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A new Start (Halo Roleplay)


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Sky looked around at the group. He knew that this, was not going to be easy, and he had to make sure that he got everyone, out of this fight. He and Crow had little, to no ammo spare. He himself only really had the shotgun, magnums and energy swords left. He started planning out an idea in his head, wondering how to deal with these AA guns. After a few minutes, he spoke up.


"We need to take down those AA guns, but my guess, is that they are the most guarded thing the Covy have here. We have a few choices here, though i think we should split into two teams, or if anyone has sniper rounds spare, three teams. Crow, i suggest you go with Revi and Tachi. Il go with Silver. If your alright with those groups, then phase two is who does what job. The bigger group will be the, well, front line i guess you could call it. Getting the attention of as many of the Covy as you can. You guys would stay on the ground. Meanwhile me, and whoever goes with me, will go along the roof tops, dropping in hopefully without to much resistance. Our sole focus will be the AA guns. You guys alright with that?" 


He stops talking, looking at the group. He technically was not in charge here, hell, if the Covy showed up he would still be in Black ops conditions. But, he had to hope that they either followed, or had a better idea.

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Crow nodded to sky’s idea of 2 fire teams

“I got no objections; just that we get this done as soon as possible … that said lets move it!” she said while nodding her head and starting to run in the direction of the guns


She ran and looked particularly clunky but she kept a brisk pace leaping over rubble and swerving in between obstacles.

“come on the sooner we turn them off the more lives we save! And the less people to say otherwise for you black ops”


Crow was weary all these new guys and they all had secrets. But for now it didn’t matter she knew her current objective was the right thing to do


But it was just the beginning



Suddenly she felt a large force near her “FUEL GUN!” she looked up to see a banshee team now trying to blast her with the twin plasma cannons “KEEP MOVING”

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Revi raised her eyebrows under her helmet. Front line, part of the team that would grab the attention of the main covy force? Wonderful. She shook her head, but didn't offer a verbal reply. If only Her Commander wasn't neck deep in injured, otherwise they'd know putting her on the front was a dumb idea. But she held her tongue for one reason, it was a Spartan and some Spartan's had bad track records when they were disobeyed. Grabing her weapons, she went wordlessly after Crow, the other Spartan.


That's when she spotted a Banshee do a bombing run, quickly rolling into cover, putting her SMG's onto her holsters. Her usual weapons would be useless in this situation, they were light weapons, and she was against a fast attack gun ship. They couldn't out-run it....That's when the ODST's cover got shot at it, forcing her to move, getting up and running into another position, what was left of a destroyed bus.


"Anyone got anything to take this guy out?!" She called out over the Radio.

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Tachi listened to the plan and fell in with Crow and the ODST, Revi. As he followed he kept a open eye for snipers in the surrounding buildings. He almost didn't notice the banshee till Crow said something.

Tachi attempted to dodge the fuel rod but was still caught in the blast knocking him back onto a car windshield. His shield ate most of the damage but the crash made his body ache. "Ow."

Tachi rolled off the car and ran for the nearest roofed cover. From there he assessed their situation. Crow seemed to want to avoid the banshee but everyone now was either pinned down or hitching a ride. He wasn't going to able to do much if he couldn't get close.

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Crow saw what was happening and knew there was only one thing to do! she pulled up a nearby carbine dropped from a dead jackal and blasted at the banshee getting its attention


Crow was then promptly blasted with a banshee fuel rod bomb. 

"well it gave them the seconds they probably needed!" she thought as she felt herself go into the air. her head rang, her suit rang even louder and she wasn't sure if she was alive or dead


Crow felt a strange sensation she didn't know what it was ... almost like she was being carried but she was always too large to be carried not since she was a baby

"uhhh" she was awoken by her own moan, Crow slowly felt her soul return to its body and feeling of pain soon filled her.


Crow looked at her armor which had gotten a good char on it and some of her cosmetics were destroyed, but the shield seemed to be working. she soon realized she was on the ground in a on a pile of rubble and trash she looked around and called "ouwww ugh .. did we get it?"

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Tachi watched as Crow presented a diversion that caused the banshee to dive after her.

Seizing the opportunity Tachi rushed to a car that was under the enemy's flight plan. He stomped on the car hood, lifting the rear end end into the air. He jumped on the car and ran to the other end as fast as he could. He waited a second for the banshee to be over head before activating his thrust pack vertically.

The force sent him over banshee where drew his sword and sliced off the rear right booster, sending the alien aircraft into a building that took out its right wing. With only left thrusters the vehicle spun out of control and crashed into the streets.

As Tachi landed in the street, Crow's voice came through his com. "Yeah." Tachi replied returning the sword to its sheath. "...we got it."

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Revi ducked down, with her weapons, she had 0 chance to take down a banshee! Instead, she opted to cover and waited till it was brought down, grinning at the death she witnessed. Tightening the grip on her SMG's, she glanced down the road, before spotting the AA guns they were hunting.


"I see 'em, AA guns right ahead of us, and of course, a ton of angry Covies!" she states as what amounts to a small army started to close in on their location.

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Sky watched as the others ran off, and before he knew it, he himself was bolting up a flght of stairs. He knew what awaited him, though he had no idea what awaited the rest of them. He sighed, hoping he had made the right choice of job assignments. Though, he did wonder where the girl had gone. He shook his head, and all the thoughts disapeared as he exceted onto the roof. The first thing he saw, was a Banshee smash into a wall, blowing up instantly. 


Sky then looks down onto the street, seeing the firefight that they were in. Their was at least fifty plus covy their, most being Jackels and elites, but with how much fire was being shot, their was not much room for them to return fire. Sky knew he had to help them, though first thing was taking out those guns. He tears his eyes away, running along the roof tops towards the AA guns. He was BEGGING that their would only be a few here, if their was a lot.... It was going to be hard to take these guns down. 


Sky draws the knife on his left leg, sliding it out without making a sound. He then walks down the stairs, moving towards the bottom. He stops at the door, putting one hand on the knob. 


"How are you guys doing? Im at a point i can move towards the guns and hopefully take them. If you need help, il flank them, no one will be left behind, your choice what i do"

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Crow slowly felt her self come back to reality. She was still in aching pain but she felt better able to stand and fight now that the banshee was gone. Then she heard sky say something about an incoming force


She leaned against a wall peeking over at the force guarding the A-A gun and hid back “oh boooy that’s a lot” her voice still slurring from injury a bit.  She took a piece of smashed wall and rubbed it against the wall summoning the attention of a small team 1 elite leader, 2 jackals and 3 grunts

“ok guys we knoooow what to do lets get there attentiooooon!” the squad came by and she stayed still her destroyed armor blending in with the urban carnage quite well. A few of the enemies walked right by her but when  jackal seemed to notice her she grabbed the little bird by the neck breaking it and grabbing its carbine. Blasting headshoting  the grunts while running to a more suitable piece of cover, (a destroyed truck)


she reloaded and checked, now it was only 1 jackal and the elite which was taunting some nonsense to her. She leaned out and blasted it in the head not just to shut it up but also to assess the battlefield. She killed most of the squad but more were coming. This was good because it was doing what her objective was which was distract the main force. It was bad because she was still a bit out of it and felt sluggish.


Crow heard the elite coming up and she got an idea, she bent down and flipped the truck making it land on his head crushing his him in the process. Her shield dropped a bit from the remaining jackals fire, but she quickly related with 3 shots the final one hitting its head

“I got some over hereee! Try to find a good spot!” she called out to her team

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Sigh came from Tachi . "Out of frying pan and into the broiler." He said to himself as he rushed to aid his squad. He ran around Crow and the covies she was fighting. Grabbing the attention of four ghosts and a revnent and was soon under fire from all of the enemy's vehicles.

Tachi jumped back taking some of the ghosts plasma rounds then used his thrusters to dash behind cover, but had to continue moving because the revnent's mortar. He made his way to a building the smashed through the window escaping the revnent's mortar.

The purple Spartan ran through the building as it was pelted with plasma from the ghosts cannons. He was finally able to take better cover behind some rubble. "I might be able to commandeer some enemy vehicles if you think that they would help." Tachi reported to his allies.

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Revi smirked as she gripped her weapons, hearing a team of Elites getting closer to her. She rolled out from behind her cover, SMG's blazing as the caseless rounds smashed into their shields, two of the Elites falling into the hail of gunfire as the other leapt into cover, Revi discharging her ammo, charing forwards and reloading as she goes, ducking under a barrage of Plasma, finishing her reload and leaping off an Elite's cover, preforming a front flip in the air, her guns firing off, and before she'd even landed, her targets were dead. A large grin under her helmet, she noticed she'd moved up too much, leaving her allies behind her.


"Spartan! You flank, those AA guns are mine!" She declared loudly over the radio, reloading once again before charing forwards, not even being subtle in her approach of the AA guns, SMG's firing at anything that got between her and her target.

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Sky waited for a response, wondering what the call was. It took awhile, but once it came through from the ODST, Sky sighed in aknowledgement. He took a deep breath, and talking through his coms to the team.


"Copy that, il head for the guns..... good luck out their" Sky says to them, taking a second deep breath as he stands in front of the door. He raises a leg, placing it on the door, then with a hard push, sent it flying out. The first reaction he heard was from a trio of elites, who turned off from the fight to rush the sound. Sky wasted no time from running outside, sliding on his knee's as he passed the corner. He quickly assessed the trio, all three with plasma rifles. They would have been some of the suppressive fire.  The moment he was seen, the three started shooting at him.


Thanks to him sliding, he had enough innate speed to pull off a full roll, leaping up onto his feet at the end of it. He had timed it right, the plasma rifles overheating from being shot to much. Sky sprinted in, moving fast in hopes of catching some of them off guard. He got his wish with one, rushing with the blade and with a clean backhand slash, cut a clean slice through the elites neck, taking it down quite instantly. The second and third elite however, were not caught off guard.


The first of the two rushed sky from the front, and to counter Sky delivered a harsh kick to push him away. Hearing footsteps behind him, Sky quickly spun, slashing out behind him, but the elite had noticed the turn, rolling under the slash and tackling him. Sky was pinned down, though his free hand was spare. He quickly punched the elite in the head, loosing the grip a bit, and with that slight loosness, he stabbed the elite through the skull, taking him down. Sky threw the elite off him, only for the last one to pick him up. 


He quickly used both arms to cut down, getting himself out of the elites grip. He followed up by punching the elite three times in the chest, and with the elite stunned he rolled through his legs He spun around, gribbing the elites head on both times and with a sudden twist, it was over. he ran to his knife, picking it up and cleaning it, putting it back in his holister. 

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Crow took some deep breaths she was feeling more alert and her body stronger. She  looked at out behind cover and saw many; many enemies coming at her.

“were doing good keep drawing them! Hijack that tank! It will make things easier!” she said as she went out of cover while throwing a frag, and firing a few shots to distract them. the frag went off killing an entire squad.  And crow focused on the next one, she kneeled down behind some bricks and zoomed in firing at an incoming elites head, he  was running forward firing, an amateur mistake. Crow fired the rest of the carbine into its head.


And crow then felt something she never felt on the battlefield before … guilt


Before this she had met and dare say befriended a group of good elites. They had helped her and her friends more than the unsc did! And for the first time in her life crow recognized the covenant weren’t ruthless invaders but beings not much unlike her breed for war. She just killed a kid, untrained probably his first fight. They could have been friends


Crow shook it off as the grunts under  him ran off in panic, she did a rather cruel trick she learned and threw a sticky grenade onto one of the grunts and as predicted the tagged grunt ran to the nearest elite screaming and crying. The elite panicked and gunned down the tagged grunt but the little blue ball exploded not far from him, stunning him and weakening him, just enough so that 2 shots from the carbine did the trick,


This created a panic in the assault lines. In what should have been a simple assault to kill one enemies turned into a mad, mad melee of panicking grunts and confusion. Things like this made the Spartans legendary and well feared amongst the enemies. 


Crow watched from the safety of her cover with her scope and was quick to identify the leader of the assault. It was the big red elite barking orders!


Crow took a moment and trained her sights on him waiting for the right moment, and right when he grabbed on of his subordinate elites she fired at his eyes socket. This only made him mad but a few more shots fired taking him down. Crow was now empty but she had effectively turned the entire unit coming at her into a sniveling disorganized mess!


Crow sat down behind cover relaxing a bit. Her head still hurt but now she had some time. She looked at her arm to see the plating was pretty much destroyed, charred and jagged. “after this I need to see supply and get this fixed … they are not going to be happy!” she said as she went into the crowd and of panic walking tall amongst them and grabbing a scarred grunts fuel rod gun,

“thanks” she said as she kicked him in the butt not even bothering to finish it off. She then loaded it up and went to work finishing off the remaining elites and a few brave jackals and grunts

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"Easier said than done." Tachi replied peering around his cover. Two of the ghosts had broken off and seemed to be headed in the direction of the ODST. "Heads up, Trooper. Hostile ghosts are heading in you direction." He reported. He looked around his environment hoping to find something of use. He spotted it, a plasma pistol. It was an arms length away, but it was in the line of fire. 'what use is a gun if my hand gets vaporized." He thought to himself. No, what he needed was a diversion. Thinking quickly he readied a grenade and threw behind him. The explosive detonated as Tachi made a break for the pistol.


As soon as the gun was in in his hand he charged it then fired it at a ghost. He dashed behind the ghost and slew the pilot with sword. As the ghost regained power Tachi fired another charged round at the second ghost. He aimed the live ghost at the dead one then, after Jamming a grenade into the power coil, activated the ghost's boost, sending right into the side of the other pinning the pilot's leg before exploding into huge inferno.


Tachi turned his attention to the revnent and let off one more charged round, draining the weapon entirely, at it then moving quickly to it side he activated his thrust pack and simultaneously thrusted his sword through both passengers. He withdrew his blade from the corpses and sheathed it. He pushed the bodies out with his foot and then sat in the driver's seat. The power came back seconds later and Tachi floored it, pulling up to crow a few seconds later. "Need a lift?"


(Note: I do not condone drinking and driving. However... Tachi does. :razz:)

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