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[Lore] Vanhoover


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Vanhoover - City of Gardens


Nestled in the foothills of the Hasufel Mountains between the Everfree Forest and the Great Nimbusgait Lakes, the city of Vanhoover is surrounded by natural wonders. With lakes, mountains and the mysterious Everfree just a short distance from its boundaries, ponies from all over Equestria come to take in its beauty by camping, hiking, and climbing. Among residents of the city itself, many artists take inspiration from their surroundings, and the Vanhoover Art Gallery boasts one of the finest collections of landscape art in Equestria. Vanhoover's citizens also take pride in their bright and colourful gardens of both edible and ornamental flowers found growing around every residence, and in containers or hanging baskets on every street and building.

The area now occupied by Vanhoover was originally explored by pegasi from nearby Cloudsdale, who would deposit excess rainclouds over the lakes when not needed. Over time, word of the area as a natural retreat spread, and earth ponies and unicorns began arriving with the intention of living there permanently. Because the city can only be easily accessed by sailing across the lakes or flying, Vanhoover has remained relatively small compared to some of its neighbors, but the locals consider this part of its charm. Residents of the city have gained a somewhat undeserved reputation as nature-loving layabouts, but in truth, the ponies in Vanhoover have since the earliest days made every attempt to be self-sufficient in as many ways as possible because of the few routes that can be used to get there. Numerous artisans create items for locals and tourists alike, and several surrounding farms keep it from relying on imports in all but the worst years.

If there is one downside to this otherwise idyllic setting, it comes from the city's close proximity to the Everfree Forest. As the weather in the forest is uncontrolled by pegasi, residents of the city frequently find themselves underneath heavy rain clouds that inexplicably drift out of the forest in the direction of Vanhoover on a regular basis. The rain tends to let up in the summer, but returns during cooler months, causing a great deal of extra work for local weather ponies. While the large amount of rainfall does wonders for the growth of the trees, crops and flowers, a few ponies speculate that the sheer number of clouds the city sees are the Everfree's way of expressing its disapproval at the location of the city.

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to Equestria



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