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Flaxen Feather [Ready]


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Roleplay Type WoE

Name Flaxen Feather

Sex Male

Age Stallion

Species Pegasus

Eye color Blue

Coat Light pastel blonde

Mane/Tail A slightly sharper blonde than his coat.

Physique He's of average height and a little on the chubby side.

Residence Canterlot

Occupation Botanist and Dendrologist

Cutie Mark flaxcuiteapp_zpse637569b.pngA Sakura branch filled with pink blossoms.

Cutie Mark Story

Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved the massive garden in the back yard. He would spend almost all his free time there and accompanied his mom when it came time to water them. The thing he liked most about plants and trees were the sheer variety, uses, and colors they came in. The flowers were beautiful while the fruits and veggies were delicious. He couldn't think of a single reason why anypony would dislike plant life and trees.

One day, he decided he would plant his own set of flowers in the garden. He used his allowance to buy some seeds. They were going to grow into beautiful daisies. Flax dug tiny holes and put them in the ground. After watering them, he just sat there and watched. The little colt was eager to witness the first sign of life. The first little sprout. Everyday while doing his homework, Flax watched it closely until the day it finally sprouted. However, his excitement was short lived when the plant soon afterwards shriveled up and died.

He went to his mother, sobbing over the plant he accidentally killed. He was terrified that Celestia would find him and throw him in a dungeon for taking a precious life. That poor baby flower never deserved such a fate. But after getting him to calm down, and assuring him Celestia wan't going to get him, his mom told him the flower wasn't in season yet. That's why it died. She explained that you must care for each individual plant differently and learn about it beforehand.

That settled it. The flower's death shall not be in vain. Flax went to the library to look through a list of plants and trees that were in season. He was soon taken aback by an image of a cherry blossom tree. It was just gorgeous! He had to have one of those in the garden. These particular trees were especially delicate so extensive research was necessary.

Once Flax felt like his knowledge of the Sakura tree was good enough, he purchased a little tree and carefully planted it in the garden, following all the steps he read about in the library. With his new found knowledge, he nurtured the tree with the utmost dedication. And after awhile, it was clear his new baby survived the transplant and was now flourishing. And he did it all by himself! He was so proud. Not just of himself, but of his Sakura tree. It showed so much bravery and strength for recovering so fast.

That's when he knew this was his calling. To become a plant and tree biologist. Studying and nurturing plants and trees was his absolute passion. In fact, from this day forward he would strive to become a professor of plant and tree science! His flank sparkled and his cutie mark flashed into existence. A Sakura branch filled with beautiful pink blossoms.


Flax was born and raised in Canterlot by his mom and dad. His mother, Honey Bliss, is a doctor while his father, Russet Dabble, is a successful inventor.

His father preferred to go under the name Dabble Doodle when refereed to as an inventor, but is addressed as Russet by his wife. He is rather close to his family, and Flax enjoyed his company. However, he often gets embarrassed by his dad's need to showcases his wealth and has a bit of a hard time getting through to him.

Flax finds his mother easier to talk to, even if she's a bit eccentric herself. She's very kind and caring but also loves to prank ponies. Flax doesn't quite share her sense of humor, but they get along very well. Both parents are very understanding and supportive, but also firm when need be.

He has a very close bond with his sister, Hazel. They are inseparable and rarely seen without each other during their free time. Hazel balances out Flax's tendency to be a bit of a push over.

Flax met a unicorn named Vesper who was struggling. He about to loose his apartment and didn't seem to have a place to stay. Flax knew he couldn't just leave him there and offered to let him stay at his house. Vesper eventually agreed and took up residence at the mansion. He seemed a bit uncomfortable at first so Flax tried his best to make him feel at home. Because of Vesper's eagerness to repay them for their kindness, Flax decided to offer him a job as a housekeeper. Since then, Flax took it upon himself to help his new friend grow and flourish in the world, just like a little sapling.

Ever since he was a foal, Flax loved plants and greenery. He used to think his destiny was to play the violin but soon realized his future was instead to be a botanist. He stills practices the violin as a hobby and enjoys playing to the plants and trees. Flax expanded the garden with his parent's permission and converted it into a large sanctuary.

He loves to travel Equestria, searching for plants he's never seen before and collecting their data. Or bringing them ack home is the conditions are ideal. He's becoming quite a skilled scientist and hopes to one day be a famous professor.

Flax and Hazel crated an enchanted comic club recently, hoping to make a connection with a community of fellow fans. There's nothing like being immersed into a story on such an intimate level. It's a blast to say the least. They took to calling their club Infinite Realms.

Character Summary

Flax is a tender hearted fellow who once cried when he realized snakes didn't have any legs. He's profoundly caring and empathetic to a fault. He'll let himself suffer in order to avoid hurting somepony's feelings. Even if they needed to hear the truth. He'll also offer to help others even when his schedule is full, making him overwhelmed easily.

He is a sitting duck for anyone who wants to take advantage of him. He's not necessarily naive, he just feels like everyone deserves a chance. To him, every pony in the world is a potential best friend. But his abundance of comfort around others gives him the tendency to say sappy or melodramatic things.

He gestures quite a lot and is almost always smiling. He also trots with a spring in his step and is hardly ever seen without looking happy or content. He's quite motherly towards anypony he considers a friend, always trying to make them feel like they're loved and appreciated. But he tends to jump at the opportunity to save someone from an unpleasant experience, even if it's necessary or helps them grow as a pony.

Flaxen has a low threshold for pain and tears up easily. He's also easily distracted and has trouble making decisions on his own. He'll stay in the same shop for hours, trying to decide which toothpaste to get only to return it to the shelf later after realizing he bought toothpaste a few days ago.

He tends to attach a personality to each plant and tree, even going as far as naming some of them. The one thing in the garden that holds a special place in his heart is the cherry blossom tree he planted as a colt. He took to calling her Sakura, and takes extra care to make sure she's healthy. As a result, she's gotten quite large and beautiful when in bloom. He loves to play the violin in the garden and believes the plants and trees really enjoy the music.

He loves sweets and can't pass a bakery without purchasing something. He also loves fruit and has a hard time drinking tasteless liquid. He took up cooking and loves to use fresh ingredients from the bountiful garden. He's not the best cook, but his dishes are still impressive. Flax took it upon himself to make sure Vesper had a healthy diet since he would live off of nothing but toast if left to his own devices. The unicorn assured him he didn't have to do that, but he still eats the food and that's enough encouragement for Flax to keep it up.

All in all he's a very friendly pony who treats plants and others alike with as much care and consideration as he can. Hoping to see them learn and grow to someday become something great.

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Hi there!

Just finished reading this app, it's a HOME RUN!

Well written, all fields filled, compelling cutie mark story, can't find a single flaw in it!

Recommending this app for further Senior RPH analysis!


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