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Lore Weaver's Scary Tales (Open to All)


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The bookstore in Ponyville named Textual Treasures was all decorated for Nightmare Night! Candles illuminated the store front windows with fake cobwebs on the glass, obscuring what was within. Illuminated pumpkins flanked the entryway as well as small fake gravestones with the names of some classic literary authors who had long since passed away. Inside the bookstore was dark save for one area that was illuminated by tall candelabras. There was a horseshoe of seats with a large black throne that sat in the middle along with a table. containing an open book.

Lore Weaver looked at the seating area, dressed as an old book. The stallion checked every detail to make sure it was both creepy and safe. He had always wanted to do a story time for foals and adults alike, and what better time to do so then for Nightmare Night? Now with everything in order he opened up the store and waited for those ponies to enter.

"Come on in and hear some scary stories!"

Welcome to Lore Weaver's Scary Tales! Ponies will hear some scary stories as they gather in the bookstore. Please limit this thread to two (2) ponies each per user. At the end, everypony will receive a special treat. Above all, have fun!

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LMAjjs.jpgGold Standard

yR7ESs.jpgWishing Well

"Bye Nanny!" Gold Standard neighed as the unicorn colt waved at Miss Piccafilly, who was leaving himself and Wishing Well in the care of Lore Weaver at his story reading event. Piccafilly knew this was a well supervised and safe place to leave her charges.

"Bye Nanny!" little Wishing Well neighed as the tiny Pegasus filly wearing an angel costume waved. "Is it time for us to go inside now?"

"Yes it is, stay near me, remember Nanny told us to stay together," Gold Standard said as the Starswirl the Bearded dressed colt led Wishing Well inside. The two orphan foals walked over to Lore Weaver.

"Hello sir, I'm Wishing Well. Are you going to read us a story?"

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The stallion could see approaching his store and home a mare and two foals. The older pony after saying goodbye left the filly and colt to come to Lore's reading. He hoped this would be the first of many ponies coming to his reading.

"Hello you two. Welcome to my store. We are going to wait for a little in case some others want to join us. My name is Lore Weaver by the way. What's yours?"

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"I'm Gold Standard, and this is Wishing Well. We're from the Equestria Orphanage. Our nanny brought us to Nightmare Night to have fun, isn't that right?"

"Oh yes, we're herr to have fun, and to get candy!" the tiny Pegasus filly neighed.

"Oh yes, we do like the candy too," Gold Standard confessed, "are you going to read us a scary story?"

"I like being read to. I especially like books with big pictures in them!"

"I hope more ponies will come, it's always funner to be in a group like that."

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After waiting for a moment for more ponies to arrive, Lore Weaver felt it was time to start the story time.

"Well, I'm glad that you two are having fun. Nightmare Night is my second favorite holiday, first being the Hearth's Warming time. And yes I will be telling you one of my favorite stories tonight, one that I hope you haven't heard of before. and yes, it does have pictures. So follow me inside and we'll begin!"

The purple stallion lead the foals to the spooking reading area where they could sit on the chairs. Lore sat in the big throne like chair and levitated an older looking book in front of him which had the title "Scary Tales."

"Once upon a time, as all good stories start, there were a bunch of foals around your age that went to a Nightmare Night just like this one. After having lots of fun playing games and collecting candy from the different houses and shops, the ponies learned that there was a house in the town that was supposed to be haunted by a witch."

Lore Weaver then turned the book around to show a group of fillies speaking to each other, each dressed in different costumes.

"Legend had it that this pony was old, really old. Older that your parents or grandparents. Her coat was said to be black as ink and her mane and tail a mess of grey. But the scariest thing was this witch had only one amber eye exposed while the other eye was covered by a big black patch! Now this wasn't because she was missing this eye dear fillies but that the eye behind that patch was magical. For you see, whoever looked into the eye of the witch, they would see their greatest fear and she would know what they were as well."

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Gold Standard and Wishing Well listened with great interest. Each hung on every word Lore Weaver spoke, allowing them to paint mental pictures in each of their minds. It was a fascinating story so far, so rich in history and imagery! Lore Weaver was certainly worthy of his fame as a storyteller!

"Please tell us more, sir!" Wishing Well pleaded.

"Yes yes!" added Gold Standard, "what happened next?"

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Lore Weaver smiled as the foals appeared to like the story he told. They wanted more and that was what the stallion would give them!

"The three ponies were frightened about the legend but they wanted to prove that they were brave ponies and confront the witch. And so, with their bags of candy with them, they made their way to the outskirts of town where the witch's house was said to be. The three ponies then came upon this old looking house, the kind that no pony would dare live in. It was a perfect place for ghosts or other scary creatures to stay, or maybe just the perfect place for a witch to live in."

The unicorn turned the book around to show the foals a drawing of a spooky slightly dilapidated old house looming over them.

"The three foals crept up to the porch wondering which of them to knock. Their discussion turned into arguing as the three tried to out do each other as to who was braver to let the witch know they were there,"

He turned the book to show three ponies, an earth pony colt, a unicorn filly, and a pegasus filly, shouting at each other.

"In their shouting and arguing the three didn't hear the door open up in front of them until they felt the presence of a large figure towering over them. They turned and then saw... The Witch!"

Lore turned the book over just as he read the last line showing the foreboding image of the witch staring down at the foals in attendance as if they were seeing her with their own eyes.

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Both Gold Standard and Wishing Well gasped when Lore Weaver reached the part of the story where the three foals were surprised by the witch. The two were loving this story, and wanted to hear more.

"Oh my, this is scary!" Wishing Well neighed.

"It's meant to be, it's a Nightmare Night tale," Gold Standard said in a hushed tone. "I want to hear more!"

"Me too!" the small Pegasus said in nervous anticipation.

(ooc): Hope Lore Weaver can finish this story before the event ends

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(OOC: He will)

Lore Weaver liked that he was able to keep the sense of fear going in the story while not making it too scary for the foals.

"The three foals stood paralyzed at that creature, unable to know what to say or do next. 'You come to my house this Nightmare Night,' the witch cackled, 'but you never expected such a fright. So while you three are gathered here, perhaps I should show you what you fear!' With that the old unicorn began to slowly lift the patch covering her eye, enjoying the fact that the three were already afraid. The earth pony and the unicorn ran away screaming, but the Pegasus stayed behind, looking defiantly at the old witch."

He turned the book to show an image of the two foals leaving with the filly standing in front of the witch.

'Little pony, why do you stay here? Is it that you want to see your fear?' 'I'm not afraid,' the Pegasus said, 'My parents told me that fear is just an illusion, and if I know what I am afraid of I can face it. Then I won't be afraid anymore. So show me my fear, then I can fight it.' The witch's scowl then changed into a rather friendly smile upon hearing this. 'Then you are stronger then most ponies. Please come inside as there is something you should see.'"

The next image in the book was the witch smiling at the pony.

"The Pegasus filly followed the witch into the house. As she went into the dining room, the filly was amazed at what she saw. There on the table was a mountain of all types of candy. Chocolates, mints, lollipops, caramels, everything was there as the filly's eyes grew big. 'The words you spoke are very true,' the witch said, 'and for that I am very grateful of you. Now there is something I want to show you besides this candy. It is time to show the real me.' And with that the witch's shape changed into none other than Princess Luna!"

The book displayed a picture of the filly in the dining room full of candy with Princess Luna.

"'Princess Luna,' the filly said taking a bow, 'you were the witch all along?' 'Rise young filly," Luna said, 'It is true that I have been the witch all along, playing the character from that old pony's tale. I apologize if I deceived you but it was to prove a point. There are times when we all must face our fears, and no better a time than on Nightmare Night where fun and fears are one. But unlike those who could not face them, you chose to not be afraid and to see that fear, even though it can be scary, can be fought. So thank you my little pony for facing your fear this Nightmare Night. And by royal decree, you may take as much candy as you wish. Just keep this our little secret, ok?' With that the Princess gave a little wink to the filly which she nodded in reply. The Pegasus spent some time with the Princess talking with her and enjoying the candy. Then after stuffing her saddlebags full of treats, she bid the Princess of the Night farewell, vowing to keep the secret of their meeting and looking forward to another Nightmare Night where she hoped to meet the Princess again. The End!"

Lore Weaver closed the book and caught his breath.

"So, how did you like the story?"

The following story was created by me. Hope you liked it!

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Both Wishing Well and Gold Standard clapped their hooves in appreciation for the great story.

"WOW! That was an amazing story!" Wishing Well shouted out.

"Wonderful! One of the finest stories I've ever heard!" added Gold Standard, "did you write that story yourself?"

"I liked it because the hero of the story was a Pegasus girl, like me!" Wishing Well giggled with glee.

"You have to wonder if Princess Luna would really do something like that on Nightmare Night"

"I think she would! She's my favorite Princess!"

"Luna's great, but I like Celestia more. After all, I'm enrolled in HER school."

That was a SUPERB story! LOVED IT! Well done!

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"Well, I'm glad you two liked my story. And for being such good listeners, have some candy!"

The stallion then levitated two bags of candy from behind the throne, placing one in each of the foal's bags.

"Happy Nightmare Night you two!"

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"Happy Nightmare Night to you too!" Gold Standard neighed as he received his bag of candy.

"Yes, Happy Nightmare Night!" added Wishing Well as she accepted hers.

Little did these two foals know what the rest of the evening had in store for them. Their nanny came to greet them and lead them to other activities. Miss Piccafilly led young Wishing Well over to Applejack's hay ride while she directed Gold Standard over to Fluttershy's cottage. A night of fun, scary fun was ahead for both of them, right? What could possibly go wrong?

(ooc): Excellent job by Lux on this RP! Well done!

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