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[Lore] Gallopoli


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Gallopoli is one of the most active ports in the world and certainly the longest. While other Arabian cities think of themselves as wondrous homes to great philosophers and thinkers, Gallopi centers itself as the economic and trade hub of Saddle Arabia and this is true. Its ports operate year around at all times of the day and night, a slickly efficient port system allowing seamless transition from the day trade to the night. Gallopoli as a result is a city that never sleeps and is renown the world over for not only its large trade but for its night scene, which is just as active as the day! The whole city is based on the trade from the ports as well as the extracurricular funding that flows into small businesses in the area as a result of sailors and merchants visiting the city.


It is a long city at that, stretching across the coast of Saddle Arabia for a considerable length. Dozens of docks and shipyards are arranged along the way and the city behind each dock is structured often the same, with the same style of businesses and lodgings behind each port. Whenever a new dock is laid down this pattern is repeated behind it, and the various merchants, dock managers, and families who run the docks rarely desire to make changes. Not only is it an efficient way to do it, but most see the even ground as a challenge. Competition to create the busiest and most profitable port is fierce and power in the city lays on the broad shoulder and cunning mind of the Arabian able to bring the most wealth to bare as a result. Some groups are able to own more than one port and they are considered the true powerbrokers of the city, but it truly is a team effort. A well run port is nothing if not for the work of the business owners behind docks who help siphon more money into local coffers.


The length of the city is as unique as the depth of it, which is quite small. After one gets past the neighborhood of the dock the only thing remaining are some of the various trade offices that police the roads in and out of town, each port being home to its own highway network that allows trade to swiftly move from the dock to other cities of Saddle Arabia and vice versa. A visitor can walk from the start of the docks to the outside wall in only a few minutes barring congestion and outside the wall small farming projects and some educational and military facilities are the only signs of life aside from the twisting and turning transportation networks whose vastness can boggle the mind. This odd design- incredibly long and without much depth- is unique in the world and allows for easy travel for visitors. Indeed, mixed in with the patterned style of neighborhood construction, one can quite easily find food, lodging, entertainment, and fine shopping within a hair's distance from one another no matter where he or she may be.


Arabians who live here even outside of the major merchants tend to be focused on profits and other signs of efficient advancement. This can come off as a greedy to a visitor but it is not the case. Gallopoli is a service-centered city for visitors and is more than happy to haggle and cut a fine deal while charitable donations to the poor can be a series of competitions between the wealthy to see who can appear to do more. The net result is a city more than willing to bend to reasonable demands and aid the poor and unfortunate in extravagant ways, making it a popular destination for the downtrodden. Crime that may result from this influx is kept low thanks to the swift actions of law enforcement, who include the best guards and detectives in Saddle Arabia. Gallopoli is still the most dangerous city in Saddle Arabia but that has more to do with rowdy sailors from abroad and less to do with the well to do Saddle Arabians who run this city of commerce.

- A Journal Between Lovers: My Travels and Travails, by Flowing Stars

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