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[Lore] Acroneighos


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Acroneighos - Proud and Storied City in the Clouds


The Maretonian city of Acroneighos has, in recent times, become an increasingly popular destination for pegasi and others with the means to visit the clouds who are looking to see and experience the sights of the world outside Equestria. This is owed to the classical styling of the city and its architecture, virtually unchanged over the ages since the city's founding well over one thousand years ago, which, to the modern Equestrian is sure to evoke images of Commander Hurricane and the story of Hearth's Warming Eve. Would be tourists should be forewarned, however, though Acroneighos has plenty to offer in terms of culture and sights, one should not come expecting the most hospitable of welcomes. Owing to their pride, Acroneighans are not known for being kind to visitors to their city, especially non-pegasi ones, even as recent prominent leaders in the city have made efforts to make the city more open.


Acroneighos hovers over the eastern most cape of Maretonia, right along the south Reintight sea. It is roughly equidistant from both Hippostion and Kastrot, but mountains and hills surround it, keeping it remote from both those cities and any other Maretonian population centers. It is a fairly small city, as growth has never been encouraged there. The layout is straightforward and simple. At the center one will find the places of importance, the commander's hall and adjoining military complexes, the weather factory and the homes of the most prominent pegasi. Lines of shops and cloud homes, some dating back centuries, are built surrounding these. The entire city is raised high in the clouds, with building prohibited beneath a designated level. Those who cannot fly high or well are generally encouraged to leave the city for elsewhere.


Founded by an offshoot of the same pegasi tribes who would take part in the founding of Equestria, Acroneighos would follow a much different path. Rather than joining and living with their fellow ponies in harmony and accord as Equestrian pegasi did, the pegasi of the city have long followed a doctrine of relative isolation and carefully maintained distance, with most interaction by way of their powerful military. Pride in tradition and in the pegasus way has always been strong, with it being discouraged for Acroneighans to mingle with other ponies in Maretonia. This way of thinking is reinforced by the prevalence of a military sensibility. It is always the keenest and most proven military mind who governs the city as commander and sets the pace for everyone else.


As a cloud city, Acroneighos does have a role in monitoring weather in western Maretonia, something it does in exchange for food and goods from neighboring cities and locales. Acroneighos weather ponies can be rather mercenary at times with these duties, and are known to send storms and droughts the way of those whom they believe are not giving them a fair deal. Elsewhere, Acroneighos is known for its military campaigns against beasts and pirates. They can keep the pace up against these as well as other Maretonian city-states as every Acroneighian is trained in warfare and leads a highly regimented and disciplined life, from birth until death. It is often said that the independent city of Acroneighos is always at war with someone, and for it its soldiers are well regarded on all sides of the Reintight sea.

-Beyond Equestria: A Traveler's Guide to Mysteries and Wonders of Maretonia, Whitescar and More

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