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[Canterlot]Magical Mishaps(Steelfinder)


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To say that the expo showing off all of the ancient materials wasn't interesting would be down right hypocrisy. Walking around and seeing how the ponies of the very distant past did things was fascinating, and often times lead Ice Storm wondering why they still didn't use some of these methods. At least to her, they seemed more efficient than what was currently in place. There were many things from wooden pegs to hold everything in place, old tools that were used to make shelters and buildings, and even old books that showed what the earlier generations of ponies were interested in. There was so much culture in this expo that it was dripping with knowledge for those who wanted to find it. A series of older books caught Ice's Eyes as they were still legible for the most part and had an odd title, Expect the Unexpected. "Well, Nothing bad has ever come from reading a book right? Except for maybe a few nightmares," she said to herself with a small giggle. She opened it up and began to take a look inside not sure what she would find. She was hoping for some insight in how the earlier ponies thought so that she could perhaps apply some of their thought process to her own life and perhaps make things even easier.

What she found though was a some odd phrasings that she really didn't understand, and some of it was in a language that she wasn't really familiar with. Most of it was fine and she could make it out easily, but the age of the book had made it to where some of the ink had smudged making it difficult to read. "Perhaps I can get somepony else to help me. Another pair of eyes can't hurt either," she concluded as she began to look around the room for somepony that looked like they could be interested in something like this to help her figure it out.

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