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Bebop Slide (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Bebop Slide

Sex: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Amber

Coat: Chocolate brown

Mane/Tail: Light tan,Medium length with a slight cow lick

Physique: average build for a filly

Residence: A cabin on the outskirts of ponyville with her Grandparents.

Occupation: None

Cutie Mark: None as of yet


Bebop was born in Dodge junction to pair of famous musicians, a stallion Named J-Bass and a mare named Blue harp. She was named after the music she (tried to) dance to as a foal. As a foal Bebop was often very quiet but a very happy foal. While her quiet nature at first alarmed her parents they only grew more worried when she became of the age when she was supposed to be able to learn words. No matter how much she would try to say something she was quieter than a mouse. After a trip to the doctor they were told that her vocal cord were underdeveloped and she would not be able to speak at all. Soon the family began to teach the foal how to read and write and gave her her own little notebook to write down what she wished to say to anypony.

Her parents, being famous musicians would often travel and while Bebop loved to hear them play she was often saddened by the fact she was never able to stay in one place long or make any friends. Her parents realized that it probably wasn't best for their daughter on the road like this but they didn't have it in them to let their fans down. Lucky for bebop, her parents, and the fans Bebop's grandparent's Ebony Riff and Hazel Shred said they would be happy to take care of her. Bebop had always loved spending time with her grandparents in their small home on the outskirts of Ponyville, in fact when she started dancing to one of their old records as a foal is how she got her name. So one day after a show in Canterlot J-bass and Blue left their filly in the loving hooves of her grandparents. Everyday Bebop writes a letter to them detailing her misadventures and mishaps in town and asks when they will be around to visit her.

Reaching Fillyhood Bebop began to find it difficult to get ponies attention, particularly that of her classmates. She might have been voiceless but she sure as hay wanted to be heard. Ever since she was young she loved music so she began to practice with a harmonica as well as a guitar so she decided to bring her Harmonica where she went and for the sake of fun she would play something by ear and adjust the sound of it depending on her mood as she wrote down what the wanted to say on her notepad.

Character Summary:

Bebop is a kindhearted and a talented musician. Although she has yet to gain her cutie mark she shows great promise when it comes to music, being able to play the harmonica and guitar like an old pro and also being to use her telekinesis with great efficiency to the point she is able to shred her guitar. Since she often found it difficult to get ponies attention or make how she felt adamantly clear she had decided to use her music to express herself to great effect. While she is still extremely fond of music she is a bit self conscious about her lack of a cutie mark and voice. While she can often feel envious of ponies with beautiful singing voices she is determined to make the best of what she has.

While she does indeed try to be social she often finds it very difficult because her attempts to accentuate any statement made with her notepad is sometimes not appropriate and can feel a bit sad if her harmonica is taken away or she is kept from using it. Despite looking like the quiet and eager to please type of filly, if she gets to know somepony well enough she may start taking subtle jabs at them in her written statements or giving them looks if they do something she considers stupid and even may start giving them musical accompaniment for their situations such as a dramatic sting during a tense moment which she will stop if asked firmly to. Bebop is already quick to stand up to bullies or prima donna ponies who disrespect anypony she considers her friends.

A major flaw in her personality would her rather constant critique of things around her and her lack of a "filter" when it comes to voicing her thoughts to other ponies, often she borders on brutal honesty but with time she could get over this. While she is indeed willing to stand up for other ponies she often seems to have a bit of trouble difficulty standing up for herself, often being dragged into problems or situations because she just goes with the flow mostly voicing her opinions but not considering going out of her way to do anything unless the situation has gone way south.



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Ooooh, sounds like an interesting character. About the only thing I'd suggest is to remove this following quote:

After a trip to the doctor they were told that her vocal cord were underdeveloped and she would not be able to speak at all. Her parents were sad that they would never be able to hear their daughter ever actually speak to them, but they knew that she could hear them and that would be enough for them.

We do accept characters for WoE who are blind, deaf, and what-not... but it's a very tight rope to walk on to get such OCs approved. The absolute most important thing you can do to get a mute character to pass WoE muster is to not introduce a single strain of sadness/depression/ect. into the app. Just have the parents figure out that your OC is a mute and not dwell on their thoughts, and things should be fine. Otherwise, good work. ^_^

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