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The Many Cultures of Equestria all Gather (Sponsored)

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The world was a large place with many sorts of ponies in it, and many tribes and nations who were not, in fact, ponies at all.  Living so far apart as they did, only the most well-traveled had anything more than a vague idea of what they were really like.  The problem was that if most living in the world were left strangers to each other, ignorance could breed all sorts of fantastic rumors, and worse!


Thus was the World Friendship Exposition founded!  Held in Manehattan for its inauguration, the various pavilions and exhibits had taken over the Central Park, spreading all the shining jewels of culture the world had to offer!  The great hope was that ordinary ponies could come and see horses, zebras, and even more exotic creatures that previously had just been words associated with map labels, and draw everypony together in a greater global harmony!


As Equestria was the leading force and sponsor for this event, of course it too would have an exhibit.  And for the great task of organizing and running the exhibit that would bind the event together, and show the best Equestria had to offer to any foreign visitors, Princess Celestia had chosen….




OK, maybe not the best.  Still, to be fair to the fellow, he knew perfectly well how most ponies thought of him, and had lately been trying to rehabilitate his reputation, however clumsily.  So, his Auntie had decided to give an opportunity to show his sincerity, and test his resolve, by sponsoring and running a major event.


It didn’t take longer than five minutes for him to realize just how far out of his depth he was.


Look, I know you have better music to show to the world.  Beethooven was from Germaney, for Faust’s Sake!


Ve can play Beethooven on an oompah band!


Thing was, the Equestrian Exhibit was actually a lot of mini-exhibits, to show off the pluralistic culture within its borders.  You could see most of what Equestria was like in the city outside the grounds, but the more far-flung districts, such as Germaney, Prance, and Itaily had their own booths.


Well, booths wasn’t quite an accurate way of putting it.  The Prance exhibit consisted of a specially-constructed façade of a café, exterior tables for visitors to sit at and sample the culinary greatness the region was known for, and whose smells surrounded the area in a haze of deliciousness.  The ‘interior’ of the café had a display of the art of the region, including a section dedicated to the new ‘moving pictures’ industry of Calnais.  Young foals could, if they liked, stage and shoot a scene with professional directors and camera ponies standing by.


That was all well and good, but right now Blueblood was concerned with the Germain exhibit, which was of… rougher construction.  Somepony had the bright idea of trying to replicate the wooded landscape, and so the exhibit was surrounding a gazebo in the midst of a clump of trees.  While sight and smell was the sensory key to the Prench exhibit, Germaney was focusing on the touch of cool forest air, and the sound of music.


The Prince was a fan of the musical traditions of the place, but not when they pandered to the tastes of the vulgar and stereotyped.  Still, he couldn’t very well fit an entire orchestra into a gazebo, so oompah it was.  The resonances of tubas opening the 5th Symphony followed the unicorn prince as he trotted out, seeing the weather pegasi finish their last cloud-wrangling, and begin to open the gates.


Wait, opening time already?  He’d lost track of time!  Hurriedly, Blueblood ran to the front of the Grand Pavilion, pausing only to put his mane back into impeccable order and give his white coat a brush-over.  There, fit to meet guests!  Hopefully, things would go well.  He hadn’t time to inspect everything, but surely no disaster would mar this grand exhibition; there wasn’t any place in his schedule for one!

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For one reason or another, Reveille was chosen to present the exhibit on Roam alongside the Prince with Germaney. Being the Army brat he was, he had lived in Roam for a few years with his parents, and can't say he was as happy anywhere else! The city itself was beautiful, and lots of terrific places to go! Not just the run-of-the-mill tourist traps and honeymooner spots, but the little mom-and-pop shops where they knew your name and always knew just what you wanted! The canals, while crowded, served as a great deal of fun for him as a foal, particularly jumping off bridges with his friends when the guards weren't looking! And the food... Oh goodness, the food. His mother had but him into many a food coma with the recipes she learned in Itaily. His friends were particularly memorable, one of whom had a family that owned their own fireworks shop! During birthdays and holidays, they would blast them off into the sky and watch them burst into magnificent colors and patterns! 


Yes, his time in Roam was short, but certainly his memories were his most fond. He'd have to visit again someday, but he just hadn't found the time. For now, he had to bring Roam here to Manehattan! Luckily he had a couple of Roamans helping him out set up the displays. He did his best to stay out of their way, as they probably knew even better than he did. So far there was quite the impressive display in regards to referencing the region's architecture! Booths were built with polished marble columns, surrounded in fresh grapevine! The guardspony inspected these booths himself, giving the columns a knock with his hoof. He was expecting false marble, but it seemed there were the real thing! They were sparing no expense!


Oregano and rosemary filled the air from one of the Roamans running a small food stand, and other playing a violin by an elegant, working water fountain! Other booths were displaying paintings by Itailian ponies of some renown, being co-run by the violin player. He knew Itailians were famous for their love of arts, family, and food. Luckily, they seemed to have all of that here! The food booth even had a little, fully set dining area, set up like a family dinner table would be! It was all very nice to see, and he knew everypony was going to find something they could enjoy.


"Excuse me, Sir? Signore?" he asked one of the nearby Roamans who seemed like he had just finished with the final touches on the photo booth, showing pictures of many fabulous attractions and scenic spots in Roam and beyond!




"Are we ready to open?"


"Certo! Everypony from all over will be astounded!"


He sure hoped so. He'd help out where he could, since he was asked to do this. But, of course, if he had a question he couldn't answer, he could direct somepony to the natives. The last thing he wanted was to give them a wrong answer.

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