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The Changelings Are Hereeeeeee!


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DIABOLICAL INVASION! Despite increased military patrols on the frontier, the wicked Queen Chrysalis and an army of her changeling minions once again bring peril upon Equestria. Kidnapping the six heroes of Ponyville, the changelings stole their identities and used the festivities of Nightmare Night as a cover to capture more ponies as nourishment for their Hive!

Now Ponyville is in chaos, as Chrysalis and her army confront the remaining residents to cover their getaway with the Queen’s prized prisoners. If the Elements of Harmony can’t save the day, will the ponies of Ponyville band together to thwart the changeling menace in time? Or will they all meet a ghastly fate on this nightmarish Nightmare Night...?


Nightmare Night is now changeling-infested! All Sponsored Threads have become Invasion Threads, the goal being to save Ponyville from the twisted schemes of Queen Chrysalis and her minions. All users are welcome to start Invasion Threads of their own to add to this exciting storyline, but we ask RPers that a particular character can be used in one Invasion Thread only, and that users only insert one character per Invasion Thread.

Anybody not wishing to participate in this plotline is free to post in regular topics, where changeling-related shenanigans will not be permitted. For those participating in the Invasion storyline, understand that high posting activity is the #1 key to victory.

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