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Symphonic Fire (Ready)


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Name: Symphonic Fire

Gender: Female

Age: Young mare

Species: Earth pony

Eye colour: Red

Character colour: White

Mane/Tail/Other: Mane and tail are both red and orange. Her mane is half spikey and half smooth while her tail is messy.

Physique: Fire is slightly stronger than a normal mare, but not enough to show. She has the height of an average young mare.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Music teacher, performer.

Cutie Mark: A quaver note on fire.

History: Fire was born in Ponyville. Fire was always the one who would wait for someone to talk to her before acknowledging them as a friend when she attends a new school. If someone looked lonely or troubled, she would have to build up the courage to talk to them and befriend them. When Fire was finally about to start her first year of school, she started to have thoughts that started to swarm around her head.

As she arrived at her new school, she stood still as she was introduced by her teacher to her new classmates. “Hello, I’m Symphonic Fire” Fire smiled as she scanned across the room to see eyes watching her every move. She sat in her seat which was located at the back of the class as her attention was suddenly drawn to two colts laughed in front of her. As the lesson began, Fire started to feel more and more lonely. She would watch as ponies passed notes to each other and whisper as the teacher talked. Suddenly, the teacher asked a question and the filly next to her answered the question. Fire then noticed that she had already gotten her cutie make, before looking at her own blank flank. Once the teacher said that they could spend time making new friends, Fire wanted to sit quietly and wait for the bell to ring until she heard. “Hey, I’m Freestyle. You must be Symphonic Fire” she said smiling. Fire smiled back and saw it was the filly who answered the question a while ago. Soon they started to keep a conversation going, Fire was happy that she already made a friend. After that she didn't have many problems with school, she just doesn't do her homework properly. She does this mostly because she is lazy and she knows she can get away with most of it. She is smart, but she doesn't have the motive to do work.

Over the years, Fire saw her talent with music and decided to become a music teacher and join charity performances that are held in the town. She loved to teach ponies how to express themselves through music and get together to play songs so she goes to a small school in the town and teaches the little ponies to play music. The children often enjoyed her lessons and did well with their songs although some of them just want to make loud noises. When there is a charity event in town, she always participates and makes sure ponies have a good time.

Cutie Mark Story: Fire was walking along the hallways when she saw a band club. “Great, I love playing instruments and singing. This should be fun” she said to herself as she signed up for the club. The next day after school she went to the music room and she gasped. Never in her life had she seen so many instruments. She sat on a chair and waited for instructions, looking around at the others who had joined the club. Soon she was playing all sorts of instruments with the band and singing as well.

After a week of band practices, Fire and the other musicians would have to compete in the singing competition with other schools; they could choose to perform solo or in a group. Fire looked at the others as they started to grab their friends and soon she was left alone. “Umm…okay, I can go solo” she thought as she started to write her song. She would spend hours and hours at home, writing the song and making sure she was prepared for the competition.

When the day had finally come, Fire was backstage preparing and she was really excited. She wasn’t nervous and she wasn’t afraid; she waited and worked very hard for this day and she was going to win the competition. She watched the contestants as the one by one perform the song they wrote and Fire had to admit, they were good. “And last but not least, Symphonic Fire!” the host said as she walked out onto the stage. She looked at the crowd and thought “Wow…that’s a lot of ponies”. She readied her guitar and started to sing, not thinking about a single thing as she sang her song. When she finished, she bowed and went backstage to wait for the judges to decide. Then she started to panic, what if she sang the wrong lyrics? What if she played the wrong chord? She was so into the song that she didn’t pay attention to what she was really doing. She put her head into her hooves and thought about what she did wrong, but she was cut off by the host calling all the contestants out. As she lined up on the stage, she looked at the other contestants. They looked really confident, so Fire put on her best smile and waited for the results.

“Thank you all for coming here tonight! All of the contestants have worked hard to stand on this stage today and without further ado, the winner is…” the host said as Fire closed her eyes and hoped that he would say her name.

“SYMPHONIC FIRE!” He yelled into the microphone as the crowd roared. The other contestants shook Fire’s hoof and congratulated her while Fire just stood there, shocked at what she heard. The judges came up to the stage to award her the certificate and trophy. Fire wiped a tear away as she proudly raised the trophy into the air. Then she saw a glow on her flank, a glow that flashed so brightly it caught the attention of the judges and the other ponies on the stage. She waited for it to die down as she saw a cutiemark. A quaver note on fire had appeared on her flank and she found out that her special talent was that she is a musician and a singer.

Character Summary: Fire is a friendly and happy pony who loved to keep her friends smiling. She can be rough and stubborn at times but she is kind and doesn’t mean to hurt others. She loves to eat, also cooks and makes pottery as a hobby, but she was better with music. She also likes to read comics and likes to play pranks. She is often sarcastic and laughs awkwardly if she was weirded out. She also likes to joke around and make fun of others but loses her temper easily of others do it to her. She is easily amused by things and laughs at 'uncle' jokes and puns. She isn't a rich pony, but she is happy to have what she has.


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Hi there!

Looking over this app and I must say, it's very strong! All of the required fields are filled and it's very well written. Detailed cutie mark story, fantastic! There is a bit of brevity in the History and Character Summary sections. You might want to expand a bit in both of those fields before I approve this for further Senior RPH evaluation. Otherwise, in my opinion, this app's ready to go!


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You can use any WOE approved OC character (but not WOE Cast) in CC. If you wanted your OC character to have some different abilities/personality in CC than in WOE, then you are free to app that same WOE char in CC with those changes.

Otherwise, you're free to use any approved WOE char in CC!


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