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Nopony Special [Ready]


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Name: Nopony Special
Gender: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Earth Pony (with a tufted tail?)
Eye colour: Heterochromic; right eye is aqua blue, left eye is dark brown
Character colour: Caramel/olive-tan coat. He also has an aqua blue swirl tattoo under each eye.
Mane/Tail/Other: Black, short, slicked-back, and wavy mane as well as the tuft on his tail.
Physique: Generally appears athletic, tall, and lanky
Residence: No real residence; wanders around. Enjoys going around wherever there's a lot of ponies and action 
Occupation: Doesn't have a real occupation; simply wanders and talks to other ponies to get to know them. He enjoys sketching what he sees as a hobby, however, as well as causing and/or receiving pain and/or pleasure to and/or from others.
Cutie MarkKitomyx%20cutie%20mark.pngA heart made half of water, half of rainbow paint. Nopony Special managed to acquire this mark after meeting a water-manipulating unicorn who had complimented his sketches but suggested he try using a bit of color in his artwork. Nopony didn't think it would make much of a difference, but as said unicorn introduced him to paint, the pair decided to paint with one another. Eventually they got to playfully hurling water and paint at each other until a masterpiece was unintentionally created. Admiring it, Nopony realized that despite his doubt in his own imagination, he could still create something new, beautiful, and his own. This marking, however, is usually hidden under his clothes to prevent others from asking about it.
Unique Traits: Enjoys flirting/eliciting emotions and emotional reactions from others. Nopony Special can only draw what he sees because he doesn't have the true emotion or imagination to come up with art of his own. He's almost always grinning. Three things he will react negatively toward are being stared at, getting wet, and being called childish.

History: It's not known where Nopony Special came from, but he doesn't seem to have any particular allegiance toward anyone. He simply seems to enjoy interacting with others and eliciting emotions. One thing he does avoid, however, seems to be foals, which may have something to do with his past.
Character Summary/PersonalityThis pony claims to be unable to feel emotions (but can feign them pretty well) which is why he prefers to focus on sensual feeling such as pain and pleasure instead. He likes to rile up others with interactions in order to see their emotional reactions and learn how to emotionally react (if not how to actually feel said emotions) in similar situations. However, it also serves to rile them into causing him pain or pleasure, such as if they get so angry with him they decide to punch him. At times he can actually seem like he cares and it is unknown if this is out of his desire to know how it is to feel true emotions or if it's just to mess with others. He may best be described as Chaotic Neutral in personality.



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Hi! So, I've looked this over and I don't see in major issues. I'm not quite sure about the 'tufted tail' since ponies don't have tails that long under their tail hair... I think it will be ok tho. Also, if that cutie mark is actually from another show or something it will have to change.


So yeah, before I send this up I'll need some clarificaiton on the mark and also there should be a story for how he came by this mark somewhere in the app. :)

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