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Destiny Clan [and Rp Group]

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Welcome, young Guardian, to the den of the Black Blade Consortium.

It is our mission to continue the survival of those in the light by ensuring that we have a pertinent presence on the combat front. The Consortium seeks to challenge Darkness at every chance, from every angle and mercilessly extinguish it.


Black Blade Consortium is a Clan of with quality of experience in mind. The goal of this group is to promote social gameplay, though a hardcore aspect is expected as well. BBC is a welcoming group open to all ages and all sorts of players. We welcome Rpers, farmers, PvP specialists, etc...

Black Blade Consortium is multiplatform. Heck you don't even need to have the game to join! Just enjoy destiny, know about it, and want to be a part of that world.

Black Blade clan page

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