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Flim and Flam's Apple Bobbing Booth (Open - Read Rules before Posting)


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Ok, here's the story. Flim and Flam, in an effort to regain goodwill among the residents of Ponyville, have decided to set up an apple bobbing booth on the premises of the Night Mare Night celebration.

Participating characters (OC and Cast) are welcome to come up and bob for an apple using any method they desire. One at a time, post your character grabbing up an apple. In that same post, pick a number from 1 to 30 that hasn't been picked already. The number you select will determine the prize that character will receive! Prizes vary from very nice Nightmare Moon figurines, to bags of candy, to stuffed animals and other such things. THREE of the numbers if selected will receive an extra special prize for your character! And, there are a few numbers, if selected, give your character... only the apple they plucked from the water. Foals, fillies, colts and even adults are welcome to try their luck at the apple bobbing booth!

Even though I'd like to see contestants post one at a time to get their apples, each RPer can have the maximum number of TWO characters in this thread. This means, two of your characters may come in line and play the game!

Obviously, some prizes will be better than others, and feel free to have your character act disappointed or even angry if they get a 'not so Grand' prize. None of the prizes will be dangerous or destructive. Remember, Flim and Flam (who will be responding IN character to each participant) are doing this to earn goodwill and favor with residents of the land of Equestria. They'll do their usual fast talking (maybe even a song or two) as they interact with your characters. So, without any further ado....

"Come one, come all, come see! What Flim and Flam have for thee!" Flim sings out.

"Nightmare Night is here! A time for fun and cheer!" sings Flam.

"It's apple bobbing time! Join the fun, it's not a crime!"

"We have lots of prizes too! Step right up and see what YOU CAN DO!!!!"

(Numbers already selected: 4, 13, 20, 25, 29 -- one Grand Prize Number has been selected, 2 remain)

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Stormchaser trots by and hear them so he stops and listens after they are done talking he decide to go for a apple. he walking up to the bucket stormchaser ducks his head in to get an apple the number 25 ((did i do it like you want))

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Ginger loved a good bobbing for apples, and she grinned as she waited her turn, once the other pony had plunged his head into the chilly water, and drew out his apple she moved to step up, dunking her head under the bin, and sunk her teeth into an apple, pulling her catch out! It had the number 4 on it! "Well I'll be!" She grinned glancing at the two stallions with their merry melody "What ah win?" She was dressed as a dragon, her body suit was a sparkly bright green, and on her head were a row of golden spikes, the tail was on a wire that connected to the back of her head so it would slightly bob, her wings were dyed the same color as her body suit to match.

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(ooc): Yes. well done, Stormchaser!

"Hello there, young stallion! You're our first player!" Flim shouted out.

"So you drew a number 25, let's check the big chart and see what you've won!" added Flam as the lanky unicorn stallion checked the big chart on the wall. "Ah ha! Lucky you! Here's what you can do..."

The two brothers immediately broke out into song.

"You won a choice of our fine stuffed animals on display!"

"You may have just one, what will be your choice today?"

"We have a bear with brown fur, we have a goat!"

"We also have an owl, please do make note!"

"There's even a few ponies, of every tribe and kind!"

"Earth, unicorn or Pegasi, what did you have in MIND????"

The smiling Flim Flam brothers now stood near the stuffed animal display stand, eager to hear Stormchaser's selection.

"While you're making up your mind, young stallion, we have a lovely young mare who just drew a number 4!"

"Ah yes! Number 4! Let me check our chart, one moment please," Flam said as he quickly found the corresponding prize with the number. "Well, by gadfry! The lady's won something very nice!"

"Indeed she did, brother Flam!" the straw hat wearing unicorn stallion said as he turned to Ginger Kick. "You just happened to win the same prize as this young stallion here!"

"That's right miss, you too may select your choice of one of our fabulous stuffed animals from our display case! Would you like us to sing the song for you again, or will you like to just make your choice?"

So far, so good. The first two contestants won nice prizes. The stuffed animals were well made and built to last. Now the brothers waited to see what their winners would pick, as well as hoping more ponies will come and try their luck at the apple bobbing stand.

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"Excellent choice, my young friend!" Flim neighed as his horn glowed, levitating a brown stuffed bear from the display to Stormchaser.

"Enjoy your prize, and by the way, you can keep the apple you retrieved too!" added Flam.

"Yes siree! All of our apples were fresh picked this morning!" Flim announced as he turned again towards Ginger Kick. "Have you made your decision yet, young lady? No rush, just asking!"

As Flim flashed a toothy grin, Flam began to sing out to the crowds again.

"Come one, come all and see! Apples to bob with prizes for free!

Come join in on the fun! The Nightmare Night celebration has BE-GUN!!!!"

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Ginger thought on it and chuckled "Naw I heard yer song th' first time! I'd love it if you gave me the owl! I love owls" She grinned softly "Yah both sing right nice by the way, and it's real great of ya to host a game for everypony like this " Ginger wasn't aware of the two's history but they were doing a very kind thing right now and that was really all she cared about.

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"A very WISE decision, I must say!" Flim shouted happily as the lanky unicorn levitated the stuffed owl to Ginger Kick. "There you are, enjoy your new stuffed toy!"

"And keep the apple you bobbed out too! And thank you for your kind words of encouragement!" added Flam.

"We Flim Flam Brothers aim to please!"

And remember to tell all your friends and family where you won that owl from!"

"Now all we need is some more players, right Flam?"

"Correct Flim! Shall we sing some more, or just wait?"

"We can wait, to see who will participate!"

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Bon Bon had been feeling a little under the weather for the past few weeks, which she blamed mostly on Derpy destroying her business as casually as she coughed. That had combined with the fact that Lyra liked the holiday a bit too much and her anticipation of it was less than zero. But as it always wasy, she had the mental fortitude of a foal with candy and as the day approached she found herself caught up in the spirit of the holiday. Darn the days when candy flowed like rivers and nopony looked at you strange.

Of course, she had no costume prepared for the holiday and would have felt terribly strange walking around without one. After a lot of soul searching she had settled on one of Lyra's older costumes. Sure she didn't really fit it, but business was business and she had missed out on the biggest holiday of the year for the candy business thanks to Derpy. She didn't have the bits to spend on a new costume, no matter of her gut was too big, shoulders too broad, and hooves too big for it. Little grey alien costumes were meant for musicians and other dainty folk, not the fat bonbon salespony down the street. She looked more like a mutant than anything else.

But she decided to walk around and hand out her extra bonbons anyway. Sure it was a waste but what else was she to do, allow them to go into the trash? Besides, maybe they'd rememeber her name for when her cart was rebuilt. Hopefully. In any case she wandered over to the Flim Flam brothers apple bobbing quizzically and a bit defensive. Their last interaction hadn't exactly been the best thing in the history of Equestria. But at least one pony appeared to be pretty darn happy, so maybe they weren't all bad. Maybe.

"Well well, I see you've perfected something. I'm hoping there aren't any rocks in there?" She asked with a smirk, leaning over the barrel. She dunked her head in and after a few seconds came bck out, a nice big apple in her mouth. She popped it out and examined it in the too small eye slits of her costume.


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"Dear madam, I can assure you that we have no rocks in our bobbing pool," Flim said with a bit of a forced smile, "so without any further ado, brother Flam, she drew the number 20!"

"I'm on it, Flim!" the mustached unicorn brother said as he quickly matched the number with the prize list. "OH! You've one something very wonderful! The first one we've given away tonight!"

When Flam levitated a tall box up towards him, Flim grinned with delight.

"Dear lady, you are in luck, we have a gift that's quite unique!

Time for us to reveal, an object grand, let's take a peek!"

Carefully, Flam used his magic to open the box to reveal....

A figurine, a foot tall with a large base, of Nightmare Moon herself! The figurine's pose is of the black shrouded mare rearing up on her hind legs, looking very menacing.

"Yes indeed! My brother and I created these lovely figurines just for this occassion! Note the detail work, right down to her cutie mark!"

"We proudly award you this lovely figurine, Miss, Please enjoy it, with our compliments!"

Flim's magic now floated the box over to BonBon. The brothers made a limited number of these figurines, but they were very well crafted. The brothers were taking a bit of a chance here, since they never officially received permission from Princess Luna before creating these. Hopefully, the Princess of the Night wouldn't find out about these figurines. After all, what were the chances of any royalty visiting their humble stand, especially after the sad incident involving them at the last Grand Galloping Gala.

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Dusk Flower trotted up to the booth for the apple-bob, recalling the last time she had seen one as a filly. She smiled, stepping lightly as she peered into the water. She hoped she would be able to win something amazing.

After dunking her head, she came up with a bright green apple numbered '13'

"Lucky number thirteen for me! How spooky!" She said, laughing at her unintentional rhyme.

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"Young mare, I like your style, it really makes me smile," Flim sang.

"Your number I do see, let's check the list to see what your prize will BEEEEEEE!" sang Flam as the moustched unicorn stallion took a quick look at the list and then smiled widely. "Brother Flim, as you can see, we have something grand for THIS LADEEEE!"

Instantly, several rockets flew up into the sky and exploded above them

"You won a grand prize, my dear! We have a grand prize winner here!"

"Oh that's wondeful to see, a special apple, one of three!"

"Shall we tell him what's she won?"

"Yes indeed, time to share the FUNNNN!!"

The unicorn brothers' horns began to glow, levitating upward a large golden trophy cup, engraved with the Nightmare Night logo, and floated it down to where Dusk Flower was.

"First part of the Grand Prize is this lovely golden trophy cup! Hoofmade special for this occassion!"

"And if you'll look inside the cup, you'll find lots of candy AND a small bag with twenty bits in it!"

"And in addition to that, you may select TWO of our stuffed animals to take home with you!"

"As you can see from our display, there's bears, goats, sheep, ponies of every tribe as well!"

"We did have one owl, but another lucky pony won it and took it home."

"Now it's up to you to choose, Grand Prize Winner! Congradulations to YOU!!!!"

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Guiding Light trotted up to the tub of apples, dressed in a blue wizard's cloak like from the fantasy stories he read. He propped his fore legs up onto the barrel and dipped his head in into the water. The colt almost fell in if not quickly steadying himself. Finally he pulled up an apple with his teeth and looked at the number that was carved into the fruit.

"Looks like I got... number 29. So, what did I win?"

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As the unicorn brothers waited for Dusk Flower to choose two stuffed animals from the display, Flam did a quick search on the chart to determine Guiding Light's prize. When Flam whispered something to Flim, the two unicorn stallions prepared to sing:

"Oh we have a prize for you, my stallwart colt.."

"It's something you will love and won't revolt..."

"On Nightmare Night, everything is looking dandy.."

"And the prize that you have won is this big bag of CAN..DEE!!!!!"

The mustached brother levitated a very large sack full of candy up to Guiding Light.

"Please enjoy this with our compliments!"

"And you can keep the apple too! Congraduations to you!"

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Dusk grinned at the song, happy that she had won...wait, all that for one apple? She 'squeed' with delight. She was glad she came!

"A pegasus and a Unicorn please...Thank you, boys, for the fun! I'll be sure to spread the word and hope the damage is undone." She said, half singing before she realized she had been rhyming. The card-writing mare blushed and smiled at Flim and Flam, waiting for her plushies before returning to her home.

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The yellow colt watched as the two unicorns went into a song and dance routine about Guiding Light's prize. He had seen before ponies getting other things like stuffed animals and even a trophy, things that further heightened his anticipation at what he would get. The pony's eyes went wide when he saw the massive bag of candy!

"Oh wow," Light said looking at the bag, "Thanks you two! This is almost as big as me!"

The unicorn then tried to lift the bag with his telekinesis with great effort. After several attempts the colt finally managed to plop it on his back. He then began to slowly walk home to deposit his prize before heading to another event for Nightmare Night.

Exit Guiding Light. Thanks for the fun!

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As Flim waved goodbye to Guiding Light, Flam levitated the two stuffed animals that Dusk Flower had selected.

"Thank you for those kind words, brave young colt!" Flim shouted as Guiding Light departed.

"There you are my dear, you made an excellent choice," Flam said with a smile, "and because you selected the pony toys, my brother and I will magically put cutie marks on their flanks for you! Anything you can imagine, we will customize your pony stuffed toys to your exact specifications!"

"We aim to please, that is what we do!"

"What cutie marks would you like for ... these ... twoOOOOO?" Flam finished his part of the song with a little dance.

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Dusk was surprised to get to pick cutie marks for her plush ponies, thinking hard for what they could be. She brightened a moment then shook her head, rejecting the idea before voicing it anyway.

"Could the Unicorn have one of your cutie marks? The pegasus should have a rainbow cloud..." She stated, her blush deepening. She hadn't seen many Unicorns and while the two were trying to fix their problems with Ponyville, this grand gesture of good will had her heart thumping. She couldn't figure out why, either.

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"Your wish is our command, fair lady," Flim said with a polite bow, "Flam, you do the Pegasus and I'll do the unicorn!"

"Got it covered, Flim!" the mustached unicorn brother neighed, floating the Pegasus up to his eye level before performing a quick spell to place a cloud cutie mark on its flanks. Flim did the same for the unicorn, choosing to place copies of his own cutie marks on the other stuffed toy.

"There you are, how does this look to you?" Flim asked, floating the unicorn back to Dusk.

"Did I get the clouds right, miss?" Flam asked as he floated the Pegasus back over to her.

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Dusk beamed when the plushies were returned, placing them inside the trophy for easier transport. She quickly gave a hug to both stallions, the joy in her eyes saying what she couldn't put into words. She was glad they had given her the cutie mark option, and she would proudly display them in her place of employment.

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Flim and Flam were both pleasantly surprised by the hugs they received from Dusk Flower. It gave the unicorn brothers a wonderful feeling inside that they had done something to help brighten a pony's life.

"You are quite welcome, young lady," Flim said with a smile.

"Indeed! We are glad to have made you so happy," added Flam,

"You're the big winner so far tonight, may I ask your name?"

"We'd like to put it up on our big board, you're famous now, y'know!"

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(ooc): Last post of the thread

As Flim and Flam continued their pleas for contestants, the skies above became darker and strange dark figures began to fly down and land all over Ponyville.

"That looks like trouble, Flam!"

"Have to agree, Flim!"

"Time to pack up and go?"

"Let's do it, brother of mine!"

Using their unicorn magic, the two brothers quickly pack up all of their things into the SSCS6K and then hop on board.

"Thank you Ponyville, it's been fun!"

"But now it's time for us to run!"

"So now it's goodbye and good luck!"

"With fighting all that changling MUCK!!!"

Flim and Flam's horns lit up, powering their vehicle as it sped off into the night, quickly escaping as the Hive arrived in full force....

(ooc): Many thanks for all who participated in this little RP. I know it wasn't as exciting as any of the Sponsored threads, but at least everypony who came got a nice prize!

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