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Overcast [Ready]


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Roleplay Type World of Equestria

Name Overcast

Sex Male

Age Young stallion

Species Pegasus

Eye color Icy blue

Coat Grey with a white mask on his nose.

Mane/Tail Very long and fluffy. Fuchsia with white highlights.

Physique Average height, and a light muscular build.

Voice A little high pitched for a stallion. His tone is soft and quiet by default. He has a moderate Trottingham accent.

Residence Trottingham

Occupation Firefighter (Fire carriage operator)

Cutie Mark A fire carriage wheel in the foreground of two fire axes making an X shape behind a big flame.


Cutie Mark Story

One day at school, the class was divided into teams to complete a chemistry assignment. Overcast was paired with another colt. But instead of an equal amount of teamwork on both sides, Overcast couldn't bring himself to speak up and talk to his teammate. He eventually decided the best thing to do was to keep quiet and watch from a distance.

When the time came to asses everypony's efforts, it turned out Overcast and the colt got a very low grade while Cinder and her teammate got the lowest grade possible.

What happened was soon reported to Overcast's parents, who decided to sign him and his sister up to work at the fire house to teach them responsibility and teamwork.

He had to help keep the place clean and help them with their gear. And sometimes, during his most favorite moments, he and Cinder got to ride on the fire carriage and observe how the firefighters worked together.

His favorite thing to do was clean the fire carriages. Not only was their purpose something to admire, they were also a beautiful work of art.

In the fire house, there was one carriage that were no longer in use. The top was smashed in, spreading the wheels out further than they were meant to go. It was obviously unusable. He often visited that carriage, wondering if it would be repaired or trashed. However, just like during chemistry, he couldn't bring himself to speak up.

But then, over time, he saw the firepoines going above and beyond to save the lives and possessions of Trottingham's citizens. He was amazed by their feats, inspired by their courage. It made him want to finally speak up and ask the question he's been wanting to since the day he was signed up.

He forced himself to gallop over to a firepony and asked about the carriage. The firepony said the carriage was crushed by a fallen tree during a storm and was going to be sold for parts.

Word spread about Overcast's interest in the carriage. And in the next few days it was decided. The fireponies would let him go to the broken carriage and pick anything he wanted from it as a reward for all the hard work and dedication he had done. He was as excited as a foal in a candy shop. There were so many things that caught his attention but he eventually settled on the back wheel of the carriage.

As he admired the wheel, he knew firefighting was his calling. To work alongside others and make Trottingham a better, safer place. His cutie mark appeared at that moment and he since then dedicated his time to being a full fledged firepony.


Overcast was born and raised in Trottingham. Growing up, he and Cinder never left each others side unless they had to. Even as foals they always stuck together, Cinder was tireless in protecting him like he was a little brother rather than an identical twin.

Overcast's father is named Indigo Skies and his mom's name is Gentle Brooke.

Gentle Brooke was always kind and helpful to Overcast. If he was having trouble with something, she would always help him. She tended to smother him a bit though, never pushing him to step out of his comfort zone. As a result he remained pretty shy and even struggled with basic daily interaction such as paying for an item. His mom was very caring and loving, teaching him the value of kindness, modesty, and common sense.

Indigo would push Overcast to step out and be social every chance he got. He would challenge him to go and compliment a pony's hairdo or strike up a casual conversation. If Overcast managed to do it, Indigo would reward him by buying him one of his favorite treats and such. However, when he wasn't able to, it was a huge disappointment for him, and he'd beat himself up about it for weeks. Even after Indigo went ahead and got him something anyways. (which he always did)

Even though he found the challenges kinda stressful, Overcast knew Indigo just wanted to help him become comfortable around other ponies. Indigo loved him and Cinder very much, spending time with them when he could. Overcast learned the value of honesty, courage, and confidence from his dad.

. Overcast admired Indigo, but felt a bit like he didn't add up. And he loved helping Brooke with her trinket shop. Even though they are a generally close knit family, Overcast gravitated more so towards Brooke.

His sister, Cinder Rose, is his identical twin. They fight fires together and are inseparable. Even though they are the same age, she will look out for him, but she'll also challenge him to go out and make friends too.

After becoming fireponies, Overcast had a bit of a tough time at first. But he and Cinder quickly got the hang of things. They are currently valuable members of the fire department. They aren't the best, but they are good at their jobs and love what they do.


Character Summary

Overcast loves to be a part of making Trottingham a better place. Even though he's shy, his anxiety doesn't spread to many other things. This holds especially true when it comes to his job. He's very caring and able to summon up the courage he needs if there's any animals or ponies in trouble.

While not on the job, he likes to hang out with Cinder and go to ice cream/yogurt shops and the museum.

Recently, he asked her to help him overcome his shyness and she's been more than willing to help. Now that he really wants to improve his social skills, he's been pushing himself harder than ever before to interact, make friends, and learn have a good time around others.

He loves Hearth's Warming Eve. It's his favorite day of the entire year but he usually stresses himself out trying to get everypony the perfect gift.

He likes history, antiques, museums, frozen treats, tea, fruit juice, soda, rainy days, winter time, scarfs, snow, viewing art, peaceful days, observing his surroundings, seeing ponies happy, reading poems, making ponies laugh, Hearth's Warming Eve.

He dislikes hot weather, seeing anypony sad, going to the dentist, having vivid nightmares, making anypony feel bad, spicy food, spiders.

His hobbies are strolling through town, hiking, hanging out with loved ones, going to museums, reading history books, exploring, casual flying, collecting antiques and scarfs.

As for his positive attributes, he's extremely empathetic, feeling the emotions of others as if they were his own. His tender heartedness also causes him to get teary eyed often. Especially if he sees a pony crying or witnesses something really sad or heartwarming.

He can sense the emotions of those around him. And if anypony's feeling bad he tries to figure what's causing it.

Because of his nature, he's a great listener and very understanding. It's close to impossible to make him truly dislike anypony no matter how mean they are.

When he does make friends, he becomes a loyal and dependable pony you could trust with your life. When somepony's relying on him, he takes it very seriously.

As said before, he is quite brave in terms of anything other than social interaction. But he's not going to let his shyness get in the way of interacting with others. It's just a bit of a struggle at first. The easiest time he has coming out of his shell is when he brings a smile to somepony's face. He has a good sense of humor and loves to make others laugh.

Now for the negative traits, he is very very passive. If something's bothering him, it takes a lot to make him admit it. He also doesn't like getting in the way and will often deprive himself of things in order to make everypony else comfortable but him.

He is too kind, often getting run over or taken advantage of by ponies who don't even realize that's what they're doing. And his soft tone makes him hard to hear, especially in a crowd.

During social interaction, he's usually worried about hurting the other ponies feelings or bothering them in anyway, which usually results in making them feel awkward. And due to his nervousness and self consciousness around others, he becomes quite awkward and clumsy. He's also easily embarrassed. When it happens, he tries to laugh it off but usually ends up frozen while blushing furiously until he can get a hold of himself.

It also doesn't take much to stress him out.

Fears and worries

Hurting anypony's feelings or making them sad, having to go to the dentist, being rejected, running into spider webs.


Pony image by Generalzoi's pony creator


Cutie mark drawn by me.

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Just one minor thing: during your last app, we forgot to tell you that users need to be able to describe their OC's cutie marks with words. Simply posting an image is not supposed to suffice for a CM description. If you can write down your OC's CM with text, that'd be great. :)

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