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[CAST][UNICORN](The Great and Powerful) Trixie Lulamoon [FINAL]


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Name: Trixie Lulamoon aka "The Great and Powerful Trixie" (Stage Name)

Gender: Female/Mare

Age: Mare/Adult

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: "Dark Grayish Violet"

Character colour: "Brilliant Azure"

Mane/Tail/Other: "Pale/very pale cornflower blue"

Physique: Average, slightly on the thin side

Residence: Varies, she's a traveling show!

Occupation: Stage Magician

Cutie Mark: Magic wand in the shape of a star with a sparkling aura of magic behind it.

Unique Traits:

Trixie's ability to cast spells seems to be limited to those used in stage magic, the few times she's tried to cast higher-level spells in public she has failed...


From an early age, Trixie knew she was destined for stardom, she showed great promise early on, learning and mastering spells faster than others her age. She performed in theater in prominent roles and at a young age joined a traveling performance troupe. This was where Trixie learned most her her skills, including storytelling, pyrotechnics, and, of course, magic! Unfortunately, as one might expect, the traveling entertainers had little in the way of magic to teach (or at least, that they were willing to teach a foal Trixie's age) so what she learned tended to be good for little more than performances - though it often did made a huge difference from one performance to the next and grew her ego... Unfortunately after many "creative differences" she decided to start a solo career, which lead to very mixed reviews but kept her in good shape financially as well as stroking her ego more often than not. (Though some felt this may have been the reason that, while trixie was powerful enough to learn varied types of magic, she never learned much above minor stage tricks - she left before the other unicorns could teach her more powerful magic and she never felt the need to learn it once she was on her own since her 'stage magic' was always plenty to impress the audience. She often dreamed of being appointed "Royal Court Magician"for Celestia

It was during one of these traveling shows that she had the misfortune of performing in Ponyville, where her show garnered the attention of Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Trixie had never had an audience that took her act as seriously as the Ponyville crowd, and certainly never expected two of the audience to decide to 'prove' her powers by luring an Ursa Major into town for her to defeat (though it turned out to be only an Ursa Minor) Following the tragedy, Trixie was forced to work on the pie family rock farm where she carefully saved her bits for many long months.

One might expect work such as this would teach Trixie humility, and it was quite possible that this was the intentions of the pie family, unfortunately, it did just the opposite and fueled her desire for revenge. For months, Trixie saved the bits from her job as well as some work doing odd jobs such as lifting curses (many of which were not even real curses) and doing some enchanting and spell-casting for those who desired it and for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't go to other sources. Trixie did many things she was not proud of and worries that some day they might come back to haunt her --- though back then all she cared about was casting spells and earning bits... Eventually, Trixie made her way to Canterlot to a magic shop known to carry rare and exotic artifacts. It was here that she came upon the "Alicorn Amulet" said to allow the wearer access to unfathomable magic (though some experts question whether it really enhanced her magic or simply unlocked her true potential). Sadly, it corrupted her mind, turning her from a boastful-but-mostly-benign stage magician into a power-hungry megalomaniac who captured Ponyville, enslaved the population, and developed several mental quirks (such as a distrust of wheels) which still haunt her to this day... (though with regular sessions with her psychiatrist, she has finally overcome this enough not to randomly destroy any wheel she comes across). The one good thing that came out of this (besides her letting go of her all-consuming goal of getting revenge on Twilight Sparkle) was that Trixie learned that just knowing a spell was not good enough, as thanks to the influence of the Alicorn Amulet, she had learned a terrifying spell "Agony Beam" and while still shaking off the amulet's influence, had cast it on Rainbow Dash... though the effect had been reduced to a 'tickle beam' instead. Like any skill, magic had to be practiced to be mastered and like a muscle in the body it had to be exercised to grow more powerful, now that Trixie knew that, she would doubtlessly spend more time studying and practicing, though it is questionable how many new spells she has learned since the incident.

Defeated by the very same stage-legerdemainy that she herself had once used (and quite shamed that she had not seen through the illusions that she claims "were mere foals-play") she has once again taken up her old occupation of a traveling entertainer, though she has never given up her dream of being court-magician, or possibly settling down and opening her own magic shop, possibly even in Ponyville...

Character Summary:

Boastful, Proud, Overzealous --- though she is trying to tone it down a little following her second defeat by Twilight Sparkle (Of course "tone it down" is a relative term...) However, she is slowly learning the value of friendship, sparked by Twilight's willingness to put aside what happened even after Trixie had enslaved the town. Trixie is also prone to speaking in third-pony though when she breaks down she reverts to traditional pronouns for herself, making it seem a side-effect of her stage persona that manifests when she is "putting on an act".





(completely non-canon but too awesome not to share)



Canon Animation:


Fanon Song/animation:

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