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Roleplay Burnout and You: A Primer for Success!


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Dearest Denizens of Canterlot;

Roleplay, as a fundamental rule, should be fun. Many of us have many cast characters with posting demands, or active threads with our OCs. If you're not feeling inspired to post, don't feel forced to in order to avoid getting dinged on a Cast Check. Simply PM SteelEagle, Dio, and myself and let us know you need a break. I would rather our players feel inspired to post, rather than forced to post. We only take cast character rights if you have truly exhausted any interest in your character or haven't posted in a long time with no feedback.

If you're in the middle of a thread with nothing to roleplay, and it's your turn, feel free to ask the other players to skip you. Roleplay is about creativity, and there are dozens of ways to explain an inactive character in a thread if you're unable to post, for whatever reason.

Above all, have fun! That is the point.


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