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The Arena (OOC Discussion)


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Welcome to the Arena! Here in Saarvergerg, there are many combat arenas for creatures to prove their worth. Some of these fights are bare-hoofed brawls or wrestling matches while others are highly stylized duels or even small pitched battles. Sometimes the arena is used to settle blood feuds but other seek it out only for the glory of combat. The reasons and rewards- bits, fame, honor- are varied and the rules are decided upon by the combatants. Most fights between local caribou are decided by the judges upon knockout, severe bodily harm, or decision after a set time limit. Some fights have no such rules- two creatures enter, one leaves. Others have far more restrictive rules, including the use of non-lethal weapons. The rules are up to the combatants, and are agreed upon before engagement. Any creature of sapience can willingly enter.

How fights happen:
1- Round one, Introduction Posts: Each fighter may make an introduction post, which can be anything you want. They just have to end with the fight starting..
2- Rounds Two and Three: Each fighter gets to make one fight post per round. Each post builds off of one another. Control of another character due to the length of the fight is a natural byproduct of this system, so it is important to remember that doing something that makes it nearly impossible for the other player to reply back is considered quite terrible form. While this is an IC competition, this is an OOC storytelling exercise.
3- Round Four, Finale: Each fighter makes a single ending post, describing their character winning the fight. Both posts represent branching canon paths coming out of Round Three and are not compatible. Again, your Finale post comes at the end of Round Three, not as a response to your opponent's Finale post.
4- After Round Four is finished, a winner will be chosen. Storytelling, post quality, and IC fight action will be taken into account. The chosen winner has his or her post chosen as the canon 'end' of the fight.

Fighter(s) Application:
Reason to fight in the Arena-
Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills-
(If more than one) Team experience-

I will also take informal applications for judges. Judges will gather on Skype to discuss the fights. If someone is in the Judge chat, he or she cannot also be involved in a fight being judged.

OOC Rules:
1- Try to keep it PG-13 at most. Lord of the Rings-esque combat is perfectly acceptable, just don't get TOO graphic. If something graphic does happen, don't linger.
2- While Rounds Two, Three, and to an extent Four will require the use of both characters due to the nature of the fighting, please do not put your opponent in such a situation as to make it egregiously difficult to counter at the ends of Rounds Two and Three and do no control your opponent at all in Round One.
3- Judges can be anyone who is willing to read and discuss posts on Skype.
4- Respect decisions.
5- Please discuss what rules you want for your fight before you start it. Once a fight thread starts, the fight is on and no changes are accepted.

Craven - Dragon
Randgrid of Heil-Barn - Caribou
Sigrun - Caribou
Alfus "Deadeye" Cloudpaw - Griffon
Captain Star Breezer - Unicorn
Dunder - Pegasus
Hawkeye - Griffon
Sky Crack - Pegasus
Halvard - Caribou
Eindride - Caribou
Khamsin - Pegasus
Razor - Griffon
Rex - Diamond Dog
Tehengu - Griffon
Rubble Rose - Unicorn
Daedalus - Unicorn
Dog - Diamond Dog
Swift Squall - Pegasus
Blitz Trigger - Unicorn

Fight Listing:
1. Craven vs Deadeye Winner- Craven!
2. Sigrun vs Star Breezer Winner- Star Breezer!
3. Sky Crack vs Dunder Winner- Sky Crack!
4. Hawkeye vs Randgrid
5. Halvard vs Eindride Winner- Halvard!
6. Khamsin vs Razor Winner- Razor!
7. Dunder vs Rex Winner- Dunder!
8. Tehengu vs Rubble Rose Winner- Tehengu!
9. Sigrun vs Swift Squall Winner- Sigrun!
10. Halvard vs Blitz Trigger Winner- Halvard!
11. Rex vs Tehengu Winner- Rex
12. Dunder vs Razor
13. Halvard vs Sigrun Winner- Sigrun!
14. Daedalus vs Swift Squall Winner- Daedalus!
15. Craven vs Sigrun Winner- Craven!


Sky Crack------------2---0
Star Breezer---------1---0
Blitz Trigger----------0---1
Rubble Rose---------0---1
Swift Squall-----------0---2

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Name: Craven

Reason to Fight: To prove himself a mighty and fearsome dragon.

Weapons/Armor/Skills: Craven's a freaking dragon. He flies in the air, breathes fire, and possesses tough scales. XD

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Name- Randgrid of Heil-Barn

Reason to fight in the Arena- Mainly for the thrill of the challenge, but also to display the strength instilled in her by the High King and her clan, to the caribou of Saar.

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills- Randgrid wears plate armor over more of her body, and an armored crown upon her head. She fights with a large great sword, which she is capable of swinging around with ease. She has incredible physical strrength and impressive zeal, and is well experienced in fighting both enemy vikings and beasts in the Southernn Wilds.

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Name: Sigrun of Askr

Reason to fight: Sigrun's reasons are more or less the same as her old friend Randgrid. She intends to fight for the glory of the highking and show the caribou her strength as well as the power of Caribou of Clan Askr. Her reasons are not only political however as she genuinely enjoys the thrill of combat and satisfying feeling of triumph over incredible opponents.

Weapon/armor/notable skills: Sigrun is considered amongst her own kind as one of if not the best fighter in the land, the only opponent so far she has not been able to truly defeat being the highking's Daughter (all of their previous fights ended in stalemates.) She has been trained in how to use traditional Caribou weaponry but also has been known to try and learn how to fight with multiple other types of weapons and styles in order to win. Sigrun is inredibly strong and exceedingly fast but she rarely prefers to make the first move in a battle herself unless necessary. She studies a fair amount of where the most vulnerable points are on her opponents and is most likely to focus on those in order to increase her odds of winning against stronger or larger attackers.

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Name- Dunder Blust

Reason to fight in the Arena- For honor, for fame, and thrilling combat. Also to hopefully show Caribou that ponies know how to fight too.

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills- He wears chainmail over a pink robe that goes all the way to his hock on his hindleg. The chainmail covers his chest and forelegs and skirts down at his flanks. Over that he wears a metal chestplate. And on his head he wears a mild conical helmet with chainmail skirted around to cover his neck. Over the helmet is a matching pink strip of cloth wrapped around multiple times and tied at the back.

His weapons of choice is a single hooved scimitar with a white grip, a longsword with a black leather grip, and a halberd.

Dunder has been training since he was a colt to learn how to wield a sword. Now he is a master martial artist and skilled and experienced soldier, having gone on many dangerous adventures. Definitely one of the best swordsponies in Equestria.

I can also judge, I have about 2 years of IRL experience training in Historical European Martial Arts.

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Name- Captain Star Breezer

Reason to fight in the Arena- For Honor! For Glory! FOR EQUESTRIA!

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills -

Entering with an REA Captain's Armor. Weapon of Choice is a Halberd as a primary. Shield and Short Sword as a second

Captain Star Breezer is a very experienced soldier in the REA forces located in Fetloch. And has served for many years. While in the force, she had served with a Spear, Halberd, and Sword interchangeably, and trained often with each of them.

I can Judge as well. About three years of experience in MMA.

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Name- Alfus "Deadeye" Cloudpaw

Reason to fight in the Arena- Wants to prove his combat skills. Testing some of of the pieces of weaponry he has fashioned. Bring on the fight! Yee-haw!

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills- Specializes in long range weapons such as archery. For closer combat and arena type fighting he would either use claws and beak or a short spear and shield. Wears chain mail over his chest and down his front legs. Wears metal grieves on all four legs.

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I'll update the OP later tonight. Y'all are accepted. Judges as well. But to be clear, while I will enjoy hearing the IC fight debate amongst the judges, IC fight considerations are only one element of judging and not the most important. Just keep that in mind.

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Thought about using my changeling character.... but nah, this has Hawkeye written all over it :smirk:

Name- Hawkeye http://www.canterlot...-hawkeye-ready/

Reason to fight in the Arena- To show off his bow skills, to try and be the best, for fun. Basically, because why not!

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills- Hawk is very skilled with his bow and arrows, hence the name. In a close range fight, he will probably end up using his claws. He's also very agile, choosing to wear more lightweight and less durable armour during the battle to increase his evasiveness while still being somewhat protected.

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Updated the OP.


Name- Sky Crack

Reason to Fight in the Arena- To hone her combat abilities for the glory of the Pegasi.

Weapons/Armor/Notable Skills- Gifted with the use of sarissa, hasta, doru, pugio, pilium, javelins, gladius, and fantastically well versed in the use of bows and crossbows. One of the most athletic pegasi in all of Maretonia with exceptional, even for the Acroneighi, stamina and endurance. Wears various armor schemes dependent on role expected to fulfill: Bronze Panoply and helmet as part of a defensive phalanx operation, segmented cuirass and helmet when arranged offensively, and chain mail with scalar cuirass when scouting. Uses a heavy bronze shield, a scutum, or an aspis.

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