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[Lore] Sadde Arabia


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Saddle Arabia - A Primer on Power


Saddle Arabia, a nation of constant competition and advancement and one of Equestria's greatest allies. Southwest of the Neighples Delta and west of Unyasi, the beating heart of the Saddle Arabian Empire lives among the shores of the great waterway that separates the nations of Saddle Arabia, Unyasi, and Equestria. In this remote and closed off region, hidden behind the great Antilion mountains, eight golden cities stand out as beacons of activity, ports beckoning to any nearby vessel while among the mountains and plains bountiful farms and industrious mining cities a great amount of wealth is generated. Nowhere can this be found in greater amounts than in the rich river deltas, which is known as Equinox. The Equinox is the region most well known to Equestrians, but the nation as a whole continues on far to the south.


The Great Desert covers more than ninety percent of Saddle Arabian landmass and lives up to its name. It touches ancient seas that Equestrians have no knowledge of. In this enormous landmass live more than a hundred different tribes of Arabian horses who brave the harshness of the land. These tribes choose to live a life of adventure and danger in this arid landscape. Beneath the sands under their hooves dwell great worms and beasts that occasionally burst forth, competing with the many small predators that hunt to survive in this foreboding climate. Even in this harshest of climates stand architectural marvels; fortified cities carved out of the very rock that serve as temporary shelter during the worst of the coat-tearing sandstorms that plague the region. These towered fortresses of stone stand grand and monumental, easily dozens of stories tall surrounding and protecting the precious oases inside their walls.


Saddle Arabia is populated by Arabian horses, known internationally simply as Saddle Arabians. They have a built a society that focuses on their scholarly spirit. Their lack of any magic- unicorn, pegasi, earth or otherwise- and the ability to fly has forced them over the eons to push the limits of the mind and the imagination to compensate. It is no wonder that they built a unique civilization that focuses on their scholarly spirit as a result. Society is structured around learning and scholarly work, with public seminars and debates garnishing as much attention as great sporting event in other nations. The cultural arts as well as the sciences are encouraged from the youngest age and across the board Saddle Arabia is always looking to the future rather than clinging to the past. The result is a nation that is one of the most technologically advanced in the world.


They are ruled from the capital of Manephis. More akin to a single palace that contains hundreds of smaller buildings connected to it, Manephis sees a lot of turnover; every Sultan rules based on merit, which is decided upon once every ten years. Every city as well as the two largest nomadic tribes send a delegation of their best and brightest to the Chambers of Testing in the Pharaoh's Vale, where for a full month they undergo a series of rigorous ethical, moral, economic, philosophical, political, and social examinations. The size of the delegation is dependent on the economic and social progress of the cities. The tests serve to find the top candidate from each city and tribe who then spend at least one week debating one another after which they must all agree on one candidate who then becomes the new Sultan. The power of the Sultan rivals that of a Princess of Equestria, but no matter his greatness or skill he or she may not serve more than one term as Sultan unless the cities agree to forego this rule due to an ongoing crisis.


The harvests, gems, and other wonders of Saddle Arabia are exported to help establish trading partnerships with all known nations. It enjoys warm relations with both Equestria and Aqueilla and would be quick to defend either. Their defense is provided by the well-funded and exceptionally well-trained warriors of the Saddle Arabian Self Defense Force, which takes their desire for philosophical and technological advancement to the logical end for military means. While small for the size of the nation, it uses advanced technology than and contains a soldierly devoted to the study and application of tactics, strategies, and arms and possessing of a very high caliber of character and intelligence.

- Long Winded, Equestrian Scholar: The World Around Us, Third Edition

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