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here is the OCC http://www.canterlot...75-season-4-rp/ and to all ponies who just join and the ones that already plz follow so you know

It was a sunny day in ponyville a couple weeks since princess twilight everything is good and peaceful twilight is trying to used to her wings, rainbow came up with a few new tricks, pinkie busy being pinkie applejack when out of town to visit braeburn, fluttershy got a few new animals and rarity got some dress out in canterlot

it was all good and peaceful until applejack got back fluttershy notice something was going on in the/with the everfree forest. twilight,pinkie,rainbow,applejack,and rarity was having a picnic and fluttershy said she had to take care of her animals then she will meet them so that is where fluttershy is at her house

Mane ponies

princess twilight me

rainbow dash .xXDashieXx

pinkie pie

applejack xXDashieXx

fluttershy .Sailu

rarity sleeps



timber ponies me

other ponies of course there is all the background but this is for if you want to be a certain pony also i will be anypony that no one is going to take unless you want to play them meaning like a princess if you want to play one list which one and when she comes you get to play her otherwise i will be

princess Luna QueenChrysalis747

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Pinkie bounced around the group, "SO.........Should we go follow Fluttershy, oh oh oh,...maybe we can help her then we can all do..stuff!" she cheereed as she bounced around, "hmm, maybe we can do something fun and exciting and fun..wait did I say fun, no i didn't, yeah so something FUN!"

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she prepares breakfest for animal friends eat up my adorable little friends~!

i-i need to s-see if there are any new big meanie heads close to the enterance of everfree forest that would scary anypony going in today after I'm done here she said to her self nervously but firmly but then gets scared of thinking of all the bad things that could happen to her going in alone eepp i-i may need help m-maybe I'll go ask rainbow dash to come help me after she puts the food away and makes sure everything is put away and she was set for the day she scans the clouds for rainbow yelling rainbow dash! OH RAINBOW DASH! WHERE ARE YOU!!

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*after ten or so minutes she gives up and whlie flying she sees the gang and quicky swoops down and lands* um...hi guys seeing as i can't find rainbow dash do you think i could ask one of you come with me to everfree, for oh 15 or so munites i wanna check out if there are any big, scary, meanie heads! by, around, or a bit farther in past the enterance...um..if thats OKAY with you that is...

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hehe oh great thanks pinkie that will be a great help~ the two trot quickly off to everfree *is at the enterance* well...*GULP* h-here we are the...big...scary...everfree FOREST! *her eyes go wide then a shrill meep escapes her lips and quickly scampers behind pinkie pie hiding* her you lead the way *fluttershy is basically shoving pinkie in to the forest* d-do you see anything *has eyes shut tight* :oops:

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we're scouting the everfree forest for a bit to see is any big, scary creatures around b-but now i think we are done R-Right pinkie? *fluttershy lifts off the ground to get a better view* um...pinkie?? *looks around* uh oh this could be bad...PINKIE PIE!! she yells

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The day had gone simple fabulous for Rarity today. The sky was clear, the warm sun made so that the snow white unicorn could work outside so that she could see the fabrics of her dresses better, and the new fashion designs from Canterlot had come to her boutique.

"Why this is just absolutely fabulous! I'm so glad that waves are back in!"

The mare mentioned as she held one of fabric designs up before using some magic to stitch together a simple but fashionable sundress. Each stich complemented the next making it so that the sun dress had a bit of a Victorian style frill that would catch any ponies eyes. Still as Rarity looked over the dress her gut told that it could use something else.

"Hmmmmm what oh what could I use..."

Rarity pondered to herself as he rubbed her chin.

"That's it! a silk ribbon!"

She exclaimed as she floated the dress over to one of her ponyquin and gently placed it on so that it wouldn't get wrinkled.

"Sometimes I even amaze myself with my ideas."

Rarity thought to herself as she made her way inside and towards the back of her boutique for the supplies. As she opened her supplies closet hundreds of types of cloth came out in every style and shape a pony could imagine.

"Lets see, silk, silk, silk...."

She said as she used her magic to move the fabrics around. After a minute or so though the pony quickly realized she had a problem.

"*gasp* I'm out of silk! WHY?! OH WHY?! would fate be this cruel?! To give me such beautiful ideas only to make it so I don't have the supplies?! Why?!!"

She said in an over dramatic tone flipping her purple mane like she was in a movie. After a moment though the mare quickly relaxed as she removed her glasses and grabbed her fashionable sun hat.

"I must find some silk! Fluttertshy has some silk worms! To fluttershy's!"

She continued as she trotted out the door in dramatic style.

As Rarity got to the fluttershy cottage it was strangely quiet.

"Yoooouuu hoooouuuu! Fluttershy?! Anypony hooooommmeee?!"

Rarity called out walking around the back of the cottage to see if the mare was out feeding her animals.

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Note:" um.. hi everypony I'm away from home right now but I'll be in the everfree forest making my rounds to make sure there arn't any big! meanie! scary heads!! then i have a picnic with the girls.

P.S if anypony reads this i maybe trapped in everfree so HELP ME!! thank you

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as fluttershy turn to leave as saw something out of the corner of her eye

((she saw this middle one if you guys know what these are thats good all i know i the name of the big one if you know the other names can you tell me if not i will make something up))

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"Fluttershy!!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "Your good with animals!!" Rainbow Dash told her. She looked over at the animal one more time. "Its adorable!!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

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