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Children of the Night OCC

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...goodly...my brain..it hurts...

Name: Darkness Eclipsed

Race: Bat-pony [flutterbat style not Lunar guard style]

Age: littler older then Fluttershy [i know they are not in this RP but yeah needed a age to go by]

Other: Due to his odd species being a Earth pony turned by an incident with some Fruitbats, he learned to adore and respect the Night as he lived in the Everfree, residing within the ruins of the old castle. He read books about Luna and Celestia and fell in love with Luna and her ways, worshiping the Princess from the castle. He knows he is a mere little pony in comparison to her and knows what can and cannot be, but he will worship her, and should something happen, he will follow and assist her is she so needs it. As she is, the princess of the night

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Me wanna joinnnnn!!!!!! :D

Heres my OC!

Name: Drowzy Daze

Race: Unicorn

Age: Teen

Other: Drowzy is smart and dependable. She is very responsible and takes almost everything seriously. As the name applies, she appears to be always tired and sleepy. She talks in a slurry way. She is a nice and kind pony but is not really shown in her words, for she is mostly blunt and straight-forward. Hurting others by mistake. She is quite a sleeper and can do so almost anywhere. She cut her mane and tail short because she doesnt wanna fix it everytime she wakes up. She is also VERY lazy. It can take a while to make her do anything without a valid reason. Due to her short mane and tail, she is mostly mistaken to be a stallion. It also due to her quite low voice and non-feminine actions.

Appearnce: (Please forgive the large size... :razz:)


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