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Pinkie Pie (Final)


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Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie (AKA: Pinkie Pie, AKA: Pinkie, AKA: AH! Where did you come from??)
Gender: Female
Age: Young Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Light Blue
Character colour: Pink!  What did you expect?
Mane/Tail/Other: Pink!  And poofy!  Well, more magenta, really.  Mane and tail are naturally curly, and resist any attempts to straighten them.
Physique: Despite the amount of sweets that Pinkie eats, she never seems to gain an once.  She's not muscled like the farm ponies in town, but more like a gymnast.  She is almost contantly in motion, bouncing and leaping even while working, keeping herself in shape.
Residence: Sugar Cube Corner, Ponyville.
Occupation: Party Planner!!  Oh, and baker too!  Ooh ooh and Official Ponyville Greeter!
Cutie Mark: Three party balloons, one yellow, two blue.  
Unique Traits: Pinkie Pie has an almost supernatural ability to appear when and where she feels she is needed.  She often pops out of spaces where a pony shouldn't fit, but she fits anyway.  She also seems to have a sixth sense that lets her know things that are about to happen.  This sense is expressed as involuntary twitches across her body.  Pinkie calls it her "Pinkie Sense."
History: Pinkamena was born on a rock farm, the youngest of 4 daughters.  Her family was kind, hard-working, and supportive, but very reserved.  'Fun' was something to be had when the work was done, and the work was never done.  Though Pinkie loved her family, she couldn't help but feel that something was missing.

Then, one day, when she was working in the fields, Pinkie saw an enormous ring of rainbows racing across the sky!  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen!  The rainbows passed over her with a blast of wind, blowing her mane and tail into curls.  Pinkie was suddenly bursting with energy and happiness, and she wanted everypony to feel that way too!  That night, she set up her very first party, and surprised her parents and sisters with it. Her family loved it!  In that moment, Pinkie realized that she wanted to spread happiness to everypony she met.  Three party balloons appeared on her flank, as she resolved to be the best party pony ever!

After Pinkie got he cutie mark, she became very close to her Granny Pie.  Granny was a retired eccentric (after so many years of being eccentric, it was time for a change!) and encouraged Pinkie's interests and taught her how to bake.  Pinkie lived on the farm for several more years, regularly throwing parties on the farm and in the nearby town of Ponyville. Eventually, her parents arraigned to have Pinkie apprenticed to Mr. and Mrs. Cake at the Sugar Cube Corner barkery and sweet shop.  She was allowed to live in the apartment above shop, and plan parties from there as well.  She quickly made friends with everypony in town, and the town soon got used to her high-energy antics.  Then, a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle moved into town, and everything changed!  Well...  not really.  she's still dedicated to making ponies happy, except now she gets to do it world-wide!

Character Summary/Personality: Pinkie Pie has a nearly undefeatable spirit.  She is optimistic, cheerful, and takes everything in stride.  She strives to make friends with anyone, pony or not, and usually succeeds.  She remembers everyone's birthday and special aniversary, and usually has a party planned for the next date before the first party is done.  Her very best friends get parties of special magnificence.  She does her utmost to keep everypony smiling!

However, Pinkie has one chink in her armor:  her self-confidence.  When she feels like she has failed in her self-appointed duties, she will retreat into herself.  But it usually only takes a nudge from her friends to bring her back to herself again.

Pinkie never walks anywhere.  Walking is so boring!  She prefers to bounce from place to place, or run, or cartwheel.  Or sometimes she just seems to appear out of nowhere, but I'm sure there's an explanation for that...  She also has a tendancy to burst into song at the drop of a hat, often bringing the whole town along for a big musical number.  When working, she is always baking up some new treat, at the same time serving customers and eating her own treats.  What's the point of baking if you can't have a taste for yourself, right?

Above all, Pinkie Pie is all about having fun.  And the best way to have fun is to make sure everyone around you is having fun too!

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