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World of Equestria characters and Canterlot Chronicles characters


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Alright so I can imagine how many times this question has been answered, but is it allowed to use WoE characters in CC? I only ask because all the answers to this question thusfar have seemed vague to me, like is there a process or something to get WoE characters in CC-type roleplays?

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You can play your OC characters from WoE in CC whenever you want.


You can't play any cast characters you have in WoE in CC since there are people with the same cast characters in CC.


You can play all WoE and CC certified characters in the Gathering section, whether they are cast or OC. (Usually we just work out which cast is going to appear in a Gathering thread.)


You can play any acceptable character at any time in the FFA section.


So yeah, basically if you get an OC approved in WoE they are playable in all our RP sections. There is no need to app a character in WoE and CC. The only reason to re-app would be if your character is approved for CC and you want to get them into WoE.


This is because the standards for a WoE character are a bit more specific and we look for more depth to be built into a character that gets approved for WoE than the other sections. Also because some aspects of play and characters that are allowed in CC are not allowed in WoE, but everything that is allowed in WoE is also allowed in CC.


I hope that helps, if you need more info let me know :)

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