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The Invasion of Ponyville!


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Rusty chuckled, agreeing with the guard "Yeah, real awkward time for us to be meetin', huh?" he listened as the guard, apparently the brother of Presteza, went on to tell him about how he'd hope they' get to talk more after everything was done, and how he was gonna help the ponies stlill trapped in town, "Alright, you go do your gaurd duties! Git ponies safe!" and nodded in agreement when he was told to 'get somewhere safe' himself. Of course, he was not going to do this, especially since he just caught sight of what could possibly be the climax of the battle against the changelings taking place in the forest, it's beasts deciding to start attacking the changelings for whatever reason. He grinned, rotating the chamber of his stuff launcher to a full one, one of the features he hadn't told that one changeling was the fact it had a rotating chamber, for obvious reasons. Though, he had been telling the truth when he had said that it was the last explosive ammo he had, it didn't mean he didn't have plenty of scrap metal to use, and boy was he going to use it, "I may respect y'all as a race... but that doesn't mean y'all are gonna win this battle..." he murmured under his breath before he grapple hooked his way to the forest, aiming his gun at the attacking force of the changelings "This'll probably hurt!" he yelled out before he began firing at them, smiling wide as each of his shots hit a changeling. When his launchers chambers were all emptied, he made sure to 'grapple slam' at least three changelings before he went to reload them.

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Everything was now happening too fast for poor Misty Magic to comprehend. Now there were manticores and cockatrice attacking the Queen of the changlings? How could this be? It was then she saw Zecora, and realized that the mighty zebra must've summoned them from the Everfree! That's the good news.

The bad news, the changlings were STILL out and about, as dangerous as ever! Many were now approaching the petite unicorn mare, and this time, she was too tired to run.

"Oh no! I'm a goner! I haven't even got time to reflect on my life!" she neighed as her horn flashed. In an instant, a very large mirror appeared in front of her as the changlings charged forward. As luck would have it, at that exact moment, one of the cockatrice glanced over Misty's way and gave its stone generating stare. The 'stare' flashed momentarily in the mirror, instantly having the effect of affecting her pursuers. Within a minute, every changling that had rushed over to Misty was now turned to stone. The scared unicorn mare had closed her eyes, but when she opened them, she was stunned.

"Huh? How.. what happened?" she asked. It took a while for her to piece it all together, but then she realized that it was her magic that had assisted in the attack.

Misty Magic learned something today. Perhaps there was a place in Equestria for her after all. True, her magical mishaps have made her a number of enemies, but now thanks to Zecora's advice, Misty DID use her talents for good. This gave her confidence and hope for the future, a future that she felt proud to be a part of.

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Wouldn't you know it, a big ditch in the middle of a battlefield wasn't actually a good hiding place after all! The journalist was simply frozen, not even having the presence of mind to say anything as the changelings charged their position to overwhelm it-

And then the most extraordinary thing happened. Misty's magic worked three times in a row. Earth Writer cautiously peeked around the suddenly-summoned mirror, saw all the statue-changelings, and gave a long, low whistle. "I'll have to give you a special feature in the article, Miss- Magic, was it?" He looked around, seeing that the ponies were going to carry the night. "Oh, my editor is not going to believe his luck. Pity he only has one front page..."

((Last Post for Earth Writer))

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"Fire!" Bianca cries out, her little line of soldier changelings unleashing bolts at their enemy... But the action is short-lived, their leader suddenly getting quite the sense of dread from the Queen's position!

"No! Break contact! We'll deal with this one later! Fall back to the Queen!" Bianca and her squad do just that and take flight to Chrysalis, leaving Snively and Figment in the clearing dust. They zip through the Everfree, dodging ponies and beasts and trees and all manner of things until they reach the large regal changeling. "Consolidate!" cries Bianca, landing close to her leader, her horn already aglow with her offensive magic. This was almost starting to look like a last stand... But surely their Queen knew what to do... right...?

The squad of six and Bianca formed a circle around the Queen, throwing magic bolts at anything they could see that wasn't a changeling. They just kept blasting and blasting and blasting, the rapid-fire of magic beginning to take its toll on them. But tired or not, they just couldn't let down the Queen! "Concentrate on the Manticore! Bring it down!" Oh mare, there were cockatrices too?! "Drone, shield your eyes-!" But it was too late, as was happening again and again.

Bianca broke off from the circle, going to Chrysalis. "My Queen, have you further orders?!" she asked, the concern apparent in her voice. Under these circumstances, it seemed they very well may be overrun...

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"Really..." Figment gave Snively a look of skepticism, of course. But, he figured there was nothing to be done about it now... He doubted his help would be accepted anyways, unless it was a suicide mission or something. He'd had more than enough of his screeching for today. Plus, he heard Bianca give an order to fall back, which he found a bit odd. Though...he did hear some kind of commotion in the distance. Whatever the case, he might as well assist the Queen directly rather than stay back here! He buzzed after her group...though, the scene he found upon arriving was not what he was expecting.

Well, he normally would have expected it, considering this was the Everfree, but...this wildlife seemed to be causing much more trouble than he'd have thought. It seemed as if several bouts of bad luck and happenings were converging on them...or, did the ponies do this on purpose? Whatever the case, this was not good! Not wanting to become a casualty himself, he fired a few bolts of his magic from range at Bianca's ordered target, before flying near the Queen, anxious to see what her plan would be now.

Figment certainly knew better than to suggest a retreat(or anything, for that matter) to Chrysalis, but...things were looking a bit dire here. Rather than echo Bianca's question for himself, he just hovered there with an expectant and desperate expression, waiting for her answer. He felt like he should say something though. "Chrysalis, Your Majesty, are you alright? Do you need any aid..?" Perhaps he could offer some of his gathered love to give her a boost, even if his power was nothing compared to her's. Figment desperately did not want them to have to...lose a second time. At least there would be no magic explosion this time...he hoped.

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Chrysalis and her drones put up their best efforts, but things continued to go from bad to worse. It became increasingly clear to an increasingly frustrated Chrysalis that their last stand was destined to crumble. Many of her changelings had been petrified or otherwise bested by the beasts at this point, while many of the resisting ponies used their cleverness to just make the losses worse.

That was when they arrived. Chariots came swooping down from the east. Countless ponies clad in golden armor, some carrying spears, descended all at once and started to ward off beasts and changelings alike as some unicorns in the force began trying to quell the blaze with their magic. Soon, the REA ponies had the area secure. To make matters even worse, Chrysalis then felt a massive but familiar pulse of magic energy from within Ponyville. She knew instinctively what it was in an instant: Princess Celestia had been freed from Luxuria's trap. Caught between soldiers, Everfree beasts, the resistance of the Ponyville visitors and potentially soon the princess herself, even Chrysalis had to see the plan had failed. For the future, and for her kingdom, she had no other options but to make a speedy retreat.

She glanced at Bianca, who had approached her for orders and gave a nod and then at Figment who seemed concerned for her. "Gather up as many of your brethren as you can! We fly to plan for another day!" Chrysalis snarled, disgusted with herself for admitting it.

She flew up into the air then and looked out over the despairing scene. "You may have won this time, Ponyville, but before long you will understand fear! Your love will belong to me before you know it. You're all on borrowed time!" she shouted to the crowd before turning to fly as fast as she could away.

"All changelings, we retreat!" she called out, as a swarm of changelings lifted off from the city, carrying as many of their unconscious and petrified as they could.

Though the Queen and many of her hive would make their escape back to the wastes from which they came, ponykind had won the day and soon the invasion of Ponyville would be at an end.

((ooc: A huge thank you to everyone who participated, but as underlings and adversaries. I had a great time being your Chrysalis for this event. Thanks to everyone for making this thread a lot of fun! ;)))
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