over the head with thick plank of lumber and Ko'd the poor creature.

"Ah'd Say Ah'm Sorry fer doin' this... but that'd be a total lie." she said as she assumed his armor and tied up his mouth with some rope to make sure he wouldn't call for help. The mare in disguise as a changeling captain took into the crowds and shouted orders that sent drones running and flying and crashing into eachother. Aria couldn't help but smirk at the chaos before her. "Perhaps this is kind of like how it feels to be discord. No wonder he likes chaos so much!" she thought to herself.

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(I am ignoring ALL POSTS that try to get in the way of the preestablished plot with the thread owner/SteelEagle/Starswirl/ and myself)


Cashmere felt AppleBloom slide off his back and frowned softly "Appl-" He didn't dare talk because he felt his grip on the stick waver as she forced herself up..and charged...she was doing a good thing, she was putting herself in danger to save everypony, and he had to help her, he got ready, horn pointed, about to charge...when the Changeling's horn started to flash and glow.

"APPLEBLOOM MOVE!" He charged over,so fast and so hard that he was there in a flash,skidding on his heels to quickly turn around and try and shield her,seconds before the blast overcame them.

To little avail

Both Cashmere and AppleBloom got sent FLYING from the strenght of the blast, AppleBloom smacking into a wall, her costume in tatters, possibly unconscious from the blast with Cashmere right over her. His world swum before he blacked out, atop the filly; Both of them steaming slightly from the sheer power that had been blasted at them, Cashmere's mane was even singed, and the gems and such of his costume long gone.

Though his body was forced to sleep to save and heal, his mind was still working and the unconscious stallion in his state of sleep moved and shifted so that the filly with the two broken legs were under him and hopefully shielded from any more damage..but she was in such a way...

Consciousness barely returned to him after several seconds, eyes half opening, glancing at their beloved Princess in her chitin shell, he let out a breath and shut his eyes again tighter, focusing as hard as he could, sending all the love, and all the strenght, and courage he could and sending it towards the Princess, this probably did nothing but he couldn't even stand up so it had to do SOMETHING!

Please Princess... Your subjects need you...

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((OOC: This will likely be my second to last post. I've OKed everything that I'm about to post with Raridash. So... yeah!))

Luxuria kicked the top of the cocoon hard with her hoof and snarled. "Silence, princess! You'll not bluff fear into my heart. The fact of the matter is that the two who bested us in Canterlot are hundreds of miles away in your Crystal Empire while your Twilight Sparkle and her elements of harmony have already successfully been captured!" she spat angrily.

"You have no one on your side but rabble. What can common ponies do against my queen?" she added, as she looked out at the swarms of changelings, overwhelming the ponies. That was right. There was no chance of failure. In the end, these were just common ponies. They had briefly managed to put fear into her eyes, but it was for naught in the end. She could not lose here.

"The love that won the day in Canterlot is not exclusive to Shining Armour and Cadence, Luxuria. That is your Queen's biggest miscalculation. Love and friendship is our greatest weapon against antagonizing forces, such as yours! The Elements themselves are merely an extension of the core foundations of friendship itself and you cannot destroy that in anypony!" Celestia exclaimed with certainty, as if she already knew the outcome of this Nightmare Night. "And as for those "common ponies," I've lived for a thousand years and never once have I met a "common pony," every pony is extraordinary in their own way, and everypony has the ability to beat your Queen! It is foolish to think that the love that was able to vanquish the changelings once is exclusive to all but two ponies. You will lose this night, I can assure you that." Celestia was confident in her declaration, making sure to keep her ears open for the happenings of what was going on around her.

It appeared that two ponies were working together to release her from her cocoon prison, Apple Bloom and the stallion dressed as Rarity. They had managed to sneak past the newly bolstered forces and made their way to start trying to chip away at it. Unfortunately Luxuria seems to have made it extra strong and they weren't even making a dent in the tough chitin shell. Then Luxuria decided to strike against them, despite their best efforts being futile. From atop her perch Celestia heard everything.

"Oho, my dear sweet little ponies, do you really think I'm going to let you do that?" she asked in a coy, affected voice. "Well, think again!"she about roared as she fired a point blank magic blast right at the pair from above. Having had time to recover much of her strength from Celestia, she was confident the damage would be great.

Celestia had heard Luxuria's declaration and what sounded to be a powerful magical blast but she wasn't sure of what had happened until she heard the stallion exclaim to Apple Bloom to move, and assumed to take the blast with the filly to try and protect her. With a subsequent crash that surprised the sun princess she became legitimately angry. Celestia recognized the sacrifice the two had made, and even felt the love they had for each other and for herself. The stallion in particular seemed extremely determined to help both Apple Bloom and the Princess and his feelings reached Celestia with great ease. The instant she realized that the hatred that she had been manufacturing to protect her own energy was washed away with the force of a great typhoon, and Celestia felt a wave of love from and for her subjects which caused a great magical surge. She opened her eyes wide as they glowed white and her horn glowed bright yellow as the pressure of the magic broke open her cocoon. Spreading her wings out she emerged like a newly born butterfly in a sea of light.

Celestia rose up above the changeling swarm and turned her attention solely on Luxuria. "Luxuria, it is quite clear to me now why your Queen chose you to emulate our element of Generosity. You are indeed quite generous. You gave us a contest, candy, an invasion, a reason to fight and to prove our love and loyalty, but above all, you gave me something special..." Celestia began with an agitated tone. "You gave me a reason to feel truly angry, something not even your Queen was willing to give me. Now allow me to give you some thing in return to show my gratitude for giving me something to find the strength to fight back." Celestia said as she charged up her horn to deliver a powerful magical blast to the changeling leader. She shot her in much the same fashion that Queen Chrysalis had shot her during the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. The blast should have been powerful enough to knock her out. Celestia had given back her the same blast that her Queen had delivered to her, she should feel honoured.

With Luxuria down that only left Celestia's befallen heroes and the now leaderless changeling swarm.

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Fire Walker was not terribly pleased on how things had been going, but even with the nightmares she had faced and was currently facing, the red mare couldn’t help but smile as her makeshift magical deflection tool actually worked! It only caused the evil creature a moment of annoyance, however, that combined with the horrible stench and a quick clobbering from another pony seemed to be doing the trick. And while the squad's leader was suffering the blunt of their attacks, the changeling's forces continued to be strong, and the red mare was starting to feel very weary and weak. But she pressed on, hoping she could help push the tide of battle their way. Her ears perked up a little as she heard her favorite stallion! He was back and sounding even more melodramatic than ever! She wanted to chuckle at the 'Ghoul King', but decided there would be a better time for that.

"Thank goodness you're alright!", she called out to the unicorn before she turned to face more of the changeling forces. As she continued to fight alongside the others, more bad luck befell Luxuria as not only was Princess Celestia soon freed from her rather unpleasant cocoon, she also gave the dark one a quick and rather painful magical beat down. While that appeared to put a quick stop to their leader, it was up to its forces if they would continue to give the ponies trouble. Still, her princess was up and about now. "Your majesty!", she called out to the Alicorn, "I am yours to command! Please tell me what I must do!"

There was a good deal amount she could do! There were more than a few ponies that would required medical attention. There were still a few of the changeling creatures that were about. If they intended to fight on was up to them. Fire Walker also pondered the rather terrifying possibility that the Changeling Queen herself would be in Ponyville. Still, with her leader up on her hooves again, she needed to know what would her next set of responsibilities would be.

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Were any of these idiots paying attention to Flakey Shards when she cried out for somepony to rescue her? Why then did absolutely nopony come to her aid? Did any of them care that a an innocent filly dressed in a Chrysalis costume was all tied up and vulnerable. No, of course not… because they were all stupid, just like the changelings.

But then something happened which Flakey did not expect; one blast from the changeling boss later, and there was Princess Celestia, free of her cocoon! Despite earlier animosity towards the pearly pink alicorn, the crystal filly couldn’t help but cheer for this latest turn of events. Now all those meanies can be swiftly punished to the fullest extent possible, so that they could never bother Flakey Shards again. “Yaaaay, take THAT you cheeselegs!” taunted the still tied-up but exuberant little girl, mocking the changelings by pointing out their rotten legs; “Turn them all to stone Princess; like you did to Discord! Every cheeseleg should become a STATUE.....!!!”

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The question of what to do next was actually proving rather problematic, given that the only ponies free enough to do anything about Celestia were Applebloom and and Cashmere. Not exactly fighters and- yes, they had both been blasted away by Luxuria. And now, here came the deluge...

"May I just say, my dear comrades, that it has been an honor." Psmith infused the words with as much dignity as colt could while levitating a pile of very stinky cheese. Well, if defeat was inevitable, as it sure seemed to be, then the unicorn would ensure that the changelings would never, ever forget this battle. If only because of the lingering smell...

Then suddenly, and odd sensation seemed to come over him. Psmith felt, not merely the comraderie of combat, but actual affection for his fellow ponies; even the screaming, bullying little filly. It filled him like a rich hot cocoa, soothing his pain and energizing his spirit. Was this what they called the power of love? It must have been, for at that moment, the cocoon finally broke, and Celestia was free!

"The cry goes 'round the battlefield, 'The Sun has arisen again!' And now, creatures of foulest darkness, you shall know what love lights the stars of Luna's Night!" The swarm was already upon them, but Psmith felt 10 feet tall and ready for anything. He pitched his cheese in jubilation, though he had to dive to avoid an incoming blitz of changeling magic. Why, if this is what it felt like to a changeling to feed on love, he could understand them at last!

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Pigpen turned around to see that Princess Celestia was now free.

"Princess! Glad you could join the fray!" the smelly, unkempt stallion shouted. "We are sure of victory now! We seem to be low on cheese now, your highness. Could you zap us up some more? These creatures seem not to like Limburger, for some unknown reason."

Pigpen was now confident of their success, but more than that, he became more confident in himself. He didn't have to hide behind a set of fancy clothes, false facial hair or fancy clothes. Pigpen had something unique to offer to his fellow citizens! He didn't have to pretend to be somepony else, he could be himself, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Be who you are, be proud of yourself and confident in your abilities.

That's a lesson that will live far beyond Nightmare Night.....

(Last Post for me)

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Then, all at once, Luxuria's hopes began to crumble to nothing. Her changeling forces, obviously under the influence of the traitorous scum who had found her way into their ranks became increasingly disordered are chaotic. She knew a lot of base level drones were fairly simple minded, but watching them easily let themselves get directed by a fraud was sickeningly pathetic. Moreover, it couldn't have came at a very worse time, for very soon Luxuria had a much more serious problem to contend with.

"Luxuria, it is quite clear to me now why your Queen chose you to emulate our element of Generosity. You are indeed quite generous. You gave us a contest, candy, an invasion, a reason to fight and to prove our love and loyalty, but above all, you gave me something special...You gave me a reason to feel truly angry, something not even your Queen was willing to give me. Now allow me to give you some thing in return to show my gratitude for giving me something to find the strength to fight back."

Celestia was free, and what's more, she was facing Luxuria down, hovering at her from above, anger in her eyes. The changelings eyes widened as she became effectively paralyzed. She had lost. There was no doubt about it now. It was over. Her efforts just hadn't been enough. As much as she probably deep down wanted to be, she was not her queen. She could not face this opponent. She would be overpowered soon. She'd be lucky to survive it. Tears began to course from her eyes. She had come so close....

"I really did enjoy your costumes, you know..." was all she could mutter before the powerful bolt of magic collided with her. Everything went black as she flew many yards backwards and collapsed with a heavy thud to the ground. She would not be moving for a while.

The remaining cloud of drones, seeing what had happened fell into disarray. The braver changelings made a gallant final charge at the princess while others did their best to flee the scene as fast as their bodies could move. One thing was clear to all, however. No matter what happened now, the day was lost.

((ooc: this is my last post in this thread but I will leave it to Starswirl to close the thread out from here.))
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Aria's eyes were glued to the stage as Celestia took flight and landed preparing to blast that smug changeling away. It was time to drop this ruse, her work had already left it's mark among the changeling forces. Tossing her armor off she flew high into the air and chucked the helmet into the horde of changelings and beaning one unfortunate drone in the head as she dropped her disguise.

"Yahoo! Now Ah don' hafta blend in with these creeps anymore!" She practically shouted before taking flight over to the stage and smiling at the sight of the princess and the fellow contestants turning the tide of the battle. She knew she would likely just ruin this moment if she stood beside everypony on the stage so instead she simply landed near the edge of the side of the stage, looking almost like a stagehoof for a concert sticking to the shadows and cheering the ponies and the princess on as the night began to reach it's end.

"Go get 'em, Princess!" she said in a slightly hushed tone, peaking her head up from under the stage.

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((OOC: This is my final post. This was really fun!))

"Your majesty!", she called out to the Alicorn, "I am yours to command! Please tell me what I must do!"

Celestia looked down at her subject dressed as the Wonderbolt who had offered her service. "Please take care of all those whom are trapped or injured. They need your help most right now." Celestia said wish a sternness that only a leader would have. Her voice was still agitated, but she was far less angry than she was previous. The striking down of the leader was very cathartic. She still had the other changelings to deal with though.

“Yaaaay, take THAT you cheeselegs!” taunted the still tied-up but exuberant little girl, mocking the changelings by pointing out their rotten legs; “Turn them all to stone Princess; like you did to Discord! Every cheeseleg should become a STATUE.....!!!”
"Princess! Glad you could join the fray!" the smelly, unkempt stallion shouted. "We are sure of victory now! We seem to be low on cheese now, your highness. Could you zap us up some more? These creatures seem not to like Limburger, for some unknown reason.

"I appreciate your input my subjects but I believe I have the situation well in hand." Celestia started not wishing to directly address either. Not only was she not willing to imprison the changelings in stone, she was unable. After all, it was the Elements of Harmony that did that, and though Pigpen's suggestion was rather creative, Celestia had stated before that the only thing that can truly stop this invasion was love and friendship. And Celestia had plenty of love for her subjects and she was sure her subjects loved her as well. "Please help anypony whom needs it."

Celestia focused her energy once again, but this time to create a wave of energy that would expand out like a shield. She honed this ability after the last time the changelings attacked, feeling that it might be necessary if Shining Armour was not available to protect Equestria. Unfortunately for Celestia she was weakened and could not cover all of Ponyville, but she had enough energy for at least her immediate area where the changelings had converged around the impostor Rarity's costume contest.

"You all have done enough damage this night, and I will have it no more! However there is one of you whom showed the heart of a true Equestrian, and though you will be ejected with the likes of your race, I would gladly welcome you back." Celestia gave her final words to the changeling whom betrayed her own race. Celestia focused all her energy and in a wave of flashing lights orbing out she ejected all of the remaining changeling forces out of Ponyville, just as Shining Armour and Princess Cadence had done. This however took all of her remaining energy. The changelings were flung above and away from Ponyville.

Celestia finished her shield spell and drained she slowly lowered herself back to the ground. She then cantered over to Cashmere and Apple Bloom whom were both knocked out. She looked at both and smiled, shedding a tear for her befallen heroes. She lowered her head to them and whispered to them "Thank you both for your sacrifice. Now you can rest and heal." She picked up Apple Bloom and placed her on her back. She lifted Cashmere up with her magic, but she wasn't sure if she would have the strength to make it all the way. "Some pony, please help me get these heroes to the hospital. They made a great sacrifice for me, and in the end helped me find the strength to break out of my captivity. We owe them as much." Celestia smiled as she walked away from the scene towards the hospital, toting both hoping someone would help her carry the weight of the filly and stallion who had tried so hard to release her and payed dearly for it.

"I thank you all for your valiant efforts as well. Everypony fought very bravely, not only for yourselves, but for Equestria as well. We have survived this night and beat the changelings once again. Equestria is safe once again from the clutches of Queen Chrysalis and her minions." Celestia said to all, now calm and very proud of her subjects, for they had won against all odds.

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