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Name: Starwind

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Green

Pony color: Starwinds coat is a beautiful fluro yellow

Mane/Tail/Other: Starwinds mane and tail are red with black stripes in them. She styles her mane with it being a lot shorter then a lot of fillies. Her tail is quite the opposite, being longer then most fillies.

Physique: Starwinds physique is very average, she is the same height as most of the filly's her age.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: She is a school student in Ponyvile

Cutie Mark: Starwind is a Blank flank in search of her Special talent.

Unique Traits: Starwind has a unique talent in picking out which stars are which.

History: Starwind was born in Ponyvile, though it was not in a hospital. She was born in the night sky. Unlike a lot of fillies, who had there parents as there first sight, Starwind's first sight had been the stary night. The first thing Starwind had done once she could walk was run after Moon View, her twin sister.As Starwind grew up her interest in the stary sky had only become greater, to the extent that at night she would just sit in the open air, gazing into the stars. As she reached the age you would start school at, Stormchaser and Shadow Blade, Starwinds parents, had started to take more interest in theirs fillies personal life.

Starwind has gotten into trouble on more then one occasion, mostly from her acting a lot older then she was, often being a bit back-chatty to her parents which almost always gets her in trouble, depending on the severity of what she back chats at.

As it hit Starwinds birthday, she had been delighted though she had been very disappointing when she didnt get anything. For that whole day all Starwind had done was sit out in the sun, just waiting for it to go down and for Luna to bring back the night. As it hit nightfall Stormchaser and Shadow had come out with what seemed like a item. As Starwind unwrapped the item, she had found it was a Telescope. At that moment Starwind had been delighted,she had jumped onto her family and had brought them to the ground in joy.

Since that day Starwind has spent sleepless nights studying the stars, and thus she has become very good at identifying which stars where which. She wishes to become a royal astronomer.

Character Summary: Starwind likes to act older then she actually is and she does not like to be left out of events or games with her friends due to her being younger and or smaller then the older friends she likes to hang out with. Starwind sometimes gets very angry because of it though there are times does not go crazy. Besides that she is very loving and will trust anypony she just met which as a side effect, makes her very gullible to people who just love to take advantage of ponies like that. Starwind loves to meet new ponies, often being one of the first to approach a newcomer to a school. Starwind also loves to make friends. Starwind has this obsession with the night sky, as well as Luna. She hopes to become a astronomer under her guidance.

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