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Rubble Rose (Ready)


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Roleplay type: World of Equestria

Name: Rubble Rose


Sex: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn


Eye Color: Orange


Coat: Muted Khaki with a splash of freckles across her muzzle and cheeks


Mane/Tail: Scarlet with a streak of yellowish orange in both her mane and tail


Physique: Rose is a mare of great stature and exceptional strength, things one could easily see in her build. Many areas of her body have considerable but not overly noticeable muscle to them that show her underlying physical aptitude: being built for both speed and power.


Appearance summary portrait:



Residence: Due to her unique talents and specialization in the field of demolition and deconstruction she travels to various places across Equestria. She was however born in Fet loch.


Occupation: Demolition and Deconstruction worker.


Cutie Mark:

Eight arrows pointing outwards with what appears to be a wrecking ball in the center, over an explosion.


When Rose was a filly she always seemed have a knack for taking things apart, much to the puzzlement of those who often gave her gifts. Usually this was an accident on her part as she always just seemed to have bad luck from her perspective; usually touching an area on an object that would render it easiest to breaking.

One day while she was playing hide and seek with her friends she had a very memorable experience. She could hear the pony who was it having finished her countdown and rapidly closing in on location. She starting to panic a bit in that usually way a young pony would of such foalish things and spotted an old looking shed a short distance away form her. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, which turned out to be a big mistake as she'd built up enough speed she wasn't able to stop... just before she hit the wall her horn began to glow and before she knew it she'd crashed through the wall without harm.


After a hesitant look back which she was pretty sure she'd regret, she saw the entire structure come tumbling down and shortly after that the ecstatic declaration of "FOUND YA!" from the Seeker in the aforementioned game.


She waited awhile for the owner of the shed to turn up and soon he did. Instead of the reprimand she expected from him he was actually very thankful, the pony was of the older variety and had actually been wanting to get rid of that old shed for a while now so he could have a new one built. Once the old stallion finished thanking her for tearing down the old thing for him she felt a mix of astonishment and pride at the results of her actions... then low and behold, her mark appeared!


Unique Traits:


*Great Strength and Endurance: Ever since she was a filly, Rubble Rose has always been very strong and statuesque. Living on and helping out on her family's farm has only improved her already impressive strength. Her Raw physical prowess has often been made use of in her jobs lately by hauling heavy equipment and materials to sites so she can help with reconstruction. Her excellent physical aptitude is often attributed to her tendency to usual emerge from debris and things with mostly minor injuries that would be a lot more painful to normal ponies. In one story of about her told among her coworkers is that she once took a nap while the crew nkocked down a ten story building in manehattan while she was in it, She just pulled herself out of the rubble and asked when lunch was.


*Immense Magic power: Rose's magical powers are incredibly potent, stemming from years of very hard work on her own talent based magic in Celestia's school for talented unicorns. While her magical abilities are formidable she's limited to only magic that is based around her talent; Entropy and deconstruction. Because of her talent based limitation she is unable to learn almost any other form, she's unable to teleport ,harness elemental forces to perfection, or learn other fancy spells like most other students might be able to, instead she uses her magic in conjuction with her physical prowess and knowledge of ways things can be destroyed to make many job easier for her. 


Destruction, deconstruction, and Entropy magic: Rose's potent magic is based almost entirely around her talent, and seems to be based around the simple concept of "Break stuff". Due to her training in the school for talented unicorns her magic is exceptionally fine tuned and is able to break even the sturdiest of structures. Because she a mostly peaceful and laid back pony she has rarely ever head to try and make use of it anything but inorganic matter, and inorganic matter seems to be where her abilities are most potent, with enough concentration she is capable of reducing even naturally occuring corundom and diamonds to dust. Rose's magic, while strong does not have very much range unless she intentionally tries and exerts herself, instead of just directly manipulating her magic via horn she's been making use of a more unconventional method for applying her magic; imbueing the magical spell itself onto her hooves and often bucking or striking pillars or the like and delivering the spell directly in to the target and spreading a multitude of cracks(the amount depending on how much magic she's put into the spell) throughout the structure before reducing it to ...rubble.  The mare's magic seems to allow various uses and sometimes seems to change it's nature according to the needs of it's caster, Sometimes it induces shockwaves through structures or can cause explosions. One of the most interesting traits of her magic would be her ability to effectively break down magic with her own by attacking and breaking the process in which something is conjured or smashing apart even the toughest of magical barriers with ease.

While Rose is not accustomed to projecting her magic from her in a blast like method she -can- do it but she prefers not to because it's harder to "Direct and tune" as she would say; sometimes overshooting the intended area in a cone in front of her and then needing to give her horn a rest a moment before she tries again. As her magic is based around the breaking of things it can be used to effect spells as well depending on the strength behind them usually weakening or in more intense cases even disabling certain magical types until they can't be used for a time or are rendered ineffective.


Rose's most powerful spell would very likely also be described as the most impractical because it requires her to completely exhaust her magic for the day to project a large dome of magic that spread over a large diameter around her and causes almost any inorganic structure to come tumbling down and fall apart, obviously she has rarely made use of this skill because of the strain it puts on her except on the most difficult of demolition jobs... where the employer couldn't afford a wrecking ball. Through practice she's still improving her magic's capabilities and range and the rest time for each time she uses her strongest spell seems to decrease with each use.


Structural instincts: Has the ability to very easily tell just how strong any structures and usually has a feeling of just how much and in what areas to apply in order to break it apart. This ability includes a natural tendency to target vulnerable areas or have a general idea as to what moment she should do something as well.



Rubble Rose was born to a pair of wheat farmers in Fet loch, named after an event in her foalhood where she accidentally buried herself under some building blocks and pulled herself out, with the rose part of her name being inspired by the coloration of her mane and tail. Ever since she was a foal the unicorn showed exceptional strength, growing up this never changed; in fact it seemed to improve as she insisted on helping out her parents on the farm; often plowing or helping with the harvest.


Life on the farm in the cool moors of the highland area was very nice for the young mare. Farm work was tough but rewarding and when she was finished with her chores she got to play with all the other fillies in town... and sometimes she even got visits from her uncle brougham and his foals. The two foals he brought with him were a bit... odd, both were from an upper class upbringing but apparently Rose's uncle enjoyed taking them out to that area during some vacations. His daughter was actually pretty fun to hang around with, she even had a fascination with the farm life Rose's parent's were so proud of.


Rose's parent's have always been fairly laid back ponies; a trait which seems to have very easily rubbed off on her. Upon Discovering her own unique talent in regard to deconstruction she eventually decided to try and see if the school for talented unicorns in Canterlot had any insights in cutie mark based magic such as hers. In school Rose had proven to be a bit of a one trick pony as while she was good at her own type of magic that allowed her to easily deconstruct or tear down various forms of matter, she was absolutely terrible in regards to any other type of magic and had difficulty remembering a lot of all the history attached to magic; she barely scraped by magical history class with a C-.


While her academics may have not been top notch, socially she was pretty well off among her teachers and fellow students. Her relaxed and somewhat aloof yet kind (and occasionally clumsy to the detriment of the walls) personality allowed her to meet and befriend many different types of ponies, Even today Rose tends to try and keep in contact with them via letters and the occasional visit. Post graduation, Rose decided the best way to make use of her talent was as a demolition expert.


Nowadays Rose is more or less how she thinks most other ponies are living; happily and just sort of taking life as it comes to her. For now she's more than happy to continue traveling and meeting new ponies.. and breaking down things as needed or help out in any way is needed.


Character Summary:

Rose's talent's are based around primarily deconstruction and demolition magic, As a result things seem to have a way of easily falling apart around her via a combination of her own physical aptitude and her magic's unique properties. While at first this proved to be pretty inconvenient as a talent for a pony born to a pair of farmers as when she first discovered her magic (which often seems to activate reflexively when she collides with something that might harm her; such as a wall) she would -and still does if she's not paying attention- bust straight through even brick walls without having noticed a thing. While her magic is very powerful and could be considered rather dangerous to some, she has full control over it when interacting with other creatures. It's only when her head is in the clouds that the walls have anything to worry about... although they rarely are since she often has her headphones on.

Ever since she was born, Rose has shown incredible strength and endurance for a unicorn. Being raised on a wheat farm in the moors of Fet Loch have only improved her already impressive physical strength since she had been assisting with plowing and harvesting since a young age. The mare is seen exercising fairly often in order to keep her impressive physique as she's often been called to carry or haul in heavy supplies to certain sites so that rebuilding can begin quickly after her usual routine is finished.


Rubble Rose is fairly happy in her current situation and lifestyle, while she doesn't have any dreams or aspirations at the moment she's more than willing to try new things and have new experiences in her life although if it's something she's not particularly comfortable with it may take a nudge or two from her friends. Ultimately, Rose has many of the usual dreams and desires of any normal pony, a happy life, a special somepony in their future if they're lucky, those sort of things.


While Rose does enjoy her job as a demo-mare her interests have not been overtaken by them. One thing that can easily win her over is the idea of sweets... primarily hard candy and things such as that; in fact she's almost never seen without a lollipop in her mouth. Another thing she loves is music, primarily rock but she can enjoy many lively kinds of music and when she's managed to be coerced into doing so she proves to be a pretty decent dancer although doesn't know any fancy dances. In her constant habit of bashing through walls by accident she's taken to wearing long coats to keep dust off of her and after going through quite a few coats in her life has become a bit of a connoisseur of them. The last of her most loved past-times would probably be reading, being a fan of quite a few adventure books back at her old room at her house in Fet loch... and a few in the over-sized Saddlebags she carries with her when she's traveling.


Relaxed, aloof, reserved, soft-spoken, and a bit absent minded would be a good description of Rose's disposition. Rose almost always has a slightly sleepy, half lidded look to her eyes that reflects her extremely laid back personality. While she's not the best when it comes to conversation(usually keeping her words to two syllable responses if asked yes-or-no questions) she proves to be a good listener and always willing to lend an ear if somepony needs to talk about their problems... she may not have answers but she's a nice listener. She occasionally has a dense moment when she may not understand an idiom a pony may use and as a result may go into her own little world in her head as she attempts to deconstruct and understand it, once she's snapped out of it and has it explained she'll be back to her normal self.


One of Rose's biggest fault would be her difficulty to absorb information, except in regards to the things and individuals she cares about, In school she would often cram information into her head and then toss it away once tests and stuff were done with. While she could tell you the perfect place to apply enough force to a wall that would turn it to rubble in moments but ask her about equestrian history and she'll draw a blank. Other areas in which she's lacking would be wariness of her surrounding when not working, this combined with her already notable strength and durability often can lead to a couple pony shaped holes in the walls of buildings if she's not careful, as a result of this problem she usually has a checkbook and quill in her bag so she can hand out checks to pay off her damages... and if that's not enough she'd be happy to try and work off her debts. Rose is a very trusting pony deep down and as a result this allows her to be very easily manipulated or lied to by almost any charismatic pony that crosses her path. The last issue she has is her immune system seems to be on the weaker side(ironic given her strength) She's fairly susceptible to communicable ailments and as a result tries to keep her distance from sick ponies.


Despite her aloof appearance at first glance and imposing physique, Rose is no stranger to fear. As a filly she was often scared of the dark and today she still can act anxious and unusual if left in very dark places. Due to her upbringing on a farm and living on the moors this mare is no stranger to folk tales and after having heard quite a few ghost stories being told by her friend's at night down by the loch she's a bit frightened of the idea of ghosts and other things like that.

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