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Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

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Granted: Evertime you use the writing utensil it draws blood from you and if it draws enough out...well say hello to the Grim Reaper!

Wish: I wish I had power beyond anyone's comprehension.

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Granted: You break into jail but you are now stuck there and you always seem to drop the soap when you shower...

Wish: I wish I my wishes were not as corrupted as they are!

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Ooh, I love this game. >D Especially because I love doing this when I roleplay wish-granters.



I wish to have a Chica plushy.

Granted. But it turns out that plushie previously belonged to a famous celebrity who'd put a tracking device in it and tracked it back to your house where they found you and had you murdered because no one was supposed to know about it.


Whoops! Wrong wish! Let's try that again... XD


Wish: I wish for a better gaming computer!


Granted: You get a better computer than your original, but it's only marginally better and you can't use it for anything else but a single game - Pacman.


Wish: I wish that every wish I deliberately wish comes true.

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Granted: it delivers your letter but to the wrong people, like if you sent a love letter to someone it was sent to your worst enemy.

Wish: I Wish I could find my Doritos...

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