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Silver Belle (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Silver Belle

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Icy blue

Coat: Light grey

Mane/tail: Silvery white, long and always well groomed

Physique: is only slightly taller than that your typical mare but not notable so

Residence: A gigantic and extravagant manor in Trottingham, occupied by her husband, Bastion Trace and a large amount of serving staff.

Occupation: The bearer of the title of Duchess, as a carry on from her family line. Her family has their financial hooves in many baskets, having invested in real estate in many places and also in Trottingham's rather large vineyard and wine industries. Since she has begun reaching out to the "common ponies" she has made a living as a visiting scholar for many schools that teach magic, including the school for talented unicorns in Canterlot.

Cutie mark: A star surrounded by a magical blue swirl

When Belle was a filly she was already showing great talent with magic, born with an extraordinary amount of magic power and already having quite a bit of skill with using it. There was one pony she held in high esteem though for showing better magical promise then her. When she finally met him in person she challenged him to a magic duel. He was only a few years older than her and already was much more well read but it would have been a massive boost to the filly's already sizeable ego if she could beat her idol.

Once the day of the duel came she was absolutely determined to win, she was going to show this colt that nopony in the school for talented unicorns could be better than her! Despite her determination and natural talent... she lost. She felt humiliated and angry and vowed one day she come back when she was a mare and show that colt up. After spending more time than ever in the library studying one of the students told her her mark had appeared.

After developing more as a pony and learning some humility she returned as a mare and managed to win in a rematch, although rather than boasting about it she thanked him for a good match.


Silver belle was born into long line a talented spell casters who supposedly had been around since the days of Princess Platinum and the time when the unicorn race as a whole was credited with bringing about the night and day, with their assistance her family assisted with coordinating the rise and fall of the day and night and at some point earned the title of Duke (or Duchess if the next in in the family line was a mare). When the Princesses came to power they kept their title and retained their influence by making contributions to the development of the school for talented unicorns during it's infancy in Canterlot and remaining loyal to the crown even during the less reputable moments of Equestria's history. Despite being native to Trottingham her family title is not in fact the Duke/duchess of Trottingham they merely take residence and hold a great deal of influence there.

Silver Belle was named in part for her light grey coat and silvery white mane, the other half of her name came from the expectations of her parent's that she would be a pony of great influence and beauty and grace. As they got to know their knew foal they soon realized that this was only half the case. She was indeed quite a beautiful little pony but she turned out to be quite unpleasant; she was an incredible brat as a foal. She seemed to have enough energy in her to cry loudly and uproariously if she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted it. Her tantrums were often load and so annoying some of the newer serving staff had quit solely because they couldn't stand her.

Even as a filly Belle showed a natural interest in magic, often she'd demand of servants to go and buy as many books on the subject as she could but soon she realized that that wasn't enough to just read and practice magic at home. She wanted to attend the School for talented unicorns in Canterlot. Seeing as her parents were having difficulty dealing with her forceful personality and were unsure how to reign her in so they figured it may be best to send her their and maybe the teachers there would be able to teach her more than just her raw magic prowess but also her rather grating personality.

During her time at the school she proved to be a prized student at after losing a duel there it seemed she had curiously enough gained her cutie mark. After graduating from the school and returning as a mare she definitely seemed a bit grumpy but in some ways a bit more humble. She seemed more inclined to ask for things rather than demand them and seemed to show an interest in the common ponies as apparently the pony who beat her was from a simple farm family. Soon she began to make various trips into town, trying to understand how ponies could live without servants and fancy foods and the various advantages of the high life. It was actually during this time when she began to take an interest in a certain stallion, an earth pony named Bastion Trace.

Bastion was actually from a family of Cab pulling ponies who ran a small service for the tourists who would visit Trottingham. It turned out he had a bit more ambition in his life than that though as he wound up joining the Royal Equestrian army. She had begun meeting this pony more and more and learning about the lifestyle of the normal ponies and soon belle found both that lifestyle had a type of respectability towards it... and the stallion who was showing her around while he seemed rather stern was actually quite kind which as anypony at the manor could tell you was a trait was rubbing off on her... although she still kept a type of forcefulness in her personality and continuing her magic studies.

Eventually she began to form friendships with the commoners while she spent time with them out of the manor. She was growing tired of keeping to herself and soon became a teacher for a local school for fillies and colts who studied magic, it was nowhere as impressive or prestigious as the school in Canterlot but it was nice to get to know some of the common foals who shared her own interest in magic. With her talent for magic and impressive knowledge she was able to make a good living as a teacher and eventually become somepony of such noteworthiness she was often employed as a visiting scholar for the school in canterlot.

Before she knew it she had married Bastion and now the two of them were parents of two unicorn foals. One filly named Presteza; after an old equestrian word for quickness, and a colt named Silverheart, named for the fact he'd inherited his mother's coloration in the area of the mane and coat and how upset he would get if he saw somepony sad. She was quite surprised to find that her daughter had not only gained her mark but said mark seemed to indicate she had a painting based destiny. Her son seemed to wish to follow in his father's hoofsteps and join The REA. As a mother she was happy to support both of them but she couldn't help but feel she'd missed out on their lives quite a bit. With her husband having worked so hard to gain his current position of Brigadier General Royal equestrian Army she realized that neither of them had been spending as much time with the foals as they'd hoped.

Nowadays she still attends many fancy parties in Canterlot and Trottingham but also works to help out the school for talented unicorns by giving lectures and speaking to promising students.

Character Summary:

Silver Belle's talents mostly extend to magic and spellcasting knowledge, having spent a great deal of time reading various tomes she has become an expert on many types of magic and proved to be one of Equestria's most learned in the subject and one it's most powerful practitioners. There aren't many subjects in which she can be stumped on in regards to magic but she clearly has an abhorrence to dark magic and magic that messes with the minds of those that they are casted upon. She has a slightly embarrassing trait of accidentally casting her magic while sneezing a trait which she seemed to have passed on to her daughter... although it seems to be more problematic in her daughter's case as Belle doesn't suffer from allergies, while that tended to be a problem when she was young she has gotten it under control and now they rarely if ever happen. Even thought she is extremely well read in the subject of magic she actually requires reading glasses. Having spent so much time studying magic and reading she is actually quite weak physically and can get overtired quite easily if she exerts herself.

Due to her family's immense wealth and being happily married and having bore two foals she is quite happy with where she is in life. Despite this she has found since her children have left the manor and her husband being busy in the R.E.A. more and more often she has found it increasingly hard to stave off the boredom and ignore the sad lack of sound in the manor. With her reputation as magic scholar she is often called to the school in Canterlot to speak to promising unicorn students and give the occasional lecture. Lately she has been trying to spend time outside of Trottingham and see some new places.

Since she was a filly she has always enjoyed looking her best and browsing for nice things to wear, eventually she began taking up knitting; a hobby that she wound up teaching her son. Her husband's more... common accent has rubbed off on her as well and as a result she speaks in a mix of higher class sophistication and the occasional hint of Trottingham cockney and as a result it has helped her fit in with the common ponies when she heads out to socialize, often while wearing something to conceal who she in case anypony of the higher class comes around and sees her; while she loves the commoners she still has some appearances to keep up due to her family's title.

Due to her rather spoiled upbringing she was quite the brat in the past, however since learning some humility and growing wiser over time she has become much more bearable. In public she is always civil and a bit chipper if a bit playfully teasing to those she gets close to. Sure fire ways to get on her bad side however would be insulting her pedigree, her husband, or her children as she can be down right vicious. While she has managed to reign in her ego for quite a while she still has it and doesn't take being insulted or disrespected too well.

While she likes to pretend everything is fine with her family she is actually constantly worrying about them. Her biggest fear being that she may never get to see her husband or children as much as she'd like and that she'd be viewed as a bad mother.

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