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Pets for Your OC?


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Here's the topic where you can talk about any pets that your OC would have, or what pet(s) you would like to have your OC have.

Here's what you can have:

-Animals of all kinds, as long as they are small enough (ex: rabbits, armadillos, foxes, etc)

-Phoenixes and similarly sized magical creatures

Here's what you can't have:

-Equine creatures

-Monsters (ex: ursa majors, cerberus, manticores, etc)

-Other sentient creatures (dragons, griffons, buffalo, etc)

-Any animal that is too big (elephants, rhino, etc)

Also to bear in mind:

-Make sure that you can raise the pet respectfully.

-Make sure you can afford to raise the said creature (the phoenix is a good example)

-Make sure you have enough space for the pet.

The animals/creatures in question don't necessarily have to be canon; they can be whatever animal/creature you want, just as long as they follow the rules. For example, lets take Therian, a teenage dragon. Here's his pets:

-Crimson (male phoenix)

-Sly (male fox)

-Emerald Dream (female snake)

-Sphere (male armadillo)

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Hmm. Despite having so many OCs, my mind just rarely seems to go to pets. I really probably should have given pets to a lot more of them. Thinking about it though, I think only my rarely used filly character Hopesong has a pet, a black cat named Sable.

Even with my cast characters in the RP, I probably need to use pets more. I've had fun the couple times I've thought to bring Opalescence into a Rarity thread, but I rarely think to do so.

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For Pathfinder, I imagined that she would like to have a chicken. Not a full blown chicken, just a little chick that she could put a cute hat on and act like her own version of short round that nopony would be too upset if, ya know, traps happened.

Jackpot is a kitteh pony. Could probably, might even, have an entire floor for his stuck up cat.

Valen isn't a pet pony. Not even an outdoors pony.

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I didn't give any pets to my ocs, but if they were to have them;

Pyro would probably have a dog, Xan would probably have a snake, and Flora would probably have some small creature, like a bunny or something.

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Time Spinner, my main OC, has a white raven named Nevermore. I think he's the only one with a pet though.

Gadget would probably have a mouse or a rat.

Aselia will, in her WoE app, have a pet salamander because I think that should be a thing.

Octavia, if I had given her a pet, might have a cat or some type of musical animal. Maybe a hummingbird.

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Most of my characters are too busy for pets. My kid character Wind Walker would like a puppy (thankyouverymuch) but after the 'Great Sea Monkey Tragedy', that an't gonna happen. My OC Pocket Change sort of has a pet in the form of 'Miss Mouse' his little mouse pal who hides in his pocket, and you know she's a gal mouse because in cartoon rules, female animals have eye lashes and sometimes little bows...s0ve.png

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My two primary OCs don't have much time for pets. One being a Rogue in Pathfinder and the other is too much of an absent minded professor to get himself treated for his ringworm. There is an OC in the works currently (should I pick the project back up again) who has a Cybermat for a pet/PDA, because she's from the planet Mondas of Doctor Who fame. I'm not sure if that counts, now that I think about it.

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My very first OC Autumn Dawn has a put fox named Trill. I never remember to put her into RP's with Autumn.

Same thing with my zebra Jani, he has a pet crow named Nyota (Star)...

Rainbow has a pet turtle named Tank of course ;)

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