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Bucephalus [Ready]


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Change is something we undergo every day.  Some see it as a means to win petty struggles.  Others like myself see it as a means to become something greater.


Name: Bucephalus

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Changeling


Coat Color: His freshly re-minted exoskeleton is a deep, royal purple with jet black elytra and chest.  Barrel is more reddish purple.  As Creed, his coat is a cream color.

Mane/Tail Color & Style: No mane in changeling form. Tail and wings have silver leading edges and standard hymenoptera transparent surfaces.  As Creed, his mane and tail are colored a deep chestnut, kept short and trimmed as befitting a soldier.

Eye Color: Silver.  Blue as Creed.

Physique: Tall, powerful, broad-shouldered, unusually large for a changeling drone.  He maintains his stature as Creed.


Residence: The open roads of Equestria.

Occupation: A knight-errant of sorts after leaving the hive.


Cutie Mark: Preferred pony alias is a large earth pony stallion named Creed.  In pony form, Creed's cutie mark is an unfurled scroll with a sword overlaid on it.  Bucephalus retains Creed’s colors and cutie mark when applied to other pony-like species.


Unique Traits:

Bucephalus, like other changelings, is a shifter.  He has, however, mastered the art of shapeshifting through years of practice in service to the queen.  His abilities reflect this mastery in the total control of his exoskeleton.  He can selectively thicken his shell to armor his body, altering his level of protection to quickly protect himself or move more freely. He can do this with little conscious thought in response to any threat that he is aware of.  This power amplifies his already formidable skill as a soldier and martial artist.


After recent developments, Bucephalus has experimented more with combat shapeshifting, changing forms mid-battle to throw off opponents or to better make use of weapons  that other other species would not be able to.  For example, a griffon’s claws  can make better use of certain sword techniques than a pony’s hooves; likewise, an earth pony’s size and bulk would make it easier to absorb a blow or trample a foe who had closed the distance.  He has recently begun constructing Ryuma and Qilin forms in an attempt to understand not only their physical strengths and weaknesses, but to better grasp eastern culture and concepts.


Character History

Bucephalus grew up in the home hive, a lowly drone raised by lowly parents, average in every possible way.  However, as he grew up, his physical stature and magical prowess began to quickly manifest themselves.  His talents made him ideal for protecting changeling expeditionary units going into potentially hostile lands in search of love.  Bucephalus distinguished himself in several smaller operations prior to the attack on Canterlot.


In the wake of the Canterlot disaster, Bucephalus found himself stranded far from the home hive, cut off from the main force and caring for wounded stragglers.  The journey home was long and arduous.  They ate, slept, fought, and cared for their own through pony territory until they finally returned to Leota.  Throughout their ordeal, Bucephalus’ unwavering commitment to returning home served as inspiration for his comrades, even if he uttered few words at all during their odyssey.


Upon his return, he was commended for bringing the lost soldiers home alive.  Even Chrysalis herself seemed to take notice.  Considering himself the most honored of individuals, Bucephalus accepted a position as her personal bodyguard.  (Assignment as Chrysalis’ bodyguard is approved by RariDash)


After Chrysalis’ defeat at the home hive in Leota, Bucephalus found himself without purpose.  With no queen to serve, what good was he?  Thorax was a fine leader himself, but the void that the loss of Chrysalis left shook his very core.  Thus, he took his leave to engage in a journey of self-discovery.


Character Summary

Bucephalus’ loyalty is unwavering and his commitment to honorable service uncompromising.  As a result,  he is often seen as aloof, inflexible, and old-fashioned.  There is, however, no question that his traits have made him a favorite of the Queen.  In all of the misadventures that Chrysalis has led her hive into, Bucephalus’ loyalty is one of the few universal constants that can be relied upon.


His task-oriented nature means that he is rarely seen off the job or preparing for it.  His free time is spent meditating, training, or resting in preparation for his next shift.  This does not preclude him from personal pursuits.  However asocial he is, Bucephalus still finds time to acquire reading material, quietly gathering books and scraps of scripts, newspapers, and comics via his comrades in his private quarters.  The collection is meticulously organized, with tactical and artistic notes alike affixed via pins and bits of stationery and connected with string.  He also spends his time sketching the things he has seen or how he imagines changes to things over time.


Bucephalus holds only one thing above the wishes of the queen and that is his personal code of chivalry.  Infiltration and subterfuge are seen as necessary to feed and protect the hive, but deliberate harm of civilians or wanton destruction of property and livelihoods without tactical purpose will be bitterly resisted by him.  Though laconic,  Bucephalus is not without honor or compassion.


He retains this dedication and honor even after leaving the hive.  Friendship and kindness filled the hunger more than deception ever did, but he is still at a loss for where he truly belongs.  With each life touched by helping, however, he hopes to bring himself closer to wherever fate has ultimately decided to bring him.


Change is something that Bucephalus often contemplates.  As a changeling -- especially one with a magical specialty such as his own -- the forms he assumes are just as much a part of him as his shell or his hooves.  But having been given plenty of time to think about the nature of changeling powers, he often ponders whether the physical changes enact some sort of spiritual change as well, or further still whether such change is necessary for completeness.  He hopes to find that answer someday.


Alternate Identities

Creed.  Earth pony soldier.

Aristarkhos.  Griffon hunter.

Kensei.  Ryuma swordfighter.

Xin.  Qilin scholar.

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Updating to match S6 developments and to try and take the character in a new direction.  Will boop again when finished with updates.

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