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​​​Character Application:
Role-play Type:Free for all
Name: StormChaser
Eye color: Red
Coat:Light Green
Mane/Tail:His tail is very puffy and looks like cotton candy" and for his mane "His mane is red and blue and when he moves his mane moves like waves his tail is also red and blue
Physique: about the same as a normal Pegasus
Residence:The Heartland of Equestria Ponyville or cloudsdale
Occupation: Ponyville or cloudsdale weather Patrol
Cutie Mark:a red and blue lightning bolt breaking a cloud

Cutie Mark Story: Stormchaser is in the crowd and witnesses the sonic rainboom. Naturally, everyone is impressed and congratulates Rainbow on her success. Essentially what happens after that is a Pegasus suggests another race to see who's the fastest which is where Stormchaser joins in. During the race he gets ahead of the pack and starts to catch up with Rainbow, however he's so focused he spins out on one crucial turn and clips one of the gates. He gets sent into the area the pegasi are practicing forming lightning clouds at high speed where he's electrocuted by lightning and blacks out. He also earns his cutie mark then and there. He wakes up in hospital to find this and is a bit put out when he doesn't understand why. He makes a good recovery and Rainbow is apologetic about him spinning out and hurting herself, thinking it's her fault because Storm was in the race because of her. Storm and Rainbow stick around in the same group after that then one day Storm flies off, frustrated because he has his cutie mark but doesn't know his special purpose. Anyway, he ends up flying in circles fighting with himself out loud after a while he notices the air starts to building static electricity. He ends up flying faster and faster, around and around until eventually the air becomes so full of static the water vapor condenses and forms clouds, the resultant weight of the clouds and electricity turns them into a fully fledged artificial storm. As artificial storm went Stormchaser could feel some of the Lightning going into his coat and coursing thought it and he just had to fly fast then the resultant electricity and speed forms a 'lighting trail' if you will, and at the apex of the speed the electricity sparks and forms a blast. The resultant shock-wave sends Storm catapulting through the sky and breaking the sound barrier, thus creating a Sonic Storm-boom. As it were. It's not as precise as a sonic rainboom, more like being shot from a canon, but it's different in that it comes with a lightning storm. After he finish it and landed on a nearby cloud he look back and still saw lightning bolts coming out of his trail they didn't go that far down. But it was still cool after that he went back to his group of friends and Rainbow was and told them what his special talent was some didn't believe him, others saying that no such thing exist. But Rainbow believes him and that’s all he really cares for. A Couple days later he sneaks away to somewhere quiet and peaceful so he can focus on what he’s doing. What he was doing was seeing what all he could do with this artificial lightning storm. He first wanted to test to see if he was right that he has an immunity to lightning so he made a artificial lightning cloud as he was doing this Rainbow was watching because she saw him sneaking away and wonder what he was up too. After he was finish with the cloud he look around for a close nearby cloud he grab one and push it back under the one he made after which he stood on top of the one he found and waited for the lightning as he waited he discover he could control how long the lightning stays in the cloud then the lightning hit him he got knock to the cloud which he was standing one then she stood up looking for anything that might have gotten hurt but could see anything he also could feel the lightning coursing thought his coat like before. But of doing the Boom he wanted to try something else so he close his eyes to focus and he try to force all the lightning into as puffy tail as he was doing this Rainbow decide to playfully scary him so she sneak up on him and as she got to him Stormchaser got all the lightning into his tail right as he was about to open his eyes he hears a “Hey” from next to him which startled him and he jump and shot the lightning out of his tail when he felt the lightning gone he quickly look for it didn't take long lucky there was nopony in the direction it got shot.

History:born and raised in trottingham his life in trottingham was plain his mum name is Thunder Dancer is a Pegasus his father Star sparkle is a unicorn and they get along just fine his grandparents live in cloudsdale his grandmother name is Waterchaser and his grandfather name is Flare dancer he also knows rainbow dash and her family he is trying to make the best of his life he can after he got to a curtain age he moved from trottingham to see the world and find to best place to settled down

Character Summary:when StormChaser is concentrating and forcing on something really hard he gets startled really easily and make mistakes StormChaser talents are speed he is also good at making thing like toys and wagons StormChaser dreams and goal in life is to go down in history and maybe start a family he loves sweet foods,party's,being a daredevil,and magic he dislikes sour foods, and going slow his hobby is making veriest things when he is not practicing he behave calmly and rarely jump to conclusion he loves to make new friends some ponies feel safer when they are around him other feel like they are in danger around him he always fails at making food for himself he is not good at cooking he is afraid of the dark and some ponies still make fun of him for it like pitch darkness and he is worry he will die along and never me his true love and he doesn't give up very easily ponies may hit him while he is down but he would't give up


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