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The Prancing Pony hotel (Open)


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Swift Blitz's training came in handy. She made it to the hotel where she and her siblings were staying for the night, though she had to push some changlings aside. If only she brought more with her, she had some armor in case her costume got ruined some how, but she didn't have any of the weapons most guards were assigned with. She managed to get to the hotel easily and began checking rooms, after a very heated debate with the manager, she was given the master key. She charged upstairs to check rooms, but first she needed to do something. She got into her room and found Time Spinner's pet raven, Nevermore, sitting in her cage quite comfortably. "Nevermore!" The mare called out, she started writing a letter in her haste. The letter read:

To the royal guards of Canterlot:

We are in quite the predicament. Tonight, on nightmare night, many of the local residents in ponyville have been captured and many changlings have invaded the city. They storm through the city, catching all of the residents of the town along with anyone visiting. I fear for the safety of Princess Celstia, Princess Luna, Princess Sparkle, and the town itself. I will be holding up in the Prancing Pony hotel, going out every so often to find ponies in the area and taking them back here for safety. I desperatly await and answer, please send a letter back with this bird as soon as possible. Please make Haste

Swift Blitz

Private 1st class

Canterlot Guard

She signed her name so that maybe they will understand who she was. She tied the note to Nevermore's leg. "Take this to the guard captian in Canterlot, please hurry." With a sleepy yawn the frost Raven flew out the window towards the Canterlot. Hopefully the changlings wouldn't notice a raven flying about at night. Swift Blitz gave a sigh and left her room. She went back downstairs and started to stack anything she could against the doors, windows, and any other openings making a huge racket of noise that could be heard all through the hotel. She needed to hurry to make sure the hotel was safe for everyone.

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