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Momo [Ready]


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Roleplay Type World of Equestria

Name Bonny-jean. However, her nickname Motor Mouth had stuck far more than her real name so everypony calls her Momo for short.

Sex Female

Age Young Filly

Species Earth Pony

Voice A little deeper than average with a moderate Fet Loch accent.

Eye color Purple

Coat Black and white. White socks, white muzzle, and a white splotch on her bum with dark grey speckles. Her face is peppered with white freckles as well.

Mane/Tail Her mane is a big white fluffy mess that hangs just past her shoulders while her tail is a little white tuff of hair resembling a bunny tail.

Physique Very heavy and sturdy with large hairy hooves.

Residence Fet Loch

Occupation Student (And part-time aspirator for world domination.)

Cutie Mark Blank flank.


Momo is being raised by her mom Speckle and her father Aftershock in the town of Fet Loch. Aftershock is a weather pony while Speckle works part-time at the local library. Her mom encouraged Momo to like reading, but it wasn't necessary. As soon as the little filly began learning the skill, she was hooked. One day, she became very immerse in a book called the Adventures of Bucky the Bronco where the bad guy, Manic Menace, was able to take over the world and become an alicorn! She always wanted to be an alicorn, and found Manic to be a really fun character so she ended up rooting for the wrong pony. Needless to say, her parents had to comfort her at the end of the story when the bad guy lost. She was so upset when he was defeated and considers it one of the saddest stories ever.

After recovering from the tragic ending of her favorite book, Momo started to consider. Could she take over the world too? He made it look so easy, she bet all it would take was some determination. And minions. Lots of minions. Her overall objective was to do what Manic did. Get to a princess's crown. According to the book, it's the source of alicorn power so when Momo puts it on, she'll become the alicorn leader instead and Equestria will be hers to command!

Being in dire need of minions, she got to work on a club where she and many others sharing the same goal could discuss their plans and schemes. It's ingeniously called the Take Over the World club. Also known as the TOW club. She even made a hideout in the basement of the house. The only clue to their club is a sheet of paper with TOW written in crayon on the door. No one would suspect a thing.

From everyone else's perspective, Momo's goals are pretty obvious. She loves to ask random ponies if they want to be her minions and chatters on and on about her schemes to anyone who'd listen. Her parents simply view it as a silly phase and don't take her seriously.

When not focused on ruling Equestria, she loves to travel. During lengthy school breaks, she accompanies her uncle Caber Toss and his wife Abby. Helping them with their traveling food cart is a blast and getting to meet all kinds of new ponies, griffons and such is really exciting. Her mom also gave her the idea to write down her experiences in a journal so she keeps it tucked safely in her little purple saddlebag wherever she goes. Caber and Abby feel the same as her parents when it comes to Momo's current goal in life but they still humor her by requesting things she could do once she "rules the world."

Character Summary

As expected, Motor Mouth got her nickname because she loves to talk. A lot. And she loves to tell everypony her life story in very quick, sometimes and hard to understand descriptions. It always sounds so good in her head, but when it comes out, everypony seems confused. It's frustrating to have to remember that the pony she's talking to can't read her mind so she has to go over all the boring details herself.

She loves to utilize her imagination. As a result she reads fictional stories a lot and gets really immersed in a good book. She also likes to make up her own stories, but they never seem as good on paper as they do in her head. Her favorite book is The Adventures of Bucky the Bronco, but she likes the bad guy a lot more than the main character. Everyone told Manic Menace he couldn't be an alicorn but he took over the world and made it happen anyways. At least until his inevitable defeat. The ending was so sad that she rewrote her own ending where the bad guy wins and Bucky was defeated instead. She likes to pretend she found the missing pages to the "true ending" In a secret tomb somewhere like Daring Doo.

Momo is not a very picky eater when it comes to most things. Caber Toss taught her how to make all kinds of stuff, but her favorite by far is the delicious yet delicate PB&J (hold the jelly) with a glass of milk. When Caber is busy cooking for his customers, She usually settles down out of the way and watches him cook. She enjoys cooking, but she doesn't think her cutie mark would be something like a frying pan. It'll be a ruler of the world cutie mark! Not sure what that looks like but, that's what it's gonna be!

Her build is very packed and heavy. When she runs or trots, the ground around her rumbles. She however, thinks she's the most stealthy pony ever and loves to try and sneak up on others to startle them from behind. This rarely works though, as the resounding hoofsteps easily warn others of her presence.

Sometimes ponies ask her why she wants to take over Equestria. Well, there are a lot of reasons. The first one is that she wants to change the currency system. Instead of everything costing bits, you could get whatever you wanted in exchange for a simple little hoof bump. The especially expensive items would require a double hoof bump! And she would make all kinds of awesome theme parks and free food and candy booths for everyone. She didn't like sweet things very much but she knows a ton of ponies who do so they'll be happy.

The second reason is to become a alicorn. If she could just get a hold of an alicorn's crown, she would become an alicorn leader, merge all the kingdoms together, and take over Equestria! Of course, then the previous leaders would see all the amazing things she did and be blown away by how awesome it was and decide it was definitely for the best. What a flawless plan!

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Hi there!

I must admit, this is a very original app! All of the required fields are filled, and it's very well written. Cute idea, a filly who wants to rule the world! Going to be interesting to see this OC in RP action!

I'll recommend this app for SRPH review!


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