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The 2 Remaining Elements (Closed)


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Hey everyone so this is my new RP. I need someone who is really really really committed to RP. This one is going to go fast so if you almost always on, this is the RP for you.

So, the application:

Name: (the name duh)

Age: (only use pony ages)

Species: (duh)


Appearance: (what does your pony look like)

Mane/Tail: (what does the mane and tail look like)

Cutie Mark: (what is it and what does it mean)

History: (short history)

Summary: (quick summary)

Personality: (her style)

Other: (anything else)

Also i ask that you quickly change you avi to the character your playing so i can make a screenshot of it and save it for reference! Thanks and I hope you join!! Oh they also have to be to OC's!!

My App!!

Name: Lemondrop

Age: Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Element: Honesty

Appearance: She is white with a yellow muzzle and grey freckles. She wears a yellow hat like AJ.

Mane/Tail: Her mane is sky blue with a small bow at the tip then goes into a slight curl. Same with tail.

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a lemon with a water drop splashing on top. It means she is in the Lemon family.

History: She was born in Fillydelphia. She moved to Ponyville when her parents filed a divorce. She was a orphan at the time when she got adopted by the Lemon family. Ever since she has been like and AJ to the Lemon family.

Summary: She is a hared worker and a fun haver. Sort of like AJ and Pinkie combined.

Personality: WOO!! She is just fun and loves being around her friends. She fights if she has to and isn't afraid to kill someone if she has to.

Other: She has 5 swords and a dagger. Each sword represents like ice, fire, air, earth and death.

Have fun and please join!!


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Name: (the name duh) Starry Mist

Age: (only use pony ages) older filly

Species: (duh) pegases

Element: loyalty

Appearance: (what does your pony look like) my profile picture except darker shades. and a different cutie mark.

Mane/Tail: (what does the mane and tail look like) profile picture

Cutie Mark: (what is it and what does it mean) i dont have a pic for it but its a star covered by mist. represents her skill for navigation.

History: (short history) she was born in Fillydelphia and moved to ponyville when she was a foal. she lives with her mom and dad. sometimes helps hurt animals.

Summary: (quick summary) she doesn't like tight spaces, she mostly flies at night. and shes the best navigator in ponyville.

Personality: (her style) sarcastic, kind for the most part, doesn't like being bossed around. she can be a little arogant and big headed soemtimes

Other: (anything else) nope

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