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Interest Check: New Brony radio show for start of Season 5


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Greetings Bronies! I would like your thoughts and ideas on a new Brony show I'm planning to put together and begin airing when Season 5 of MLP begins. Here's the synopsis:

*The show will air once per week, preferably one or two days after whichever day Hub releases a new episode of MLP (which is usually Saturday). It will last 1-3 hours, aiming for 2 at the moment. And it will air on an internet radio stream that I host, "The Lovinity Community Radio".

*On the show, myself along with my co-host and other guests I happen to have on the show that day will discuss and critique My Little Pony (specifically the newest episodes). We will also critique and talk about the Fandom as well as fanfics and other works of the fandom. We will play some Brony music, popular new and contributed. And we hope to invite some big names on the show from time to time.

*The show will be recorded and possibly available for future listening to from my website, or at least will be rebroadcast.

*The show will be hosted on my website's internet radio stream, The Lovinity Community Radio. This internet platform has the capability for you to request tracks directly from my website, so I was thinking we'd load up our system with Brony music, and you all can request tracks from the site during the show.

*The show will be hosted as a Skype audio call (which of course is streamed through the internet stream). That way it'll be easy for anyone to be a guest on the show if they choose to be.

*There will be a phone number available for people to call in to talk live on the show.


My website is http://lovinity.org (click "Radio" at the top to access the radio stream section, which includes a player to tune in).

Official webpage for the show: http://lovinity.org/radio_wonderbronies/pg/start

Thoughts are highly welcomed and encouraged. Please reply below.

If you are interested in being a guest, whether regular or periodic, please state so in your reply and include a brief introduction of yourself and what you do in the Brony fandom.

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Alright guys it's planning time for the show! All who have interest in being a guest on the show, whether periodic or permanent, or who have interest in helping to plan the show, please do the following:

*Create an account for Hipchat using this invite link:

https://lovinity.hipchat.com/invite/231987/d5af64585f40ca7db7d93adda57a5237 .

All of our planning and communication about the show will happen here.

*You will also need to have a gmail / Google+ account; we will be using Google Hangouts when we broadcast the show.

I hope to see some interested people come :)

(We won't be using Skype for the show as planned; I discovered a very bad security flaw with it)

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Alright everyone, this may be my last post here about the show unless others post. I am announcing the pre-season episode, which will air Sunday February 15 2015 at 8pm Eastern Time at http://lovinity.org/radio . We'll discuss what the show is about, introduce the guests, give predictions on Season 5, and more.

Then, one week prior to the premiere of MLP Season 5, we will begin airing episodes every Sunday 8pm Eastern Time, the first one being a review of Rainbow Rocks.

You can also get podcasts of past shows by going to the radio show page mentioned above. Other information is also there, so check it out. ^^

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