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Moonlight Hooves


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Name: Moonlight Hooves
Gender: Female.
Age: mare
Species: alicorn
Eye color: Turquoise
Character color: Purple
Mane/Tail/Other: Black and White
Physique: about the normal female mare size. She has a small piece of her ear missing and a broken horn because she was trying to cast a spell that was a bit of too powerful for her and it backfired.She also has a scar by her horn and under her left eye and by her broken ear
Residence: Moonlight has small houses all around Equestria but her main one is on the outskirts of ponyville. Some of her smaller house are hidden so nopony can find them easily. Moonlight Main house is Starry Novels
Occupation: She is a Librarian at a Library called Starry Novels
Cutie Mark: it is a black six pointed star. Likes Twilight main reddish star but black instead
Unique Traits:
specialize in Dark Magic
History: Moonlight had a pretty normal life. She was born in fillydelphia and spent most of her her life there.Her parents was killed by another pony for some reason she doesn't know why so she has grown to hate other ponies in general and like keep her distance from other the deaths of her parents are not the only reason she hate others the other times is when she was growing up she open up to others she thought was her friends but they always ends up back stabbing her. when she finally let out her anger in a spell her eyes and horn glowed the green and black like you see as in dark magic aka sombra magic and she released some kind of dangerous spell by accident injuring several ponies after which she blackout and as she was black out her cutie mark appear when she finally came she learned what happened and like it and she got ran out of a couple town because of it. when she finally came onto ponyville and she made her house on the outskirts of ponyville so she wouldn't have to deal with anypony anymore so the same thing happens again. as she got older she got ran out of a couple towns because of her talent in Dark Magic and out of shops being the owner didn't want trouble and because of that she got scars over her body
Character Personality: Moon likes to keep to herself most of the time sitting and researching normal magic and dark magic and practicing it. Sometime she goes outside to collect stuff like spell stuff or other stuff she is almost always trying to get better at magic
Character Summary: Everything about the character should be nicely summarized here.


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