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Elderflower's Backyard Extravaganza - A Spring Celebration!

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Spring is just around the corner! In order to celebrate the expansion of her gardens and the arrival of the season, Elderflower's hosting an event behind the Elder Tree Teahouse unlike anything she has done before. Foregoing the usual peaceful, quiet atmosphere of her business for once, El has decided to open up her gardens for an exciting end-of-winter celebration.

During the extravaganza, there will be a rosebush. An impossibly huge rosebush towering in the sky and full of tea roses the size of an average adult pony! Many of these blooms will be available for picking...for those who are daring enough. The blooms themselves have been enchanted, causing them to vanish and reappear on another part of the giant rosebush the moment somepony's hooves or magic touches them. After teleporting to another part of the bush, however, there will be a small window where one could snatch a blossom. Once you've wrangled a bloom, you can bring it to El to have her make some tea out of it - and that's where the real magic happens.


Every blossom contains within it some sort of boon that comes out during the steeping, the steam rising from the tea forming into your prize! Consolation prizes are desserts and small, magical trinkets: baubles that will sing back any sound you command it to, little crystal balls that shine different colours to remind you of the things you forget, socks enchanted to constantly keep your hoovesies warm! Larger prizes include books, hoof-made teapots and cups, jewellery, a few really neat adventurer's whips, and a lovely whittling blade with a hilt made of askr wood! There are three prizes, however, that most attendees will be eager to get their hooves on:


1. A fifty year-old violin crafted from the purest aspen wood near Lake Cirrus that has been enchanted so that whenever one plays a beautiful enough melody, fireflies and luna moths flock to the instrument and musician both.


This instrument was crafted by a master violin-maker, a peryton whose work is prized to this day. After he made this instrument he had it enchanted, with the intention of giving it to a beautiful pegasus violinist whom he had fallen in love with and seeing her play it for him. Instead of giving him the most beautiful performance he would witness, however, she rejected the gift and his love. Towards the end of his life he sold it.


2. A black cutlass etched with glimmering blue runes which can cut through minor magical barriers.


Forged by an expert weaponsmith from Stalliongrad generations ago who was learned in the ways of Hippostian anti-unicorn weaponry. The Stallian earth pony who made this blade was once famous for her ability to craft weapons which could cut down and through any magical foe or shield.


3. A silken cloak of shifting blue hues so convincing that it appears as though the wearer has been draped in a sheet of water. The cloak allows its wearer to stay completely dry in the water, whether they're swimming or caught in the rain!


There is little information on this cloak. It came from the sea ponies years ago and its origins were never explained.




Sign up in here to join in the fun and try your hoof at winning a fantastic prize! And watch out for those thorns! El may have stuck them with a spell that makes it impossible for them to wound anypony participating in the fun, but bumping into one will leave you with a little pinprick...and a hex that makes you burst out in song for a whole refrain!


Prizes will be decided by dice rolls and the amount of consolation and smaller prizes will be determined by how many people participate in the thread. Because of this, I'm going to close up the signup here once the thread is started (which will happen in three-four days).



 1. Khamsin
 2. Flux

 3. Lore Weaver

 4. Nocturne Wisp

 5. Earth Writer

 6. Celestia (Not competing?)
 7. Lyra 

 8. Pathfinder

 9. Amethyst

10. Flaxen Feather

11. Flourish

12. Ice Storm?

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I believe I will have my reporter Pony, Earth Writer, show up as well.  This will make a great story, plus he'd like a chance for the cutlass or the cloak!

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Yep! Since giant thorns could be potentially fatal I figured it better to have them just prick the party guests with a hex and make 'em sing like idiots for a moment as opposed to...you know. Stabbydeath.

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