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Maud Pie [Ready]

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Roleplay Type World of Equestria

Name Maud Pie

Sex Female

Age Mare

Species Earth Pony

Eye color Ice blue

Coat Light grey

Mane/Tail Smokey purple. Her mane is straight, trimmed, and shoulder length while her tail is about a foot above her back hooves and matches her manestyle.

Physique Average structure with lightly toned but powerful muscles.

Residence Pie family rock farm

Occupation Rock Researcher.

Cutie Mark A single large rock.

Maud had always loved rocks for as long as she could remember. As her parents tell it, her very first word was "rock."

Her mother noticed Maud's love of rocks and bought her "Rocks 101" for her birthday. Maud's daily chores were never the same after that. Ever time she encountered a new type of rock, she'd flip through the pages until the image matched before adding it to her collection in her bed room. It wasn't long before it was full of rocks. However, the very first rock she collected was a cute little pebble. Maud grew attached to it and affectionately named it Boulder, keeping it in her pocket at all times.

One day, the nearby town was holding a "name that rock" contest and Maud was done with chores for the day so she decided to try her hoof at it. To her surprise, she ended up winning first place. The prize; a somewhat unusual and fascinating type of rock. Maud was happy as a clam. A tiny smile appeared on her face, and at that moment she knew what her calling was. Standing up there and successfully naming so many types of rocks was very enjoyable to her. Maud knew she wanted to become a rock researcher. Just then her flank flashed and revealed her cutie mark. A single large rock. Maud headed home with a new addition to her collection and a new ambition in life.


Maud Pie grew up with her parents and three sisters on a rock farm. At first, there was no talking or smiling as they spent each day harvesting rocks. That is, until Pinkie threw them a party for the first time. Maud was not normally one for outward displays, but witnessing her family having such a good time brought a smile to her face. A smile that was forever captured in a photograph which hangs on the wall of Pinkie Pie's house to this day.

Maud's closest relationship is with her sister, Pinkie Pie. This is evident in their "super-duper special tradition" as Pinkie calls it. Maud taught Pinkie the Pie family rock candy recipe and showed her how to make the candy into a necklace, which it ended up becoming a tradition after Pinkie moved to Ponyville.

She has a pretty close relationship with her parents and other sisters as well. While not having the same level of passion towards rocks as her, they still enjoyed her exhibiting her knowledge. Perhaps it made rocks a little more interesting for them. Her mother and father supported her love of rocks and at least tolerated the massive collection in her bedroom.

Her father would show her the best way to break boulders up into smaller pieces with a pickaxe. However, Maud eventually gained the skill and technique to do it bare hoofed, which impressed her family quite a bit. Her mother was kind of a rock enthusiast herself. Not as much as Maud, mind you, but she was the first to notice and support Maud's passion, buying her rock science books and such.

Growing up on a rock farm might sound like a mind numbingly boring childhood to most, but Maud was in heaven. Not only did she love her daily chores, she also gained a deep knowledge and fascination with rocks, researching them on a daily basis.

Eventually she became rather experienced in the department of rock science and decided to make it official. After recently trading rock candy necklaces with Pinkie Pie, Maud headed out to an advanced rock school near the farm to obtain her "rocktorate" in rock science.

Character Summary

Maud is not one to show emotions. This makes her quite off-putting to most ponies as she's about as readable as her pet rock Boulder. On top of that, she's honest to the point of bluntness. Stating facts and opinions without regarding the feelings of others.

She may not be the most approachable pony in Equestria, but under that stony disposition is a kind and caring mare. She will engage others in conversation, share interest, and attempt to make friends. It just takes a curtain level of understanding and acceptance to befriend her.

Her expertise in rocks are quite impressive and extensively working with them has gained her an astounding amount of strength. Maud is able to move with great speed, smash large boulders into bits, and throw sizable rocks high into the sky. However, under average circumstances, most ponies wouldn't even know of her capabilities.

Maud likes to express herself through her wardrobe, often wearing a smokey blue garment which drapes over her hind legs and conceals her cutie mark. Most of her clothing are an array of earthy shades. She also enjoys wearing camo at times.

She enjoys researching rocks, playing 'camouflage' with her pet rock Boulder, writing rock poetry, and hanging out with loved ones.

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